Whatever you want, I'll give it to you...
'Cause I'm easy...

I've got you under my skin...

I have seen the face of true evil.

Carpet tack strips be thy name.

The pair of us injured ourselves so many times last night while prying these devil strips out of the floor that we lost count. Katie punctured her hands so many times, you'd swear she was stigmatic.

Pain, agony, anger, hatred, fear, frustration, ruin... all words associated with the Dark Lord of the Underworld himself. Thus I feel correct in making the following equation...

tack strips = Satan.

Any nonbelievers?



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I know this statement to be true. Carpet tacks have the satanic ability to retract themselves into the floor (as in, disappear) when you attempt to find and demolish their wound-inflicting points. However, if you are careless enough to step on any of the doorways where carpets connect, blood will flow (and so will curse words). This has been true of every home I've ever occupied.

Dude, if that photograph is yours, you ROCK.


I'm SUCH a believer!

We (and by we, I mean me) just did that - ripped all the carpet out of the living room and replaced it with 18" tiles. It's so purty!

Tack strips be damned.

ms. sizzle

i believe!


SJ, any sort of furniture or carpeting always seems to have something pointy coming toward me when I'm nearby. And, nope, not my photo. Google Image Searched it.

Chase, tile is quite nice. I'm envious.

Sizzle, good to hear!


Car...pet? What is this mysterious substance? I *seem* to remember hearing the word before I moved to Chicago, but not since... ;)
In all seriousness, sorry you guys got hurt!! Hope the stigmatas all heal real quick!


I'll trade you my carpet for your hardwood floors. Deal?


Sorry Kevin--you'd have to pry them from my cold, dead feet!


That can be arranged. ;-)


Preach it, my brother! I vowed never to have carpet again after stepping on one of those things at 26. The worst part is, there is never just one point. Its always 20, straight through the most tender part of the foot.


I agree, they'll never hit where the calluses are on your foot. Always the soft spots.


Man, I wish I had known!

Before you pull up tack strip, do the following:

Remove carpet and padding from the room. With a hammer (or other heavy duty tool) scrape l-r (or r-l) over the tacks to "lay them down". THEN remove the strips by prying them up.

If you encountered the strips shown in the pics, you are lucky. Those are standard 1x1. Just be glad you didn't encounter Architectural or Concrete strips. Those are a REAL nightmare!


While I find your idea to be brilliant, Katie says that takes the fun and challenge out of it. I've now decided she deserves the bloodloss.

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