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Have you ever had your IT department “commandeer” your computer? For many, this may not be that big a deal. But for me, it was the strangest, most surreal thing I’ve experienced in my years of working with computers. And it’s something that has never happened to me before… until yesterday.

Someone from my IT department called me on the phone saying they needed to use my computer to show someone else how to do something. I asked if they would be coming up here. She kind of giggled and said no, that she would do it from her computer.

All of a sudden, my desktop wallpaper changed to the Windows default and a cursor that was certainly not mine started opening files and windows and programs and doing all kinds of other cool little things and I was just sitting back like a kid on a roller coaster.

When all was said and done, I simply said “wicked” in the phone to her. She thanked me and we hung up.

A few minutes later, she called me back.

IT Woman: Are you from New England?

Me: I lived there for a couple years. How’d you know?

IT Woman: You said “wicked.”

Me: That’s a New England thing?

IT Woman: Up there, it’s “wicked” this and “wicked” that. Where’d you live?

Me: Bristol, Connecticut.

IT Woman: Yep, makes sense.

Not only can she seemingly possess my computer, but she can tell where I lived based on a single-word utterance.

I shall never question the abilities of IT people. Ever.


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Ewww, I know a creepy hacker. I don't trust him at all and I know how vulnerable all us computer users really are thanks to him.

Hey, the first time I ever heard the expression "wicked this and wicked that" was from from my friends in Maine about 15 years ago. I thought it was wicked cool back then and tried to pick it up and get it started here but it didn't catch and now I hate that term. I didn't realize people still said that but hey, I still say rad and groovy and stoked and cool. I never got into the hella.


Oh yah, a few years ago, I tried to pull out the "that's the bomb" line and I got laughed out of my office. Apparently that term was no longer "IN". I guess I can see why, politically correctly speaking.

Johnny C.

Our old IT Director use to jokingly leave me scary notes on my desktop. He would take over my computer sometimes without telling me too. Creeped me out the first time it happened.

Everyone in Boston says wicked! they even do combinations like "Wicked awesome!" or "Wicked insane!". Every once in a while I hear a "Wicked Insanetacular turboriffic!"


Nothing like having the IT department comandeer your computer and you know that they are 3000 miles away. Sometimes I would pass by the server, at my old job, and there would be all kinds of strange things going on with the monitor. They didn't even call when they did that stuff.

Oh, and "wicked" is definitely a New England thing.


Hmm... to me, "wicked" is a Boston thing, but then I'm a Philadelphia baby and we speak our own language down here.

ms. sizzle

huh, who knew!? but i get pegged for a california girl on a daily basis so i guess some people are just perceptive... or maybe it's that i wear flip flops in the rain. :)

Paul Davidson

She's totally flirting with you, that wicked IT wench.


LOL I am with Sizzle; whenever I go out of town, they peg me as Cali alll the way.

Once the IT people took over my computer and I forgot I had my blog up...good times.


My ex-boss uses this ability to train new employees, and it's how we consulted cross-country when I was building the company website. It's very cool in the right circumstances, but could sure be scary in the wrong hands.

When the IT guys at the newspaper I worked at first installed this, they didn't tell anyone. They'd just usurp your cursor and start doing weird stuff. We all thought a demon had possessed our network or something. The IT guys thought it was hilarious, of course.


Jacquie, sorry, but "rad" died from my vocabulary a long time ago. "That's the bomb" died? NEVER!

Johnny, yep, I know the wicked combinations. I use those sometimes, too. Still never knew it was a New England thing.

Dagny, at least she called and warned me. That much I appreciate. I would've freaked out otherwise.

Bre, even Philly has a language? Pray tell what's included.

Sizzle, could be that. Or just that air of "West Coast Cool" you exude. ;-)

Paul, first the deli lady and now the IT woman? Dang. I never knew I had "it" that badly.

Hilly, oh, that can't have been good.

SJ, I told our IT woman that it was the Microsoft Demons. I still firmly believe it. ;-)


Wicked is definitely not part of the NYC language. I think it must be a Boston thing.

I get pegged as "not from New York" by our firms all over the country. We have a guy on our team from Canada... He really does say "eh" all the time. We tease him mercilessly!


Allison, nope, just a New England thing apparently. Last I checked, NYC isn't technically part of New England, is it? As for the "eh," time to pull out a Strange Brew on the guy, "you know Canada is only spelled with three letters... C-eh-N-eh-D-eh." Great line. I have always loved it.


You want creepy? Try the recently-released Don't say I didn't warn ya. ;-)


IT used to do that all the time at AOL, but they never abused it, at least to me.

As for regionalisms, I automatically know someone is from Oklahoma when they can help me sing the BC Clark's song or know the phone number to Paul Meade insurance. We have some catchy commercials down here. ;-)


Rick, twisted. Cute, but twisted.

francesdanger, Empire Carpet in Illinois... "5-8-8-2-3-hundred, em-piiirre." It has changed lyrically to a degree over the years, but still the same jingle nonetheless.


Hmm...I use "wicked" occasionally and I've never lived north of the Mason-Dixon line.


Oh, and that computer possession thing, yeah, definitely weird the first time. After that I would just say, "call me when you're done" and work on something else until I heard something.


I have to admit, I WAS one of those IT folks. I'm retired now. And even though everyone in IT thought it cool ... I hated doing it. Part of our job was to ferret out those folks who were using government property to surf for personal reasons. Then we had to report it. I always had a theory about surfing at work ... if it doesn't interfere with job performance it's fine. My superiors felt otherwise. Now the guy who used to run his side business while at work, using government equipment ... well, he just HAD to go.

I can tell you that being able to go stealth helped me monitor my kids on the computers at home though. Something every parent should learn (I now teach other parents how to do this ... it should be part of the Mandatory Parental Unit handbook.) And they grew up doing the same.


I'm seeing Wicked again on May 4th. Does that count for anything?

No one mourns the one cries they won't returnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

(You seem to always make me sing...hmmm)


BA, yeah, I'm sure it would get old. But, like you said, that first time... creepy.

Javajabber, welcome aboard. We're not parents yet. But I will definitely keep that in mind for when we do. What do you charge for lessons?

Chase, God we loved that show. Did you ever read my review of it?


IT people are omniscient because they sold their souls. :)


I don't doubt it whatsoever. Not in the slightest. ;-)

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