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Rain, rain, go away...

I hate waking up in the morning to the pounding of rain against the siding, roofing, and windows of our house. That's never a good sign. What's especially disconcerting is that I can tell, simply by the pitch, that it is a particularly cold and nasty rain. Ever noticed that before? There's just something different to the audible quality of it. This morning, for example, it had a bit more "slosh" to it. Okay, maybe it's just me, but it sounded bad.

It was a strange weekend for many reasons. For one, the Bears lost badly to a team they should not have lost to. And I'm pretty sure all three of my fantasy football teams lost this weekend, too, simply because I forgot to play. I started to look at them early in the week with the intention of fine tuning my lineups on Friday. But I never got around to it. Considering all the players I had on a bye week, I would've needed to make some major add/drops for it all to work out. Alas, I did not. And I'm sure I'll be paying for it. Oh well.

What else happened? I think I'll take a bullet approach to it all.

  • Borat took over the box office and I'm still not entirely convinced it's a movie I want to see. We did go out with my brother and FSiL on Saturday and we saw Employee of the Month. Not as bad as I was expecting, but it was far from great. And not the best way to return to a theater after nearly two months in absentia. But, then again, there really isn't too much out there right now.
  • Checking through my TiVo's to-do list for the next couple weeks, I was reassured to see two more episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip scheduled to record. It's not dead yet! Yay!
  • The O.C. is moving back to its original Wednesday night slot due to poor ratings during its season premiere last week. It was on? More shockingly, it's actually still on the Fox schedule?
  • Neil Patrick Harris came out of the closet. I never really saw this one coming. I'm happy as hell for him, but was in complete shock when Katie told me.
  • And in more serious news, Saddam Hussein was found guilty (no shocker there) and has been sentenced to hang. Let's just say they better carry out this execution by the end of the year or it will never happen. Actually, I think it might need to happen before the end of the week. Call it "Kevin's Dire Prediction" if you will. But this is just how I see it.


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Holy crap, they better not cancel Studio 60 and Friday Night Lights! Apart from Heroes they're two of my favorite new shows!


I tried to watch Studio 60. I've enjoyed so much of Aaron Sorkin's stuff: The West Wing, The American President, Sportsnight, A Few Good Men. But honestly, as I watched an episode of the admitedly well-written show, all I could think was, "A television show about running a television network. Don't stretch yourself too hard Aaron."

So, rather than watch this studio navel-gazing, I've looked to other options.


I like Borat as a skit but I am not sure if I want to see a whole movie of him.

Also, It looked like there are two episodes of OC on this week -- Wednesday and Thursday.

Johnny C.


I haven't seen Borat yet either, but after watching a 5 minute skit, I was in pain from laughing.

Yeah, Doogie Howser is gay. That's kind of weird, but totally makes sense. I'm going to wager that Owen Wilson comes out of the closet next.


Alissa, the talk is there. Unfortunately. But, of the three, I think FNL is most at risk.

BA, "studio navelgazing"? Interesting. Never heard that before.

Dagny, yeah, they're trying to make up for the fact that nobody saw The O.C. last week. Oh well.

Johnny, Owen Wilson?!?! The hell you say. I'd wager on Luke before I wager on Owen.


See, this is why you should come to the NW. Nothing but sunshine everyday single day. No rain. Ever.

As for Borat, it's hilarious...but in a highly damaging way. You'll know what I mean when you see it.


I read somewhere that they'd ordered 4 more eps of Studio 60, so not a full season yet, but a few more at least.

NPH gay, eh? I love how happy he sounds in his quotes from that article.


Dustin, sunshine eh? So Grey's Anatomy is lying through its teeth?

Claire, the more Studio 60, the better.


I don't know why, but I'm not the least bit surprised to hear that Neil Patrick Harris is gay. Maybe it was the way he looked at Casper Van Dien in Starship Troopers.


ahhh, i love studio 60. which means it will most likely be cancelled. But i'm holding out hope that it sticks around - at least for a full season...


SJ, then you are more insightful than I am.

Suze, it's not just your luck. Happens to us all the time, too.


They won't execute Saddam anytime soon. He has a mandatory appeal that has no time limit for deliberation.

I actually liked this week's Studio 60. I *almost* deleted it from my DVR rotation. Glad I didn't.

As for NPH, I am happy that he's happy, and I still totally believe him as Barney. His orientation? Not a shocker:


francesdanger, and I just know someone is either going to break in and get him out (a big coordinated attack, IMHO) or a sniper will put him out of his misery. And the longer this goes on, the greater the likelihood. My opinion of Barney does not change in any way, shape, or form. He's still one of the best characters on TV. Good thing is an actor's real-life sexual orientation doesn't affect my perception of them on their respective shows. Just look at both the male actors on Will & Grace. Neither are gay in real life as I recall.

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