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You got me lost and found...

Return to me...

For the record, I have decided to part ways with the book I was reading. For anyone interested who didn’t read through the comments, the book was Chris Elliott’s The Shroud of the Thwacker. Yes, that Chris Elliott. Cabin Boy Chris Elliott. He wrote a book. And I use “wrote” very loosely.

One of you called me masochistic and said I don’t deserve sympathy. Thank you, BA. I needed that wake-up call. Abrupt and mean-spirited though it may be. *sniffle*

Admittedly, I thought, “how bad can it possibly be?” I’m not a fan of Elliott as an actor so maybe, just maybe, writing will be his chance to shine. Several people have changed career paths and had much greater success in their new arena. I had to give it a shot.

Talk about flawed rationale.

But I’m reading a much better book right now. One I picked up a couple weeks ago. I’m in about 50 pages on this one, too. The difference now is that this is actually worth reading. It’s Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. I really dug on Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes as much for the writing as for the art. And I wanted to see if Gaiman’s wordsmithing translates to novels. So far, so damn good.

On the TV front, did any of you watch Chevy Chase in Friday’s Law & Order? My BFF (Best Fletch Forever) took a dramatic turn as a drunk, racist motorist being nabbed by the po-po. Sound familiar?

I’m not a Law & Order guy, but the chance to see Chase ripping Mel Gibson a new one was enough to make me tune in. In the immortal words of Chris Knight, “it’s a moral imperative.”

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Aaah, Neil Gaiman. Excellent writer. My favorite of his is Neverwhere. Good Omens and Stardust are geat also. I believe Neverwhere was also a TV series on BBC.


Every time I see Neil Gaiman's name, I burst into one of the various Tori Amos tunes that has his name in it.

Anyway, I am among he minority and will probably be flogged but I cannot stand Chris Elliot at all. If he or Andy Dick is in anything, I leave the room. Had I known that was the book you were reading, I would have opened then lid of the trash can FOR you!


Oh! I haven't heard "moral imperitive" in forever!!
I had the biggest crush on Chris Knight. Not Val Kilmer, but the actual character of Chris Knight.
Where is my charming blond smart-mouthed nuclear scientist? WHERE I ask you?!


Chris Elliot should have stayed underneath David Letterman's stairs. You can never go wrong with Neil Gaiman. I bought Anansi Boys awhile back and have not picked it back up. Thanks for the reminder!


Dude, it had to be said. Maybe it falls under that "tough love" category.

Hey, it led you to make better choices, and that's what it's really all about, right?


I never miss Law and Order. Just loved Friday's episode.


Jules, I'm discovering just how great he is. And I like what I've read so far. I wonder if that show is on DVD.

Hilly, then we'll be in the minority together. I can't stand Andy Dick, either.

diane, he died when he became Madmartigan.

francesdanger, no problem. I just bought American Gods yesterday. Hopefully I'll get around to reading it soon.

BA, that it is. And yes it did.

Dagny, considering we love police shows (for the most part), I'm surprised we never got into Law & Order. Oh well.


hey duuuuuuuude, you started on the wrong book by Gaiman: Anansi Boys is a spin-off of the much much much better American Gods. But since it's a spin-off rather than a sequel, you're not at any real disadvantage, thankfully :-) I see you've gotten your hands on AG - it's one of my fave books I've ever read :-) Gaiman's Stardust is also great. I'm going to be re-reading Neverwhere soon so I'll be refreshing my memory on that one.


It's so hard to tell, sometimes, what's a sequel and what's standalone. There's nothing on the cover of Anansi that indicates it is a spin off or anything. I hate that. But, so long as I can still make it work. I don't feel too out of it right now.


I'm petitioning for a full and detailed review of the Elliot book. Even what little of it you read.


You sure you want that?

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