And I feel fine...
And no matter what you say or do...

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...

I find Will Ferrell to be an enigma. How any one actor can make me hate him one moment and really like him the next is beyond me.

I dug some of his early roles, then I didn't, and now it seems I am again.

He went from high notes such as Elf and Old School to low ones in Kicking & Screaming and Bewitched. Even his cameo in Wedding Crashers drives me nuts. I love that movie save for that bit. And I also wasn't really into The Producers. But, in my mind, he made a bit of a comeback with Talladega Nights.

That comeback was cemented for both of us on Friday when we saw Stranger Than Fiction.

Ferrell stars as Harold Crick, an IRS agent suffering from OCD who has absolutely no personal life and no reason to go on living. One day, he begins to hear a voice that narrates his every move. It is then that he realizes that he is a character in a book that is being written and the mystery author seems to agree that he really has no reason to go on living either.

Little does the author, Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson), know that her fictional character is real and her writing is ruining his otherwise boring life. It is now up to Crick, with the help of literature professor Jules Hibbert (Dustin Hoffman) to figure out who is writing Crick's life and whether it's too late to alter the inevitable.

Simply put, we both loved it. There are a few points in which the film drags on. But this can be attributed to the fact that the director is trying to show just how mundane Crick's existence really is. There are, however, high points such as his audit of baker Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal) as well as his outbursts against the voice.

Ferrell plays his role perfectly. There is nothing over the top about him at all and I love him for it. The comedy lies where it should, in the situations in which he finds himself. Thompson is also fantastic and manages to somehow shed her glamorous persona for the frumpy and reclusive author exceptionally well.

Put simply, this movie was a lot of fun and highly enjoyable and, most importantly, made me like Will Ferrell again. Any movie that can do that is a good thing.

All in all...


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Phoo. :( I was supposed to go see this today with a friend, but for a number of reasons, it didn't happen.
I did get to end my day watching Christian Bale rescue a puppy. So that was okay. But I still want to see Stranger than Fiction.
(P.S. Totally mixed feelings on Will Ferrell too, but I loved Talladega nights, not the least of which because "Glenn" taught my Improv Olympic class, invited me to his b-day party, and is an all around super-nice guy!!)


I am in total agreement. While I never missed a performance on SNL ... half of his movies left me wondering why he disgusted me so.

I read a blurb in People magazine (I gotta have at least one vice and this is it) where someone asked him why he was always showing up in his underwear in films. He said that the only reason he does is because it pissed people off ... so he had to keep doing it. I didn't get it, but it seems to work for him.

I haven't seen Talladega nights (hubby is a NASCAR fanatic and wants to wait until the DVD is released ... sometime in December). And I really want to see Stranger Than Fiction. And strangely, not because of Will ... but because I really enjoy Emma Thompson.

ms. sizzle

i can't wait to go see stranger than fiction. emma & will- yeehaw! i also have had a love/hate thing with will but elf really made an impression on me. i didn't expect to like it so much.


diane, Christian Bale rescuing a puppy? Huh?

javajabber, I'm with you on Emma Thompson. I like her a lot too. She and Dustin Hoffman were two reasons I knew I had to see this movie. I'm shocked your hubby wouldn't want to see Talladega on the big screen. The race sequences are pretty good.

Sizzle, I'm with ya. I didn't expect to like Elf so much also. Granted a lot of that liking may be because of Zooey Deschanel, but Ferrell was really good, as well. But he went downhill for a few movies after that. Glad he's making a comeback.


Hey I googled and found your blog about this movie.

I am not Will Ferrells'fans, I went to see this movie because of the director Marc Forster. But I like the movie, and prepare to write a review so I can remember that.

I am trying to remember and drop down the words which Harold Crick (Will) said to Professor Hibbert (Dustin) that made H willing to ask C to come back the next morning. That was the turning point for Will.

IF you can remember that can you email me thanks.


I'm racking my brain and, for the life of me, I can't remember it. Sorry. I even tried IMDb's quotes page for Stranger Than Fiction and bupkis. If it comes to me, I'll let you know.

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