All the love gone bad turned my world to black...
Don't fence me in...

Thank you for loving me...

I feel bad.

I feel bad because I haven't had as much time to be a part of the blogosphere as I once was. There was a time when I would spend quite a while reading and commenting on the dozens upon dozens of posts put up by bloggers that I consider my virtual family.

But with all the work I've been doing lately with the new job, plus the additional commute time, some other side projects I have, work around the house, and holiday planning, I've been more than just a bit neglectful.

I still read, mind you. I read as much as possible. But commenting has been at a minimum. And that is one of the things I so love about blogging... commenting. It's the interaction that makes blogging so wonderful.

However, it may take me several days before I really get around to reading some blog posts. And, when I do, I'm reading several days worth of posts at a single sitting from one person.

What's so terrible about this, you might ask? Well, I miss out on great events such as Neil's Second Annual Thanksgiving "Thank Your First Commenter" Day. What a great idea! To recognize the first person that left a comment for you on your site.

Even though it's several days late, I'd like to participate after the fact. I hope that's okay with you, Neil. Don't hate me for being tardy.

To be honest, I don't know my first commenter since I started my static HTML blog. Especially since I didn't have comments implemented and had to rely on e-mail for interaction. So I really need to forego the first seven years I "blogged" and go with the first person who left a comment on my "real" blog.

That taken into consideration, my first commenter is SJ. It was my 17th day of blogging and my post was about whether I should have the right to rerate movies I've seen and books I've read if I feel that a second viewing or reading has made my perception of it better or worse. Her comment was...

I run into this same ethical conundrum myself, on Chronic Listaholic. Sometimes I slam something, then on second (or third) listen/viewing/whatever, decide I like it. Or vice versa. I actually have a list I'm compiling of Ten Things I've Changed My Mind About.

So I vote for updating your review to reflect your revised opinion, then including a link to it in the Recent Updates list.

To SJ, I owe a debt of thanks for my official welcome to bloggerdom. And for still being there as my blog buddy to this day. Even if I have been a bit reclusive.


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I think it is great that you are working hard and making some good money, so you can buy us all some beers.


I like Neil's idea. Except I want a rum and coke instead of beer.


I don't drink, so, can I get a Ferrari?


Neil, next time I'm in LA or you're in Chicago, you're on for that beer.

Dagny, okay, rum and Coke it is.

Rick, ummmm... no. Sorry. Unless you take Hot Wheels.


I actually become almost best friends with my first commenter. We'd chat online and even on the phone. We made plans to meet up one day, (even tho she lives on the opposite coast) but never did. Then we got into this huge online blog fight (which was really petty but funny looking back) and then we made up and would still comment on each others but she left such a bad taste in my mouth and her blog was really trashy that I don't even visit it anymore.

Silly girls.


and of course you aren't alone in being behind. I am visiting you first today. I haven't been so good at visiting blogs, myself.

Hey, we are busy people with busy lives. Bloggin is not a priority for me. Just something fun when I have time.


I just always wanted it to be a priority for me in some respects simply because I need to keep myself writing. I'd hate to fall completely behind. After three days of no blogging in October, I don't want that to happen again. But reading and commenting, I think, will always fall victim to the time bug. Bummer. I hate that. How you coming on your catch up?


I had wondered where you were... but don't worry, we are all still thinking of you out here in cyberspace. I will be doing the same thing as the semester ends - not being able to post as much. It makes me sad :(


I'm right there with you. It makes me feel sad and oddly unfulfilled. I don't get it. Are we that attached to blogging?


And SEE what happens when you fall behind in your blog-reading? A dear blog-buddy honors you, and you don't even know it!!! I'm so ashamed.

Thank you for still being my blog-buddy even after getting to know me so well that you're even careful with my insecure inner SJ. And even after I dissed your entire childhood. ;)

I just looked to see who was my first commenter on The Write Coast, and it was Dave2. Must've been that magic notifier of his, huh?


It always is his magic notifier. He's sneaky like that. Now who was your first on the original Listaholic?


My daughter Juli was my very first blog commenter. No surprise there!


Nope, none at all.

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