The pursuit of happiness, it's a common goal...
What I want and what I need...

That's what I want...

The Christmas gift shopping season has now begun in earnest for us. Actually, for me, Katie has to buy both a birthday and a Christmas gift. She's got ideas but is having trouble finding them. Or so she says.

I got notification that one of my gifts for her came in yesterday. I looked on the doorstep this morning, which neither of us really go by all that often, and, sure enough, it was there.

I was so happy that I got to it first. Now it's hidden somewhere in our house and, as soon as she reads this post, I'm certain she'll start combing the place looking for it.

Heh. Sorry, writing that last sentence made me think of Spaceballs. The scene where they're, literally, combing the desert looking for Lone Starr, et al, and they use giant combs...

Spaceball Officer: You find anything?

Trooper #1: Nothing, sir.

Spaceball Officer: You find anything?

Trooper #2: Nothing, sir.

Spaceball Officer: Did you find anything?

Smart-ass Trooper: We ain't found shit, sir!


Okay, enough Mel Brooks for today.

But, if I know Katie, she really will start scouring the place. Will she find it? Only time will tell. But I'll know if it was found. Mark my words, I'll know.

I'm evil.


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Johnny C.

Sound Garden rules!


You booby trapped the gift? For shame.


To Kevin:

I found it! Actually last night!
I am assuming a yellow mailing envelope is flashing in your mind now. The irony huh? Considering where you ordered it from.
Don't you hate it when the cars are parked out front and you have to use the front door? Makes you want to clean the garage now.

Love The little devil


Katie! Do you WANT to spoil the surprise?!?!

Two words, young lady: SELF. CONTROL.


LoL - that "combing the desert" phrase and scene is one of my absolute faves! :-)

Have fun with the present hidage activities - sounds like fun, teeheheee!


I'm with Katie -half the fun of the Christmas season is hunting for gifts in people's closets!

Also, you could be the most awesome person ever, because the re-cap of studio 60 was fabulous! Thanks a million! :)


Johnny, sometimes...

Dagny, nah, just meticulous placement.

Katie (kapgar), damn you!!!

SJ, she's never heard of such words.

*lynne*, it is a good scene, isn't it?

Bre, happy to help. Unfortunately Katie wound up finding the gift before I knew it was here and even saw the return address. So she thinks she has a pretty good idea what it is.


I loved that scene!

I am also the worst about Christmas gift hunting. I love surprises, but only when I've had a decent shot at finding them out first. My eviality knows no bounds!


Time Kevin makes public the fact that he had hid Katie's gift: 7:33 AM

Time Kaite posted that she had found said gift: 10:38 AM

Time it took for Kevin's ultra secret hiding spot to be compromised: 3 hrs. 5 min.

Note to Kevin: Your under wear drawer stopped being a decent stash point around the 4th grade. =)


francesdanger, "eviality" eh? I like it. And, yes, I hunt for gifts too.

Dustin, she bested me actually. She found the gift before I even realized it had been delivered. So, more like about -3 hrs. 5 min.


Dude, I spent all of the other day quoting that movie!

"Prepare to fast forward!"

"Preparing to fast forward!"

"Fast forward!"

"Fast forwarding, sir!"


Dariush, I don't quote that movie nearly enough in my real life. Time to step up.

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