'Cause I'm easy...
They say it's your birthday...

The goose is getting fat...

It’s cold. Damn cold. It’s so cold I’ve got icicles growing from my…

Yeah, anyway.

Suffice it to say, it’s so cold I’m tempted to just let my winter template drop now.

You read that right. So many of you inspired me with your October Breast Cancer Awareness month, Halloween, and winter holiday templates that I decided to try a shift of my own.

No, it’s not an entirely new template. I worked too long and hard on this look to give up on it that quickly. So, instead, I just took the design I have now and, much like my truck, I simply “winterized” it.

I like it. And Hilly gave it a thumbs up on preview, too, so it’s all good. Speaking of which, she has a swanky new Christmas 'do, as well. Check out who's stylin' now! Actually, it seems she has a new winter template every flippin' time I visit her blog anymore. I can count at least three distinct ones so far. This may or may not be barring any subtle design shifts she has implemented to each in the interim. DECIDE!!!

Basically, I wanted something I could use for longer than a month. The little bit of time during which I could’ve shifted to a Halloween template didn’t strike me as being worth the time I would spend designing it. But why not the whole winter season? I figured I could use it for about three months, being upper Illinois, and make it worth the effort.

But if the weather lately is any indication, I may wind up needing to keep this damn thing for closer to four or five months.

It’s gonna be that bad a winter, I’m’a thinkin’. Commence drooling now, SJ.


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And just when I'm thinking what a sweetheart you are (he's decorating his blog for winter!!!), you remind me how MEAN you can be! If *we* don't get snow this winter, I'm blaming you for hogging it. :>P

P.S. TypePad needs to offer smilies for comments. Word.


Wait, why did you title this post "the goose is getting fat" then talk about me? Are you trying to say something? LMAO, I kid...I kid.

Uhhh this one is staying (probably). I had a moment of OCD there when I could not decide. And as stated before, I love yours!


i like it. especially the soft blue. very nice :)


Please tell me that snow is Photoshopped! When I head to Chicago, I don't want there to be snow. :-(




SJ, I just want the snow for Christmas morning and then you can have it all. No need for me to hog it.

Hilly, heh. Funny. I like your new one although I miss the snow bunnies. And thanks!

Suze, I had trouble color matching the blues, but I finally nailed it with a little help (see my StatCounter button). Took the yellow in the mouseovers from the lights in the photo.

Dave, no worries. The photo is from last year. You're clear. So far.

Kilax, thanks.


Yeah, I wouldn't have time to enjoy a "winter template," even if I were smart enough to EVER change my template, which I'm not. We are still having allergy troubles here, because of all the things still producing pollen. We haven't even had so much as a "soft" frost yet, nothing!


Yes indeed, the template is lovely!
But cold? For real? Unless it's colder where you guys are, it's been in the tolerable 40's around the city. It's going to get wayyyyy worse, my friend...


Belinda, sorry to hear about the allergies. I can wish some cold weather your way, if you'd like.

diane, it was pretty frigid on Saturday night and bone-chillingly cold on Sunday morning (6:15 a.m. - I had to grab the newspaper) when I wrote this. Of course, as usually happens, I type something and then life conspires to ruin what I wrote. It became much nicer later that morning and into the afternoon. Mother Nature is a bitch.


i dig the new winterized look. good job!


Gracias! Now I just have to figure out what I'll do next after the spring thaw arrives.

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