The goose is getting fat...
Wii can work it out...

They say it's your birthday...

No, it's not my birthday, not yet anyway.

However, when I made my BSP (Birthday Self Promotion for anyone who missed it) announcement last week, Suze left a comment that made me think maybe this crazy little concept could be taken a step further.

So I'm hereby taking this opportunity to take the BSP notion that I first read on Sandra's site some time ago (and many other sites after that) and bumping it to the next level.

Let's take a moment to welcome the BSPCP. No, that's not some new kind of illegal drug or medical insurance plan. It is the Birthday Self Promotion Cross Promotion!!!!

What this means is that you can take advantage of this post to start seeding interest in your own birthday. Of course, I get to announce, yet again, that my birthday is on Tuesday, December 5, and that I have a link to my Amazon Wishlist in the sidebar. But you, as my valued friends and readers, can also post your own birthdays in the comments to this post. I don't care how far off your birthday may be, it's never too early to get people interested. And considering Sandra's obsession with BSP, I'm sure she'll be all over this.

There is, as with anything I do around here, a catch. When your own birthday begins its approach vector (why I'm talking in aeronautical terms, I don't know), you must write your own BSPCP post and open it to anyone else who would like to promote their birthday, regardless of how far in advance it may be.

So let's hear it, people! When's your birthday?


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Ummm. I'm technically still in my birthday season as there are folks who still owe me birthday dinners. Yes, I realize my birthday was in June. I say milk it for all it's worth!


Oh, that's funny, I just sent you an e-mail asking for confirmation of your birthday date. Well, now I know!
I am all for shameless self-promotion of the birthday. Bithdays tend to last a week minimum in my family. I'm in--April 16th--halfway there! :)

ms. sizzle

i'm following close right after diane on april 18th. don't worry, you will have plenty of advance notice. we aries aren't shy about BSP one bit!

Johnny C.



10.21.82. I'm really, really liking the idea of BSP. I only wish I had done if for my birthday. Happy early one to you!


Ha ha! Ms. Sizzle is right--an Aries is not shy about anything! :-)


May 27th, so this Gemini has some time to wait.


Christmas Day. Therefore the birthday self promotion is OH SO IMPORTANT.

Yay for BSPCP!!!!

BA's the year I find depressing.


Dagny, time to cash in!

diane, sadly, I hate birthdays despite how much fun this has been thus far. Weird, eh?

Sizzle, characteristic of Aries, eh?

Johnny, duly noted.

Elaine, so make sure you do it next year. You kinda have to now.

Dustin, never too early.

Suze, and you're responsible for getting this started. Pat yourself on the back!

BA, no need to admit it. We only need month and year.


March 18th, the day after St. Patty's Day. We basically celebrate my birthday one day in advance. Nobody knows that's what we are celebrating, they all think it's about leprechauns and shamrocks. Fools.


August 14, ages away


Brandon, are you able to sucker them into free drinks for you? If not, time to start working harder!

Kazza, but good to make note! ;-)


You already know this, but for all those who don't, I'm right behind you: December 7th.

And simply because it's the cool thing to do, I'm putting a link to my wish list on my blog. No, really. That's the only reason I'm doing it, to be trendy. Yep.


Yeah, not that we're expecting anything. It's just cool to look at, right?


Please tell BA that all will be okay.

Log me in for 8/3 as well!


Will do.

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