To the soul's desires the body listens...
I wish I was a radio song, the one that you turned up...

Tie me up and tie me down...

I own a tie rack.

Five words. Twelve letters. And yet a statement so brief suddenly makes me feel 5-10 years older than I've ever felt before.

Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice tie rack. Works as part of our closet organization system and it's quite handy. It's just the implications inherent in owning one. It implies that you have a number of ties that you wear on a regular basis and they need to be sorted. And I do.

Granted I've owned ties my entire life, I just never wore them except on very special occasions. I could get away with keeping them on a little hanging loop with my belts. No big deal. Now, though, I need to keep them nice and easily accessible.

It's quite different.

I think I'm becoming Barneyfied. Pretty soon our spare room will be converted into living quarters for my suits and I'll be shouting comments like "Suit up!" to my friends.

Shoot me now! Before it's too late!


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ms. sizzle

ties are hawt. :)


Sorry. It's already too late. I have a tie rack, AND ties. It's just that they're all six inches wide. I'm waiting for a comeback.


old man


That phrase alone makes my head hurt.
I hope I marry someone that's equally content to have our things strewn all over the floor, de-linted & ironed only when needed!


hey, at least you're going Barney with your ties and not Jim Dial.


Does it revolve at the push of a button?

When you get to the point where you HAVE to buy a suit valet, THEN you'll be old!

What you need now to REALLY organize the closet is a label maker. No, not the cheap ones ... the type like I have ... makes labels in colors, fancy fonts, and so on.

The Hubster bought me one (he knows how much I love to organize). I used up 4 boxes of labels the first week (we have a lot of stuff).

Men have tools, women have labels.


Ties are quite adorable, I must admit. Especially when they get crooked and need to be adjusted.....

Sorry, I got sidetracked there.

The point is, as male closet accesories go? A tie rack is pretty much tops.


I think it is nice when men wear ties. tHere is nothing wrong with wearing them, even on a daily basis. Just as long as you still know how to have fun and wear a tie. I know you do, Kevin ;)


I would wear a tie only my co-workers wouldn't throw things at me.

Remember when I promised to warn you when I thought you were confusing your actual life with that of the world created by your cursed TiVo? Inches Kevin, we're talking inches of seperation here.


I'm not going to worry until you announce you've purchased a shoe rack.


There are a lot of fun ties out there. I worked in one place where the guys were huge fans of Disneyland. One guy had a jacquard tie that when you studied it closely, you realized that the pattern was Mickey Mouse.


sizzle, why thanks!

Rick, niiiiiiicccceee! Now I'm waiting for that comeback as well just so we can see photographic evidence!

Margaret, welcome. That's a fine "how do you do". ;-)

diane, sorry, that drives me nuts. Doesn't mean we don't do it. Translating to "I'm nuts on a daily basis." As though that was ever in question.

Erin, a very good point.

javajabber, revolving? label maker? Aye aye aye... now my head is really hurting.

Bre, you like straightening them, eh?

kilax, oh I was rocking my black dress shirt and multicolored Jerry Garcia tie yesterday! If I'm dressing this way, I shall make a statement in the process.

Dustin, clearly you just don't watch enough TV. And I triple dog dare you to wear ties for a week and blog your coworkers' reactions.

SJ, we don't buy those. We build them. Is that just as bad?

Dagny, I've got a similar one that really looks like nothing until you look close and see it's the Beatles doing their "Help!" album cover arm signs.

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