And no matter what you say or do...
Tie me up and tie me down...

To the soul's desires the body listens...

Dear Body,

I know you think you know what is best for me. When I acquire some kind of disease, you will shut down unnecessary functions to concentrate your efforts on eradicating the illness. When I don't eat enough, you tell me. When I eat too much, again, you tell me. When I'm cold, you maximize your heat production. All kinds of great automatic functions that I would better understand if I had stuck with a science-related degree program in college.

Alas, I did not. I have two degrees in the arts and not the sciences. Perhaps that is why I don't understand the miscommunication we had last night. And I'd like to give you this opportunity to clarify matters to me.

You and I woke up early to go open the gym and stayed there until noon. We did 20 minutes of cardio exercise and another half hour of lifting. We then came home to finish painting the closet we had torn apart the day before. We also hung a new closet organization system. We also rehung and reorganized all our clothes and installed three new doorknobs complete with chiseling out the door to make the components fit properly.

These were hefty tasks, but we went into them with gusto and we finished them.

To top it off, Katie shared a bottle of wine with us. Together, we downed half a bottle of traminette. That consumption alone would typically be more than enough to fell most beasts.

So why did you insist on waking me up at 3:30 this morning and then every 15 to 30 minutes after that? You should have wanted to stay dormant. Nay, you should've needed to in order to recover from that.

But you didn't. Instead, for some God-forsaken reason, you opted to not sleep knowing that we had a wake-up time of 5:15 this morning for work.

Can you please explain this to me?

Your overworked and underslept soul,


P.S. Katie appeared to be sleeping pretty soundly last night. Can you take a cue from her tonight?


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I hate it when you know you should be asleep but you keep waking up. If you find an explanation, please let me know.

ms. sizzle

that sleeplessness thing happens to me often when i have consumed alcohol. i hate it! hopefully tonight you will be able to crash out and sleep without interruption.

Kevin's Body

Dear Kevin's Soul,

Don't blame me. Our rigorous activities yesterday have altered my metabolism to the point where I am now so efficient that I no longer need the eons of sleep once required. Face it, I'm new and improved and demand to be kept active

Your New Hyper Efficient Body


Ugh, I hate not being able to sleep, especially when you know you have to get up early the next day! Hope it is better soon! Maybe you should just be lazy today and test if the working too hard it what caused it! ;)


I've read about waking up in the middle of the night after alcohol before. Something about how the body metabolizes the sugars in alcohol faster than in non-alcoholic beverages. Sort of like having a sugar crash in the middle of the night that wakes you up. Something like that...

no photographic memory, doh!


Dagny, and if you find one, I hope you do the same.

Sizzle, I hope so too.

Wow! I was hoping my body would respond! Thanks, cuerpo! It's good to know that.

kilax, unfortunately, laziness is not an option with a new job. You only get one chance to make a good impression, right? ;-)

Claire, but it usually knocks me practically unconscious. That's why I'm so confused. We've done this before (no, we don't make a habit out of it) and we always sleep like babies.


Clearly, your body is more excited to get to the new job than your mind is. It's acting like a child on Disneyland Day.


According to some stupid quiz I took online, my circadian rhythms are all off (I blame work)and THAT is why I am never tired until 1:30am. Perhaps you need a light lamp too :-P


SJ, I've been there a couple weeks now. What do I need to do to calm my body down if this is the case?

Bre, "light lamp"? That's not like a night light, is it?


Sadly, there is no known cure for psychodisneyitis. Benedryl is helpful for the symptoms, however.


That or a mallot across the head. ;-)

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