Don't fence me in...
The pursuit of happiness, it's a common goal...

We make plans for big times...

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Derived from Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse"... “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

Such an eloquent statement. And one that applies to our weekend quite well.

Katie and I had such grand plans for this extended holiday weekend and yet it seems as though we completed only a fraction of them.

1. Clean up our house entirely.
Done for Thanksgiving, but it went all to hell yesterday.

2. Clear both our TiVos' "Now Playing" list of the two weeks' worth of shows that had built up on it.
Almost. We have one show left from those two weeks (last week's Studio 60) and whatever was added to it last night. However, I, personally, have about eight hours of Veronica Mars, Heroes, and Day Break backed up. Sometime on Saturday, I kinda decided there was no way I was ever going to get to all of it and simply deleted the first two episodes of Day Break and killed the Season Pass. As much as I like Taye Diggs, it was too much to catch up on and, since I never saw a single episode, I wasn't going to be missing much. I'm already pretty well invested in the other two and would like to finish them up.

3. Decorate for Christmas.
We certainly pulled out all the containers of decorations. Hence why #1 somewhat undid itself... the containers and decorations are now strewn about our home cluttering up what was once a beautifully clean homestead. We did get the tree assembled and got it all plugged in, as well. However, none of our ornaments are up at all. That will likely kick in tonight when we get done working out at the gym. Wish us luck.

4. Shop for Christmas presents.
We actually did a big chunk of this. Okay, maybe not that much. But at least we have about a quarter of it actually purchased and a list of what we will be buying for the other three quarters nearly complete. Just figuring out what to buy is a majority of the battle each year. Some of our relatives are not easy to buy for, let me tell you.

5. Do something with the leftover Thanksgiving food.
Katie made cream of turkey wild rice soup, a la Panera's cream of chicken wild rice, and it's damn good. She also made a turkey boullion base (sp?) that can be used for any number of other things. So, at least the turkey carcass is now gone from our fridge and we have room to put stuff in there.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Make such big plans only to watch them die upon attempted execution? You would think we'd learn. But we don't.


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wow. I just checked bloglines and I'm 25 posts behind. How ya doin? I guess I will find out when I read up.

I got my kitchen painted this week and had my first huge party in the new house. Sounds like you got a lot done too.

ms. sizzle

i don't know why we do it. sometimes i wonder if i just want to feel like a failure so i set high aspirations that could never possibly be met.

but it's the holidays so taking on too much is part of the season. ;)

Austin of Sundrip Journals

I like Dashboard Confessionals. I like their song How To Save A Life.

The carcass does make good base for a lot of things. I even use base when making my dog homemade super crunchy, teeth cleaning biscuits.

Nice blog. I like the picture at the top, pretty neat.


Austin of Sundrip Journals

oops I meant to say the song Don't Wait by DC. How to Save A Life is by The Fray. I hate when I hit send and realize a mistake. :-)



Jacqs, 25 posts just for me? Yeah, you're behind. I'll leave you to read. ;-)

Sizzle, I don't know why we expect so much of ourselves. We really should just learn to take it easy, but it never quite works out that way, does it?

Austin, well at least I didn't have to correct you on The Fray. But both are good bands in their own right. Biscuits, eh?


I did the exact same thing with 'Daybreak'. It's a shame too because it looks interesting.


This is why you would love Eddie Izzard. He's got a great bit on the "best laid plans of mice and men" focusing on the mice part. Does this mean that it's just the best laid plans of mice that don't work, but things go really well if they just wing it? And what plans are these? Seriously. Eddie makes the holidays brighter.


frances, it really does to some degree. I just watch too damn much as it is.

Erin, okay, I will have to check him out.


1. Katie needs to come cook for me
2. I missed Studio 60 last week! You might be my favorite person ever if you eventually give me a recap! :)


Seriously, I would like to take some cooking lessons from Katie!
I've had a bug up my butt to cook more stuff from scratch lately, and I'm attempting a sweet potato and carrot soup this weekend, but it sounds pretty amateur compared to cream of turkey and wild rice!


Try cleaning when you have two cats running amok. OK. Only one cat if the heat is on.

As for the Yule gift shopping goes, I'm waiting until payday. Have I mentioned how much it sucks to be paid once a month?


Bre, I'll work on the recap. I still have to watch it.

diane, maybe I should talk Katie into starting a cooking blog. That would be cool. Unlikely, but cool.

Dagny, I once had two cats. Never again. For more sentimental reasons than anything. And I'm pretty sure you mentioned how much the pay sucks. Why only once a month, though? Most teachers get paid twice.


I read this while finishing off the last of our Thanksgiving leftovers. We'd given ourselves the day off from turkey yesterday, so it wasn't too bad tonight.

We got our place so clean for Thanksgiving that I'm being a total freak about every speck of dust now. I just want it to last awhile, y'know?


Oh! I forgot to say: ONLINE SHOPPING. It's absolute heaven.


The only problem is we started decorating for Christmas which totally ruined our "clean" from Thanksgiving. We need to re-establish that. I'd online shop more, but I prefer to see what I'm buying as I don't trust online descriptions to help me decide if it's what I want to buy or not. Aye aye aye.

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