That's what I want...
They call me the whore...

What I want and what I need...

Before I start today's post, I need to wish a happy belated birthday to my brother who turned 28 yesterday. Not that you'll read this, but happy birthday all the same, bro!

I need to make one thing very clear... I am not Idolwild.

Okay, so that was a failed pun of a reference to how I perceive the legions of fans of Fox's American Idol.

I am not, never was, nor likely ever will be a fan of this pop culture "phenomenon."

Oddly, though, I do tend to like some of the music that former contestants have released since being discovered on the show.

For one, I just can't get enough Kelly Clarkson. Sure, her first album wasn't spectacular by any stretch. But I love her new album and, sadly, I never seem able to turn her off when one of her songs comes on the radio.

I found a copy of Ruben Studdard's debut album in the lost and found at the gym one night a couple years ago. Call it warped curiosity, but I took it home and ripped it (I returned it). I've listened to it a couple times so far and it's not bad.

I also recently picked up Carrie Underwood's CD from the library. I've only heard a couple songs off it so far, but it's also pretty decent.

Yesterday, though, I picked up the one Idolite whose album I have most looked forward (yeah, I just admitted to "looking forward to" an album from a former Idol contestant)... Daughtry by cueballed, season five metalhead Chris Daughtry (who has, apparently, shed his first name for professional purposes).

It's a good album. I don't know why, but I really enjoy when he rocks out on songs like "What I Want" featuring Slash on lead guitar. But, he also does well with the slower ballads on the album of which there are a few.

I've only listened through it once so far, but I have high hopes for it as one of those few albums that I can listen to all the way through without a problem. Perhaps I'm setting the bar too high, but one can hope.

Oh, and fear not, there is NO Clay Aiken anywhere near my music collection. I do have some semblance of self respect. Very little, but it's there. I swear.


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Wait, you mean to tell me you haven't picked up Kelly Pickler's album yet??? What is wrong with you? How could you not want to own that stellar piece of musicianship...


I am totally with you; people do not understand how I can dislike their precious AI when I happen to love The Amazing Race. I just have no love for that show whatsoever.

And I am a closet Kelly Clarkson fan ;)


I found a copy of Ruben Studdard's debut album in the lost and found at the gym one night a couple years ago. Call it warped curiosity, but I took it home and ripped it (I returned it). I've listened to it a couple times so far and it's not bad.

So, let's see if I understand this. You didn't steal the lost album from the person who left it there, you just stole the music from the lost album to ensure the artist wouldn't get paid for you taking it.

Now, that's outstanding rationalization.

Bravo, my friend. Bravo.




ms. sizzle

but what about taylor? i want someone to listen to his album and tell me if it's good or not. i elect you! :)

i love kelly clarkson. she's the reason i first started watching Idol and even though i don't love all of her songs, i think she is a rockstar with a good heart.


I must admit, I almost bought Kellie Pickler's album based solely on the fact that it has a song called "red high heels" on it... and then I came back to reality. Still, if you happen upon it at the gym and discover that it's fabulous (ha!) let me know! :)


Yeah, there's some decent American Idol stuff out there. I almost hate to say it. In fact, Carrie Underwood's CD is REALLY good.

I still can't watch the show for more than 10 minutes straight, though.


As long as you keep Clay away from your collection than I think it's okay to admit you have a fetish for AI contestants :) I'm willing to admit that I also sing to Kelly Clarkson when she's no the radio. Girl's got talent!


I adore Kelly Clarkson! A lot, really.


I find myself strangely addicted to Kelly Clarkson too :)

Pauly D

The fact that you have to tell people you don't have Clay Aiken in your collection worries me.


I love Kelly Clarkson. She's the one that set the bar and has remained firmly on the charts. There's no one like her. She sings pop, rock, soul and every genre perfectly. She's incomparable.
I checked Chris' CD and you're right. What I want, what I need is fun. Your link took me to what I believe is his official site and from there to the Sony store. You can hear the songs there. I liked Crashed and it's not over. But I'm so broke. Maybe Mom will give it to me for Christmas.


Allison, you're kidding about Pickler, right? She doesn't really have an album, does she? At least I now know what to get you for your birthday.

Hilly, right there with you on Race. Love it. And pissed off right now that the Barbies are still in it. I'm SICK of these non-elimination rounds!!!

BA, actually it's just borrowing, really. Like I said, I gave it back. ;-)


Sizzle, I've been elected?!? Oh no. Fine, if the library has it, I'll give it a shot.

Bre, here I thought Allison was just kidding about Pickler. But she really does have an album?!? Oi. Maybe I'll try the library for kicks.

Greg, coming from you, I'll trust the assessment of Carrie Underwood. Better put that one on my iPod so I can listen in the car.

Elaine, that she does. And, no Clay.

Sandra, no shame in that.

Kilax, yeah, I don't know why, but she does it for me musically.

Pauly, don't want people to assume. That's a dangerous thing.

Minerva, it is a good CD. I like that the Sony site lets you listen. That's cool of them. I listened to the samples on iTunes and, after only four samples, bought it. Couldn't say no. Welcome aboard, by the way!


I'm really looking forward to listening to Daughtry, but the hubby and I agreed that we aren't allowed to buy anything for ourselves from now until New Years just in case the other already bought said item for a present. And god only knows I've been dropping hints about that album enough that I'd be hella shocked if he didn't already buy it. :)


You must beat him if he fails!


Wow, judging from these comments, I must be the only person alive who can't stand the sound of Kelly Clarkson's voice. But there aren't many female singers I DO like.

I don't watch American Idol (it's so NOT my kind of music), but so far the only music from an AI contestant I've heard that I *liked* was a guy named Bo Bice. At least, I think he was from AI.



Chris Daughtry Fans Pics News

Yea Chris is awesome, I'm so glad that his CD has made it to the top of the billboard charts!

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