Return to me...
Rain, rain, go away...

You got me lost and found...

Bearsbensontackle LOST: The Chicago Bears offensive unit.

LAST SEEN: Sunday, October 29, 2006, Soldier Field, Chicago, IL, USA

LAST SEEN WITH: The San Francisco 49ers

SUSPECTS: Nick Saban, Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins

REWARD: One Super Bowl trophy

IF SEEN, PLEASE CONTACT: Lovie Smith, Head Coach of the Chicago Bears

Dear God, please tell me how the 7-0 Bears lose 31-13 to the 1-6 Miami Dolphins?

Check that... now it's the 7-1 Bears and the 2-6 Dolphins.



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Be honest, the Bears have been escaping by the skin of their teeth for too many weeks now. Last legitimate beat down was Seattle.


The Cardinal game was "skin of their teeth" material, but wtf was 40-7 Bills? Outside of the Vikings game, it has been 26-0, 34-7, 37-6.

Some skin. Some teeth.


Rick, 49ers wasn't a "beat down" last week? 41-10 doesn't constitute one? I'll admit that the Skins and Vikings games were skinny wins, but the rest have been pretty convincing.

RW, I'm just upset it was more of our skin and teeth than theirs. Bastages!


The ghosts of the '72 Dolphins at work again...


Don't forget the '85 Dolphins who were the only team that beat the Bears the year of their Super Bowl run.

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