Ain't no runnin' from karma...

What did I do?

What did I do?


I just don't get it. I do something nice and I get poopied on (hey, I'm still trying here). Apparently in much the same manner as Dave has been lately. Yes, I do find it odd that it is happening to both of us at the same time. Things work like that for us. Just ask him. It's scary.

Last night, I spent three hours working on a Web site for Katie's cousin who is opening her own yoga studio in Chicago. I put together a pretty nice splash page as a stand-in until I get the rest of the site done. I'm really quite impressed with how it has turned out. Katie likes it, too.

Her cousin, however, has no knowledge whatsoever about how things work on the Web in terms of design, hosting, etc. The very fact that I got her to register a domain and hosting services on GoDaddy using her credit card amazes me. However, she's now in Massachusetts for some big yoga convention and doesn't have the time to call in to GoDaddy to figure out how to FTP files to their hosting server. I've been searching their site and it's not exactly the most intuitive site in the world to use.

So I talk to her dad (Katie's uncle) and get all the pertinent information so I can call in to GoDaddy and get what tips I need. Her name is one that could, in some circles, double as a guy's name, so why not? I get her full name, birthday, address, phone-in ID#, home phone, cell phone, and her mother's maiden name. Everything you could possibly need for an ID check.

I call GoDaddy's non-toll-free customer service number and sit on hold for nearly 10 minutes. When a rep finally picks up the phone, what does he ask for? The last four digits of the credit card used to reserve the URL.

Oh WTF??? (that's not a quarter, is it?)

Then I decided, because Katie was "asked" to work late, that I would make dinner for her. This was actually my second night in a row making dinner. I'm getting good.

So I'm standing at the oven taking a well-deserved break for my Webly duties, making some chicken with mozzarella and red sauce and steamed cauliflour on the side. Not a big deal meal, really. But I figure it's better than Katie having to cook when she gets home.

With the chicken sizzling in one pan, the cauliflour steaming in a pot, and the pasta sauce simmering in another, I make one wrong move. Just one. But that's all it took. Suddenly, the spatula that I've been using to flip the chicken, which just so happens to be covered in cooking oil and seasoned bread crumbs, goes spinning in the air and flops against my slacks. No, I hadn't changed yet from my work clothes. I didn't think anything like this would happen.

I shrugged it off and ran for the laundry room to grab the Tide Pen and blot out the rather large stained area right by my crotch.

A few minutes later, my pants are drying out quite nicely and the meal's nearly done when, it would seem, I make the same disastrous maneuver, again sending the spatula in orbit and striking my pants IN EXACTLY THE SAME FRAKKIN' SPOT IT DID BEFORE!!


Did I do something wrong by cooking for Katie??? I didn't hear her complaining about it so why are the Gods???

Can someone clue me in here???

But I would like to mention one good thing... Tide Pens? Heaven sent.

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He said slacks.

Yeah once you find out whose cosmic cornflakes you pissed in you had better make it right. Seems like the Tide pen is your amulet of good mojo, keep it close, it will protect you.

I have a Tide pen in my car, my wife has two in her purse, each of my children are quite adept with one.


there must be some strange cosmic allignment or something going on, cuz it sounds like it's been a rough week for a lot of people...


Must be a cosmic poopie kind week... I'm having the same kind of week.

And the tide pen... rocks. I have one in my desk drawer at work, one in the glove compartment of each car, one in my purse and a three pack always in the laundry room just in case.


GoDaddy is evil incarnate. I'm stuck at FTP upload too, trying to build a website for my mother to sell her religious t- shirts. My head is throbbing just thinking about it. You have my deepest sympathy.

Things will look up soon!

ms. sizzle

it's the pants. clearly the universe is trying to tell you that you shouldn't wear those pants.

OR that you should greet katie in your underwear with a homecooked meal. hubba hubba.


Some great cosmic force is telling you to go shopping. Thing about it... credit cards, the need for new pants....

Just saying.


Totally cosmic poopie. This week a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend AND her bank jacked up the direct deposit with her new job, so she has no access to money.
My cosmic poopie came a week early last week. :)


g-man, you even have the kids trained in the art of Tide Penning? Nice job!

suze, if these comments are any indication, I'm in complete agreement with you.

Allison, I have one in my desk drawer too and I've used it a few times. One of the things I hate about khakis. Katie carries one in her purse and we have one or two at home.

frances, god I hope so.

Sizzle, I want her to enjoy her dinner, not throw it up.

Bre, unfortunately I hate shopping. I'm not like you in that regard. Sorry. I'll fix these instead.

diane, I think I'd kill my bank if they screwed up my direct deposit. It's been late before, but never screwed up. Grrr....


Poor thing, seems like you've had a pretty rough week! First, of all I don't think you should get penalized for WTF because hey, rough week's eliminate bad words. Second, I'm sure Katie really appreciated the extra effort. Next week is sure to (actually has to) be better for ya!


Aw man, that sucks. Still, I was expecting some acrobatic flip of dinner onto the floor, so at least that didn't happen.


Hey, at least you put pants back on and didn't smack that hot grease covered spatula onto your bare leg near your crotch. Cause I bet that would have sucked a whole lot more. Tide pens are a blessing. I always have one in my purse. I will never stop being a klutz, but my clothes might stop being constantly ruined because of it.

Tracy Lynn

GoDaddy works a lot better if you use the software the advertise, but having used it myself to build my mom's site, I can tell you it has some serious limitations.

My bad karma week has been so bad, I can't really post it here. Suffice to say, both you and Dave got off fairly lightly, all things considered.


It's a dime, Kev. You didn't really say the F word.

My lips are sealed on poo-pooing GoDaddy because they host me, too. I'll call ya should I need some assistance, though.


I too was expecting the dinner to hit the floor so just remember. Things could have been worse. And now you are making me want to go out and buy a Tide pen because I am always having food mishaps.


I hate to say it Kevin, but your misfortune is my amusement. I was laughing out loud by the time I got to the end of this story.


I was expecting dinner to hit the floor too AND to find that the grease had burned a hole in your favourite "slacks" (how old are you anyway...)



YOu mean, you just got a grease mark on your pants? That kind of stuff happens to me on like an hourly basis :)

Were you wearing your watch while cooking dinner and calling godaddy?


It's the cauliflower. It hates being called "cauliflour" and used its psychic abilities to fling that spatula into your crotch. Don't ever call broccoli as "brockly" because you probably won't survive it...


Elaine, I think I made up for it yesterday. I'll write it up and let you all decide.

Claire, thankfully, my food was not quite that nimble.

Erin, exposed skin? Thank God no.

Tracy, probably did. But good for a post all the same.

Mocha, oh, maybe I should be calling you.

Dagny, they are worth the money.

nicole, happy to amuse you.

Nat, people don't say "slacks"? Really? I'm only 32. I hear the word all the time.

Tal, I did have the watch on. But no on the phone call.

Dave, it's spelled "flower"? Oops. My bad.

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