Cupid only misses sometimes...

Woo hoo! Happy day!

Ugly Betty is now available for both individual episode and season pass downloads from the iTunes Store!


I swear it's just a matter of time before Apple rules the Earth. Well, they might have to fight Google for it, but still and all the same.

Oh, and help out my buddy, Dave, get his favorite show, Cupid, released on DVD by voting at He makes some strong arguments as to why it needs to be released and I'm dying to see it, too. So help a brutha out. It'll take you a whopping ten seconds, if that.

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I don't understand why more shows aren't on iTunes. It's not like it really costs anything other than a digital transfer. There are dozens of programs that could be making serious money if studios would only get off their asses.

Betty was a real surprise. I wasn't going to watch, but decided to anyway because Salma was going to appear... now it's one of my favorite new series.


How weird is it that we both used the term "help a brutha out" when blogging about 'Cupid'? Umm, you need to get out of my head. I'm afraid you may dislodge something important up there, like the lyrics to a Roxette song which I may need at a random 80's night. ;-)


Dave, it is so addictively good! There is always a market for every TV show out there. Just look at how Bette is rocking that vote.

frances, you got the look! You got the look! What in the world could make a brown-eyed girl turn blue...


Uh, and here I thought that only women succumbed to the power of The Dave ;)


The Power of Dave is Almighty, that's obvious, lol!

And I can't wait for the day that Apple rules the world, for I will be a very rich woman. Hopefully, it will be while I'm still young so I can retire and live off all those dividends of my Apple stocks.


Even Sports Guy, who normally only watches sports, liked Betty. Of course, he is now an even bigger fan of "House." (Yes, I have subjected him to quite a bit of TV over the last week.)

Now "Cupid" I don't know much about. Except that my dear friend Emerald likes it. If she likes it, it's gotta be good.

And my money is on Google ruling the world before Apple -- although it will be a close race.


Hilly, Dave has powers over many more than you may think. Scary sometimes.

Eve, the only problem is that a government cannot be publicly owned. So all investments in it will be sold off and those early believers and worshippers will be brought on as cabinet members and advisors. We should be set.

Dagny, and it will be a fun race to watch unfold. I can handle either being in control of our world. ;-)


I'll vote for Cupid! I got two DVDs containing the whole series (I think) from a friend who used to work in TV and I'm really enjoying them. A nicer picture, sound, and sweet sweet extras would be the icing on the cake.


Then vote away! Dave will be happy to hear that one about your DVDs. He may even try to buy them. ;-)

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