Hey Betty Betty, hush your mouth...

Some TV snippets for you today as I'm not feeling particularly original.

Was it just us or did last night's NBC sitcom offerings just blow? Scrubs had one or two decent scenes, but, like the whole season so far, was just not good. Maybe it was simply my lack of familiarity with House that made it a waste to me. My Name is Earl was uncharacteristically boring. I liked the idea of having Cops in Camden County, but I think they just took it a bit too far. Even The Office was off last night. The only time I really got into it was the scene when Dwight is trying to comfort Pam through her crying bout. That was stinkin' hilarious. But, otherwise, just not good.

Oh yeah, still not watching 30 Rock. Sorry.

We're going to try to give them another chance likely this weekend. Maybe it'll take a couple viewings to truly appreciate these episodes. Here's hoping.

Dreaming Betty
Thankfully we had a good episode of Ugly Betty last night that was also new. New is good. And seeing a little more of the background in the love triangle between Betty, Walter, and Henry was nice. But it just makes it more difficult for me to decide who I like better.

This indecision has even carried over into my dreams, sad as it sounds.

I was having an Ugly Betty-inspired dream in which Betty is being comforted through her two-man dilemma by her father, Ignacio, in the front yard of their house (what little front yard there is). Then, in a scene reminiscent of Sixteen Candles, a vehicle moves to reveal a car on the other side with a guy leaning against it waiting a la Jake Ryan. We don't see who it is initially, but the camera of my mind cuts over and starts to slowly pan up from foot to head (I apparently dream like I'm a Director of Photography, go fig) with occasional cuts back to Betty and her dad or over to her nephew, Justin, who is dancing maniacally to the car's sound system. Finally, when the camera was about to reveal his head, I woke up. So even I don't know who it was.

I hate my dreams.

Death to Brian
Katie and I really like What About Brian. It's a pretty decent and underperforming show that even the President of ABC seems to enjoy standing behind. It started off all about a guy who is still single amongst his six friends that are all in relationships with each other. Two pairs were married and the third pair were engaged. That dynamic has changed a bit with certain goings-on this season, but it's still an enjoyable watch.

However, I think we can now say it's about to jump the shark. The female Ted McGinley (also known as the TV show killer) is about to join the cast. That would be Tiffani Thiessen. Yes, cute Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell seems to have become the jump-the-shark punchline for many a show. Let's see just how many shows can mark their downhill descent with her arrival... Beverly Hills 90210; Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place; Just Shoot Me; and Good Morning, Miami, for starters. Did I miss any?

And now she will cast her kiss-of-death ways on a show we really enjoy. Gahhhh!!!

I'm crying inside.

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Seriously, you like Walter? I can't stand the man and can't wait until Betty dumps him on his scrawnly little cheatin' ass. She should never have taken him back in the first place. I'm firmly in Camp Henry. Run to Henry Betty, run!!! (and apparently, I feel very strongly about this...)


I caught all the episodes of "Betty" the other day on SoapNet and wow, do I like that show. I still need to watch last night's eppy, but great show. Is it weird that I find Betty attractive?


The Betty dream is way too funny. And I'm with Suze. It's a no-brainer. Betty should be with Henry. I've never really liked Walter.


It's interesting you felt that way because I liked this episode of The Office so much I kept it on the DVR and plan on watching it again. I thought there were a lot of funny parts.

ms. sizzle

i agree about last night's "must see tv"- and i had to write a review of the office! i loved how dwight totally ruined his nice gestures with that pms comment. ha! but yeah, i was grateful for ER to come on. at least that was a good episode.

if i had tivo i could be up on ugly betty. i do like her!

just trolling

I believe by Jon Hein's own decree, he who created jumptheshark.com, Rena Sofer is the female Ted McGinley. Sofer has been the femme fatale of such promising or once-great series as Just Shoot Me, Ed, Melrose Place, Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place, Blind Justice, Coupling (the U.S. version) and she even did a guest appearance on a Saved By The Bell special episode. However, Thiessen does have a worse assignment now than Sofer's current turn on "Heroes."

P.S. You're missing out on the best Thursday night show if you're not watching 30 Rock.


Suze, actually we both MUCH prefer Henry. But the purse gesture was pretty sweet last night. I grant him the occasional nice bit. And I get the feeling more will be revealed as to the basis of the Betty/Walter relationship. Before last night, we were all about Henry without question. But they throw little kinks in like that. And I bet we find out something about how Walter has been there through other tough times, too.

Karl, the most non-ugly "ugly" person out there. Have you seen the pics of the actresses who played the same role in the Mexican and Spanish versions? Yikes!

Dagny, I'm with you on Henry. Don't worry. But read my reply to Suze for a bit more.

Nicole, I dunno. It was even dryer than normal. Dry to the point of being dull. There weren't even any real good Jim moments that I can recall.

Sizzle, the PMS bit was fantastic! You should check out Betty on ABC.com. They have the entire episodes streaming there so far as I can tell.

Just Trolling, Rena Sofer, really? That's so disheartening because she's just so good looking. Why don't I remember her in Two Guys? I miss that show.


I'm gonna have to disagree with your commentary of the Office. I thought it was absolutely hilarious! Everyone at my office has been laughing about it all day because that show completly fits where I work. Maybe you just weren't in an "Office" mood last night?


Henry, Henry, Henry!

Yes, I saw your agreement up there, but had to chime in anyway. Henry! Walter may be sweet occasionally, but he's still selfish in refusing to see how much Betty's job means to her and requires of her. They want different things. He would always resent her for working in the city and not being happy staying at home supporting him, while Henry met her at Mode and I think would be proud of all that she accomplishes. Plus, Henry is way hotter and I've loved him since "Popular." HENRY!


Elaine, that's all I can figure. But I've never not been in an Office mood before, so I'm worried. The rest of them leave me laughing hysterically. This one had Katie and I scratching our heads, looking at each other, and saying "whaaa."

Erin, well I won't attest to his "hotness," but he does seem like he'd be infinitely more supportive of her. I agree with you on that point for sure.


I also vote Henry. He's too cute. I'm am so mad that my DVR crapped out last night. I was at the Hornets/Pistons game and didn't get Betty recorded!


frances, ABC.com! Or Torrent it. It's become my saving grace lately.


"The female Ted McGinley" LOL -- that's harsh, poor Tiffany.

I didn't catch must-see Thursday yet, I have it saved on my DVR. Have to catch up on Ugly Betty, too. She's definitely NOT ugly, nothing a little makeover couldn't cure.


I gotta admit that watching The Office a second time was funnier. Maybe I wasn't in the mood. Yeah, all Betty needs is a haircut, contacts, transparent braces, and new clothes. That's all.

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