I got a strange disease...

I hate this.

No, not my New Year's Resolution, although I have had to pitch in another 50 cents for Crimes Perpetrated Against the English Language.

It's the fact that Katie's sick. She's been sick all week. Sinus congestion, headaches, sweating, all that good stuff. And there's nothing I can do about it. I want to help, but I don't know what to do. She can't tell me what I can do to help, either, because, in all honesty, there's nothing that can be done. Considering what's wrong with her, it's basically a waiting game... wait and hope it goes away on it's own.

I don't like waiting. I just want it gone.

And I blame her job. She was perfectly healthy those two weeks before this past week when she was on vacation. The day she goes back, she gets sick. Our theory is that she's allergic to work. Can you get workman's comp for that? Heh.

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Would it help if I swore about it for you? I'll try, just in case:

Dammit! Katie's sick and there's nothing I can fucking do about it and it makes me feel so...bloody helpless. This shit better end soon or I'm going to kick some virus/bacteria ass!



I hear this allergy to work is really going around.


I've been suffering from the sinus crap this week too, but I also have one of those dry throat coughs. I'm going insane at this point. It doesn't help that the weather here is so uncharacteristic. It's almost 70 degrees today, yet it's supposed to snow on Thursday. This is the kind of weather that gets you sick. Hope Katie feels better soon.


Poor Katie...I swear something about the new year made everyone get really sick.

Just be there for her like a errand boy and love her....I always feel better knowing Shawn will get me juice at 2am ;).

Here's sending her some healthy juju!


ugh. sounds like me all week too. it's not fun. I hope Katie feels better soon.


Sandra, I think I'm nominating that for comment of the year. You had us both in stitches. Is there such an award?

Neil, thankfully, I'm not getting it at the new job. The old one, however. ;-)

Eve, it's not fun. We've been having the oddball weather, too.

Hilly, that's about all I can do. Thanks for the good juju.

Suze, we hope you feel better, too!


if so where can I sign up?

Hope she feels better.

ms. sizzle

you're such a sweet husband. i gotta get me one of them. no one brings me kleenex when i sneeze.



Kevin, are you trying to awe us with your sweetness so we don't call you out for your Crimes Perpetrated Against the English Language? ;)

In all honesty, I hope Katie gets better soon :( Being sick is the pits, but it is so much better when you have someone there to take care of you. Even though there is nothing you can really do for her, I bet she feels better just knowing you are there if she needs something :)

I am going to focus all of my Jedi powers on Katie's wellbeing!


My complete sympathy! I had the crap on my roadtrip so I totally feel for Katie.

Just a suggestion, but I believe I was magically cured by Chocodiles. Even if they don't cure her, they'll make her smile. I promise!


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i feel her pain.

i'm not sure where katie's at on the map of head pain, stuffiness, body aches or sweats...but if anyone were to make a bath for me right now after they vacuumed the entire house and replenished my supply of chicken soup plus all the best cold medicine, i know that my gratitude would be grateful in ways only imaginable.

still stubbed up,


If she can find a doctor to write a note to her supervisor that she's allergic to her job... I'm moving to your area!

Tell Katie I hope she feels better soon!


Nat, I can only think of it possibly happening in health-care friendly Canada.

sizzle, you'll find one.

kilax, is it working?

frances, I can't think of the last time I saw a Chocodile to be able to give her one as a remedy.

nancycle, well, I can't say I vacuumed. But otherwise.

Bre, and if your doctor does it, let us know. We'll be in PA in no time!

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