If I close my eyes forever...

I wonder if this sort of thing happens to all couples.

For Katie and I, sleep seems to be trade off. One of us can go a stretch of several weeks where they can just drop off into slumber by doing nothing more than having their head hit the pillow. At this same time, the other person will struggle to find that level of comfort necessary to achieve the same feat. It could take the second person hours if they even manage a semi-decent night's sleep at all.

Then, after those several weeks, the roles will shift. No warning whatsoever.

Right now, I'm the one who's sleeping without a problem. This, of course, means Katie is sleeping for crap. And she's tried everything... TV, reading, Tylenol PM, NyQuil, and several other methods short of knocking herself unconscious with a sledgehammer (although I'm sure she probably considered it at some point). Each thing may work once or twice, but never for more than a couple uses in a row before a temporary immunity is developed.

A couple weeks ago, though, we seem to have found something that will work. It's our old humidifer. We hadn't used the thing in more than a year, if not longer, but it was still alive just waiting for us to break it out and clean it, which Katie did.

The difference is incredible. She's been sleeping so much better since we started using it again. And, just to test our theory that this is indeed the cure, we didn't use it from Sunday through Wednesday night. Well, it was less us testing a theory so much as it was that we were too lazy to refill the thing. All the same, though, Katie had trouble sleeping.

I don't know if it's the moister air, the constant humming of the machine, or perhaps the dripping sound it makes as the water reservoir leaks out into the humidification unit. Whatever it is, it seems to be working so I won't complain.

But I would like to make a recommendation before you decide that this may be the cure for you... make sure you're near a bathroom and you have a direct and obstacle-free route to get there. 4:30 this morning I awake after having a dream in which I'm in the bathroom. I'm off and running for our toilet. Nope, no accident. But given just a little more time...

When you dream about peeing, you know it's time to go.

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I'm always the one with the sleep problem. I'm a terrible insomniac. Have been since I was a teenager. I have no problem actually falling asleep ... that's The Hubster's curse. He will usually take an hour or longer to finally drop off. My head hits the pillow and I'm gone.

BUT usually two hours later, I'm up and ready to do just about anything.

Lately, however, I have taken to turning on a little fan in the bedroom. It's small but has a decidedly rhythmic vibration to it that seems to soothe my brain cells.

I tried not using it for three days and I was up at all hours of the night. So I've gone back to having it run all night.

Of course, when it's 15 degrees outside, this can make the bedroom a little on the breezy side. It's small, but powerful. So, I've placed it under the nightstand facing inward.

I tried music, tv, sleeping aides, everything and this is the only thing that helps.

Is your humidifier a warm air or cold air type? Be careful of the cold air type ... I used one of those once and ended up with some sort of bacteria in my lungs that caused pneumonia. I don't want to scare you or anything.


Funny, being in Florida, I don't think my insomnia is due to insufficient humidity ;)


I will have to fish mine out of the garage, it is that time of year anyway. I can still fondly remember the last night of fitful sleep I had. It was the last day of our honeymoon cruise. (7 years ago).
Our Hunter humidifier was actually recalled after we bought it (3 years ago) citing a fire hazard! They sent us a replacement fan unit. We have the 3 or 4 gallon bugger so we don't have to fill it very often.


In college I used to swear by my humidifier, I think the dry air totally affects my sleeping in the winter. I may need to break mine out again!


I might have to go out and get a humidifier. Currently I use the TV. The problem is that if I use the sleep timer, I wake up as soon as the TV clicks off. Grrrr.


My mom is obsessed with dry air not being great for you...and maybe you're right -- some background noise is sometimes just what you need to drown out everything else.

ms. sizzle

"When you dream about peeing, you know it's time to go." Definitely! Also, tea before bed? Clear the pathway to the bathroom.

I've never used a humidifier. I don't think I sleep very well as evidenced by the bags under my eyes.


Dave and I were having serious sleeping troubles at the end of the year. Aside from getting a new, larger, more comfortable bed, we brought out the humidifer, too. What a world of a difference. Actually, our doctor was the one who told us a few years back to invest in a humidifer.


I'm usually the one with sleep problems....I've had insomnia for years. Luckily with my new pills, I sleep through almost every night.

Anyway, when we lived in Arizona, neither of us snored (Shawn) or had sleep issues (me) because of the dry air. Since we moved here, the humidity keeps fucking with us.

So I guess we live in Bizzarro World!


java, mine doesn't heat or cool it. Just whatever temp water we put in the reservoir is what comes out. Room temp. Gotta love it.

BA, yeah, humidity's not a problem for you, is it?

G-man, you haven't slept well in seven years? That's scary.

Alissa, let me know if it helps.

Dagny, the TV in our bedroom makes too much noise on power up/down. I could not use that at all.

Sandra, I can't decide if it's the noise or the moisture.

Sizzle, bags? Where?

Eve, it might have been Katie's doctor who recommended it initially a year or so ago.

Hilly, bizarro... you??? Nah!


Aww geez, now I need to try the humidifier again. I threw it in a closet in disgust last year after tripping over it in just the scenario you put forth. I have to agree, though, it did work.


Is it a cool air or warm air humidifier? Ours died recently and I've been trying to convince hubby to get a warm mist one. Not only does it run quieter, but my old one lasted five years whereas the cool air one died after less than a year (the fan just quick working).


I find when we turn the heat on in the winter (or what is passing for winter these days.) Humidifiers are a bit of a necessity otherwise we spent a lot of time dealing with keeping each other awake with raspy breathing and snoring. And the humidifier makes all the difference.



frances, you don't wanna trip over those. Not only do they hurt your toes, they get your floor all wet. And we just got new carpeting as well. Gah!

Nicole, I don't think it's either, really. We just put in room temperature water and it comes out the same way.

Nat, I hear you. Since we turned it on, Katie hasn't had to seek refuge from my snoring in our second bedroom. Phew!

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