It was a very good year...

Wow, Dean Martin yesterday, Frank Sinatra today. Must be a Rat Pack kinda mood I'm in.

You know how I said yesterday that maybe the return of my bowl was my karmic payback for my kitchen mishaps a few days back? Well, not quite. Yesterday was awesome! Simply put, Katie and I spent the whole day together and we had a blast.

It started by sleeping in really late. Like 11:00 a.m. late. Then we got up and went to the gym for a long workout, which felt fantastic. It's nice being able to work out and not worry about clockwatching the whole time. Afterwards, we showered and got ready.

We then drove into Naperville to hang out and do some shopping. We're still trying to find a new entertainment center for our living room and tried a few places. Nothing. This is both a bad thing and a good thing. Bad in that we didn't find something to replace our current entertainment center that has taken to falling apart on us. But good in that we didn't spend the exorbitant amount of money I'm eventually anticipating needing to spend.

We tried to do some shopping in downtown and had a little fun at a spice shop sniffing the wares (how can you go wrong with lemon extract that has 77% alcohol content?? The almond extract was 76%). We also hit a candy shop and picked up some good stuff. However, it got so cold, we didn't want to walk around anymore.

So we jumped in the car and headed to the local AMC theater to see Catch and Release. Not a great flick, but decent and enjoyable enough. Still strange seeing Kevin Smith in a major role in a movie in which he neither 1) played Silent Bob, nor 2) directed himself. But it's a movie Katie wanted to see and it's hard to say no to both Smith and Jennifer Garner.

After that, we drove into Geneva and tried a new pizza place called Sanfratello's. It just opened up in downtown by the river and it was fantastic. Busy as all get out, but worth the wait. It was some of the best pizza we've had in months.

Finally, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods (I really hate that name!) to find a hat to go with Katie's new jacket she recently bought. Of course, while there, we perused the Chicago Bears goods. It's so nice having such a great selection of quality Bears gear. God love the NFC champs!

We then returned home.

It may not sound like much to many of you. But just having a day to ourselves was heaven. We never seem to have the time for these anymore, so when they happen, we're taking advantage of them. And that's exactly what we did yesterday.

It was great!

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Bah! I laugh at your candy shop! Because I am at the ultimate candy shop right now!

Bwah ha ha haaaa!



That actually sounds really fun...

How can you go wrong with spices and candy... why does that sounds naughty.

ms. sizzle

to spend the day without a formal agenda with someone you love sounds absolutely heavenly. i was going to see that movie today but now, hmmm, i am wondering if should wait for dvd release. i didn't have high expectations but maybe i'll go see dreamgirls instead. :)


I can't remember the last time I slept until 11 am. Jesus, that sounds like a lazy ass to me. JK!

dino martin peters

Hey pallie, like what is this "Dean Martin yesterday" patter. Like I searched all over this blog and found no Dinoreference. Can you help this poor Dinoholic with like this little Dinomystery? Oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth.


Sounds good to me.

Your extract encounters totally made me think of that Family Ties ep in which Tom Hanks is the secretive drunk uncle that Alex finds snarfing down the vanilla extract.

Just me? Maybe we'll pretend that last paragraph didn't happen. ;)


Once upon a time I hung out with Kevin Smith at a bar, because I have the coolest friends ever.

There's no real point to this comment, other than to bring that into the mix, because... I hung out with Kevin Smith at a bar!


We saw Catch and Release today as well. I liked it a lot, actually more than I was expecting.


Dave, while I'm jealous, can you walk to your candy store during a break at work? Didn't think so. Muahahahhahahahahhahhaa! ha.

Nat, you're right. It really does sound naughty. But it shouldn't. Yet it does. And now I feel dirty because of it.

sizzle, if you have low expectations, it's not bad. Katie had higher ones and was slightly disappointed. Mine were nothing and I wound up enjoying it a bit more.

MIM, you're just jealous. Good to see you finally found a computer and are back!

dmp, it was the title of the post from what is now the day before yesterday. "Retorna me". The Italian lyric sung by Dino in the song "Return to Me," although my Italian spelling may be a bit off.

Claire, I seem to recall Hanks in an episode of Family Ties, but I don't remember an extract addiction. But, considering those alcohol levels, it wouldn't surprise me.

Bre, yeah, I met Smith at a signing at my college. Got to talk to him for a while. He has my resume. That sort of good stuff. Not quite as cool as a bar. Never thought to offer to buy him drinks or anything.

Nicole, I think Katie didn't like it as much as she was expecting, but I liked it more. Her expectations were a bit higher than mine were. But it had my boy Kevin Smith in it, so it wasn't all bad for me.

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