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Johnny thinks I've blogged too much about television so far this year. At the heart of his claim is his belief that I watch too much television. In fact, he has developed a rather extensive post in support of this claim.

I'll water it down for you as it's pretty long... I create a New Year's Resolution to give up swearing as a cover for my real problem... too much television viewing, which, in turn, is resulting in too much television blogging.

I think what Johnny fails to realize is that, aside from my witty insight into the craft of television, I'm actually quite boring.

All joking aside, yes, Katie and I do watch an awful lot of TV. It's a fact we've realized for some time and have been slowly whittling away the number of shows we watch. We don't watch nearly the number we used to. We're a good 30% down on how much we used to watch. So I don't really think his claim is as substantiated as he may think. I blog pretty much about the same shows over and over again. Not hundreds of different shows. Heck, several of his examples of my "overdoing it" are just pop-culture references and don't represent recent viewing habits at all.

But, don't think I haven't noticed that an inordinate number of my posts fall in the Entertainment 2007 category.

However, when you're suffering from a minor creative blockage like I am, you tend to write what you know to keep you going. In my case, I like to think I know television. I studied it in college, after all. I have a master's degree in media studies.

But you know what, even though he didn't word it as such, I accept the challenge inherent in his post. Since we're already paring down how much we watch, I'm going to focus on trying to not blog about television.

That's a bit too broad a challenge, though, isn't it? I can't completely give up on something I love like that, right? I just need to scale back a bit. And that much should be done in baby steps. So I'll start with a week. No blogging about television for one week and we'll see where it goes from there. If it winds up longer, more power to me.

But rules must be set, boundaries drawn, clarifications made.

Unlike in Johnny's post, which applies a very liberal interpretation of what constitutes a "television" post, I will be much more clear about it using several of Johnny's "points" as a launchpad.

  • "Movies" do not equal "Television" when they are watched in a theater
  • "Music" is not "Television" even if the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is televised
  • "Stand-up Comedy" is not "Television" regardless of if the comic shot to stardom on his own series
  • "Sports" are not "Television" despite being aired on TV, that's just programming
  • Likewise, "Politics" are not "Television" even if they are reported on the news or covered on C-SPAN

I can talk about movies I've seen on the big screen, music I listen to, comedians I hope to see live in Vegas, how the Bears are doing in the playoffs, and what jagoff is doing what in D.C. I will not be as loose in my interpretation of what is "television" as Johnny was in his post.

Besides, what better way to overcome some mild writer's block than with a challenge? I accept.

And I'll come up with something for you, too, Johnny. Don't you worry.

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Johhnny C.


I'm glad I can help break the writer's block...just kidding.

I know I was a bit harsh, but I only gave partial credit to the partial TV mentions. Also, all of the posts where you mention football, you also mention a TV show, just to clarify.

Looking forward to the challenge...


I don't think that movies count as TV if you are watching a DVD. It's when they are aired on TV that they become "television." Well, I suppose this only really counts for those that were originally theatrical releases. If it was originally released on TV and is now on DVD, then it's still television.


Ha ha!! Okay, I kind of loved the pie chart.
Um, yeah, I would actually like to hear more about your day to day life. Or just give in to the dark side and do a meme. As a minimal tv watcher (even with cable, all I've really added is Southpark, Futurama, and Mythbusters), when I get to tv entries on people's blogs I just skim right over. I mean, I could watch the tv show if I was interested in it, ya know?
Not trying to be hard on you, by the way. Just supporting the cause. :-)

ms. sizzle

you rock, no matter what.


Hrm, I am somewhat torn on what to say here....on one hand, yes you do write about TV a lot but on the other, you could be out murdering hookers or something so yanno...which is the bigger evil?

There will always be some sort of "thing" between TV people and non-TV your thang because it really is about what makes you happy!


This AND not


heehee. that's funny, if not only for the fact that just the other day I was reading your blog and thinking, "damn, that boy watches more tv than I do, and I watch way too much tv."

But I'm also with Hilly - if the TV watching isn't hurting anyone, where's the harm?


Besides, who cares what anyone else thinks? It's your darn blog. Do what you want. I'd read it no matter what you did or didn't write.


Johnny... plllbbbbtttttttttt!!!!

Dagny, while I agree with you, I'm still going to rule out TV-viewed DVDs.

diane, embrace the humdrum! That would be the motto of my day-to-day lifeblogging. It's not that thrilling. Really. But I'll try.

sizzle, as do you!

Hilly, can I make up a story about killing hookers?

sandra, it's a rough year so far.

suze, yeah, I do. But you gotta admit that most of the posts are about the same shows over and over.

java, thank you! And I appreciate the loyalty!


I don't think TV commentary has taken over your blog to the point that it's too much or to the exclusion of anything else. Then again, I watch a lot of TV, and love talking and writing about it, and like you, got a degree in it because I love talking and writing about it so much. I even posted in my lj about it a few months ago and pretty much told the haters to step off. I agree with javajabber. It's your blog. Write about what you want, cause this little space is all about you.


Honestly? I am happy someone brought this up to you!


I have not been here long, but I also tend to skim over TV posts about shows I don't watch. (Not that I have come across many about the shows I do watch). Anyway I hope that the exercise is one that will benefit you in the end. Good luck.


Erin, thanks for the support my fellow media nut.

kilax, thanks?

G-man, thanks. I hope it works out for the better, too.


I dunno, Kev. You could just write about shows I watch more often and it'd be all good. :)

Still, it's good to shake things up now and again, so good luck with the challenge!


What the heck? [See? I'm using my clean language just for you]. Who cares if you watch too much tv and write about it? If you enjoy it, I say go for it. It's your life and your blog. Don't let anyone bully you over it. For what it's worth, I really enjoy the tv entries, particularly about 24. :)


Claire, and what shows would those be?

Nicole, I always know you have my back on that stuff. ;-)


I consider your TV posts a public service. My cable has been out due to ice and my antenna doesn't get anything but snowy stations, so I've been relying on your recaps.

Think about the women and children, man!


frances, well I suppose you can still e-mail me for recaps! ;-)


Listen, I like your TV writing as much as your non-TV writing. That probably speaks to how much freaking TV *I* watch, but so what? Even when you're talking about shows I don't watch, I still enjoy reading your stuff.

People that don't like it - ahem, Mr. Johnny - should get with the programming and glue their ass in front of a TV!


I agree. He's not nearly couch potato enough.

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