It's better to burn out, than fade away...

Sorry to give you a post so late in the day (relatively speaking, of course), but I felt like the floor of a taxi cab (my enduring love to whoever catches that reference) when I woke up this morning. I'm not much better right now, but at least I'm awake. I think.

Like my blog buddy, Nicole, I'm going to spend today doing a bit of a recap of the first night of the two-part season premiere of 24. Only the greatest flippin' show on TV. Sorry to all of you who lend your support to other shows, but nothing compares to 24. Nothing.

If you haven't watched it, continue no further. That's right, steer clear. Don't click on the link for the post continuation. Move on. Nothing to see here. Er, "read."

And we all know this won't be my only post about the show, so I recommend you start watching so these posts make more sense. Deal? You won't regret it.

Okay, now that I'm through with the requisite disclaimer, here we go...

I love the state of disarray that the U.S. is in for the beginning of Day 6. Wow! Continuous acts of terrorism all over the states?!?! Nice! Great way to get everybody on CTU's side. And the couple that they showed on screen were pretty cool. I would just like to know which Chicago hotel was "hit." Might try to stay there sometime just for kicks.

Returning characters...

I love having Wayne Palmer (D.B. Woodside) as the new President. I know he won't be nearly as effective as his brother who, I feel to be the greatest leader of our nation ever portrayed in popular culture. But he'll have his moments of greatness, I'm sure, despite his early floundering.

Milo Pressman (Eric Balfour)? Really? I think if you're going to bring back popular minor characters from previous seasons, they should be Mike Novick (Jude Ciccolella) or Aaron Pierce (Glenn Morshower). Heck, I'd take a return appearance by Chase Edmunds (James Badge Dale) over Milo any day, regardless of the current state of his appendages. But, I guess that's what can happen when you actually still have a minor character from a previous season who's not dead, severely dismembered, and has no residual checks coming in anymore from his roles on The O.C. and Hawaii.

Please let Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) have a bigger role as time goes on.

And I'm actually kinda happy to see Morris O'Brian (Carlo Rota) back this season to give us that anti-establishment attitude that Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) had for so long but lost recently.

You can't tell me you didn't see a relationship budding between Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) and Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) coming a mile away last season. So obvious it was painful. It's a nice touch.

New characters...

I already hate Tom Lennox (Peter MacNicol), which I'm sure is the point. But this also likely means that he is severely misunderstood and he'll either come around or be exonerated in the end much like Walt Cummings (John Allen Nelson) or Lynn McGill (Sean Astin) were last season. Grrr... they give us someone to hate and then screw it up for us all the time.

I'm curious if Nadia Yassir (Marisol Nichols) will be any sort of real character on the show. In recent seasons, it seems as if the person who is initially in charge of CTU winds up being a completely ineffectual dolt by the end of it all. Will they follow suit with her?

I still have yet to see any sign of Rick Schroeder or Chad Lowe in the show. A bit later on, I'm assuming? Can't be too far away as the news of new actors seems to hit the mainstream media a mere week or two before they actually show up.


As I said, I love the state of martial law that the U.S. is under. Seeing the armed soldiers standing in the intersections of streets as Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) and Assad (Alexander Siddig) are chasing down the bombers is pretty cool. It will also allow for a much more violent public display of aggression than in the past. Ah the explosions will be so much fun!

Yes, the first episode did start a bit slow, but I think some build up was necessary. There needed to be a viable explanation as to why Jack was being released, although we have yet to learn how Wayne Palmer secured his release, but I'm sure it's good. But when this show kicks in high gear, it is second to none. I love it.

And Jack is back to his normal, no-holds-barred ways. That scene with the terrorist in the torture room. Perfection! Jack really is a Lost Boy!

Suffice it to say, I can't wait for the second part of the premiere tonight. I'm sure it'll be great and leave Katie and I drooling for more.

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ms. sizzle

ok, ok, kevin! i will start watching the show.

:) sizz


Who ya gonna call?! I didn't read the recap, as it won't air for a few months yet down here.


I drive a cab ... man, you must've felt reeeeally nasty. :o)


I want Jack to kill Curtis during the stand-off tonight. See how unmoved he was by giving Jack up for death? He should die for that! ;)


OH yes. 24 is still the only show I watch (until Lost comes back in Feb) but definitely thee best show ever. I agree with you on Milo. I was scratching my head on that one. Chase or Mike Novak or Aaron (I love Aaron) would be great returns. I am just praying that they don't give Kim a big role. Her role is worthless except for the emotional side of Jack. In other words, the thought of her is important. We don't need to physically see or hear her. The Karen/Bill marraige, I thought at first, was as important as Kim's role but I'm sure the connection will get us emotionally somehow this season. As far as Curtis having a bigger role, after last night, I don't think so. Call me crazy but I really don't think so. Actually, when Jack broke down, I think that is the first time I ever cried watching that show. I felt queer and told hubby that it wasn't because I think Curtis was real. It was more a connection of everything Jack has been through and the big breakdown. I seriously don't think one person could really ever endure all that Jack has. No professional help could ever help such a person after all that. Poor Jack. My thinking on Tom Lennox is just like yours. I hate him but I too think he'll redeem himself. Didn't we used to hate Mike Novak like back in Season 1, I think?

Anyway, the only thing I hate is how graphic this show is. There have only been 4 episodes and I have already closed my eyes more times than in any entire season.


Sizzle, yay! Another convert!

Shannon, good call. Sorry to hear it will be such a delay for you. But you could always Torrent it if you can't bear the wait.

Michelle, welcome! And yes, pretty nasty.

nicole, he wasn't unmoved. He just didn't know what to say. What do you say in a situation like that? I'm upset he's gone.

Jacquie, I hear you on the gore. It's been pretty high. But it'll slow down. Only for key moments. Wonderful shock and awe. Oh, and yes, Katie cried for Curtis, too. I was upset, but not crying. I do mourn him, though. I was a big Curtis Manning fan. I hope he comes back in another series like Palmer did with The Unit.


Fanfreakingtastic show, as always. So since spoilers be damned in this post, I think your vote for more Curtis was overlooked, eh?


Clearly. Bummer.

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