Mas tequila...

Sometimes I swear that Katie and I are of one mind.

Last night, I was heading home from work. Since I couldn't get a hold of Katie on her cellphone, despite the fact she was supposed to get off work at the same time as me, I knew she was going to be home late. So I started formulating a menu of things to cook for dinner.

Lawrys My menu included pork chops cooked in Lawry's Tequila Lime Marinade, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli with cheese melted on top.

However, I never had a chance to go home and cook.

While on the highway, I suddenly remembered that I had agreed to visit my old workplace and help train the new Web designer. You see, at my old job, there is not a single person left that knows enough about the site and how to maintain it that they could effectively train this new person that they just hired a week ago (I've been gone since October 23).

So I reluctantly veered off course and headed to the old place to do a couple hours of training.

When I left, I called Katie who informed me that she was in the process of making dinner... pork chops in Lawry's Tequila Lime Marinade, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower with cheese melted on top. No joke. I swear to God. The only difference being that she added cauliflower to the mix.

Oh, and she planned out a dessert as well... her grandma's Rice Krispie and raisin cookies. Oh man I love those cookies and Katie baked them up to perfection. I'm eating a couple as we speak. I don't care if it's morning and I should be eating breakfast food. Cookies should be allowed any time of day, period.

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awww. that's so sweet. It's pretty cool that you were willing to cook. You guys are a great couple.


PS... Isn't that Lemonade CD AWESOME???? My favorite songs are 11 and 12 but I'm lovin' the entire CD!!!


What? No cookie recipe??


you two are scarily in sync. and also, that dinner sounds yummy...

i think if the cookies contain rice krispies - a breakfast cereal - they count as a breakfast food. That's how I justify eating rice krispie squares for breakfast some mornings...

also, hello?! recipe please :)


I agree with Suze-it's made of cereal AND has raisins. It totally satisfies the breakfast requirements!


I agree with Suze-it's made of cereal AND has raisins. It totally satisfies the breakfast requirements!

ms. sizzle

suze is right. oatmeal, raisin, rice krispies, all of those count towards breakfast even if they come in the form of a cookie. :)

i love how in sync you and katie are. awwww.


Jacquie, yeah, we're cute like that. And, yes, the Lemonade CD is great.

Dave, Katie was asleep when I typed this and I didn't want to share her recipe without her permission. I don't think it's a big deal, but better safe than lynched in my sleep.

Suze, that is a very good point. A glass of milk and I've got one part of a nutritious breakfast. The recipe will hopefully be coming soon.

frances, ah yes, the raisins to boot! I've got one of my fruit/veggie requirements covered!

sizzle, disgustingly cute, aren't we?


Cookies anytime (independent of whether or not they have raisins)!!



Cookies are one of the best breakfast foods. I love having cookies for breakfast, any kind really, but especially shortbreads with jam (like the Knott's I've had here at work for the last month) or oatmeal & raisin. Rice Krispie & raisin works just as well. As soon as Katie gives the OK on releasing that recipe, please add me to the list. They sound great.


Pie is an acceptable breakfast item too, because it's in the same family as streudel and fancy pastries. Plus, it has fruit!


I eat two pieces of pepperoni pizza many a morning so why can't cookies be breakfast? Break past those barriers Kevin and into the land of breakfast freedom ;)


Cookies are always good for breakfast. Then again I think a pint of Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie is perfectly acceptable for breakfast. And yes, I said pint as in the whole thing.


Whoever told you that cookies were not acceptable for breakfast lied, plain and simple. They just wanted to keep all of the cookies for themselves.


cookies... I need to make cookies.

I must say there is something oh so sexy about a man who can cook... (even better if it's after work too.)


g-man, and I thank you for your support!

Erin, I love shortbreads. Good stuff. "MFEO"?

diane, I agree wholeheartedly.

Elaine, the grass is greener on the other side, isn't it? I KNEW IT!

Dagny, I have not tried that one yet. Yum.

Bre, I will have to confront Katie about that.

Nat, why thank you. Oh, and the recipe, if you're interested, is in today's post.


Awwww, very cute!

Shawn and I love those marinades...I use the one you mentioned for my fish tacos; time to try it with pork!


Hilly, I can't say I've ever had a fish taco. But I do know it's great on pork.

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