Jerry was a race car driver...

I've never been to Las Vegas and, to be honest, I never really had much desire to go. If I died not having ever gone to Vegas, it would not have bugged me much. Katie's been there before, however, and is looking forward to going again.

Now my brother is getting married in Sin City this June so we're committed to going considering I'm the Best Man in the wedding and Katie is one of the Bridesmaids.

So, not only are we on a New Year's quest to lose weight and look dead sexy in our tux and gown (I'd hope you can figure out which one of us is wearing what), but we are working on figuring out things to do in Vegas.

And tonight, we found the ultimate show to see... Jerry Seinfeld. Yep, he's doing a 2007 run of stand-up shows in Vegas and I WANT TO GO. His schedule has not yet been announced so there's no way to know if he will actually be performing when we're there. And then, of course, there's the looming price barrier. But I still want to go, dang it!

Please be there when we're there, Jerry! And don't charge an arm and a leg. I only have two of each and have offered them up as collateral for our airfare and hotel stay in Vegas.

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Don't worry Kevin, you'll look great in your gown ;)

I love Seinfield! I hope you get to go and tell us all how great it is. Since you know so far in advance, you should be able to save for the tickets, right? ;)


Good luck with the tickets.

I'm not sure I agree with Kilax about the gown though. What color is it? Is the cut flattering to your figure?


You can count on tickets costing an arm, leg, and other assorted appendages... heck, even lesser-known comics are charging outrageous sums for standup now-a-days... and that's not even in Vegas! :-(


Mmmmm. Love me some Vegas! I usually go about twice a year I love it so much!

The best part of Vegas is the shows, in my opinion...I'm not a big gambler (because I suck at it and am not rich). One of the cheapest shows to see (and SOOOOOO good) is Penn & Teller. It's about $75 per person. You should look that up!

I also HIGHLY recommend Cirque de Soleil, but they can get pricey (more like $150 per person...for the cheap seats).


You should wear heels, Kevin -- they'll make your legs look nice and long.


Happy New Year!!

I'm sure you and Katie will have a great time in Vegas. And You'll look dead sexy in that gown ;)

ms. sizzle

you say that as though you and katie aren't already dead sexy. pshaw! it's in the bag, baby.

vegas is a world unto itself and a must see, really, before you die. but get ready for the steep prices of just about everything. it'd sure be fun to see jerry. i hope that happens for you both!


Mmmmmm, Vegas. The think I like about Vegas is that you can make it whatever you is not just about gambling anymore.

We got lucky and found out about Wayne Brady just a month before we went and still got tickets in time; I hope Jerry is there when you are!!!


think=thing in Seattle - seriously, it is all the rage ;)


kilax, you just had to open the floodgates of comments about me in a gown, didn't you? ;-) Aye aye aye. I hope we get our tickets as well.

Dagny, lavendar, strapless, with a low front. Incredibly flattering. I'll post pics. ;-)

Dave, what other appendages are there to offer up? *sniffle*

Chase, I'm not a big gambler either but I'm sure I'll play at least a little blackjack. Maybe find a low-stakes Hold 'em table, too. But Katie is right there in your court about the shows. Of course, the last time she went, she was too young to gamble so the shows were all she could do.

Sandra, and I have dang fine legs to boot!

Suze, as if there was ever question about how I'll look in the gown. ;-)

sizzle, I hope it happens, too. Katie has got me a bit more stoked about Vegas than I initially was. Now I'm looking forward to it somewhat. Although there still are plenty of places I'd rather see first. Alas...

Hilly, Wayne Brady would be awesome. Dangit! Think=thing now, eh? Hmmm...


Jerry Seinfeld! I think I would probably die of laughter if I saw him live. I have to have defibrilators on hand while watching Seinfeld DVDs.

Oh, and hi... Happy New year, hope everything was good... Missed you.


Just FYI: I'm planning to promote a Davecago-type event called KeVegas, and get as many of us bloggers as possible together for an evening while you're there for the wedding. You will, of course, be the guest of honor, so I hope you will attend. Otherwise, it'll be pretty damn boring.

Wait. Vegas, Hilly, SJ (and who knows who else) ... OK, scratch the boring part. But still, you'd better be there!!!


Bec, missed ya too. Where you been? You were kinda vague about it on your blog.

SJ, aye. I'm not sure. I know the first several days are shot due to the wedding and prep work like the bachelor party and the rehearsal and all that. And, of course, the actual wedding. We'll have to squeeze something in there somewhere. So that's what KeVegas is. I'd heard mention, but wasn't quite sure.


I PRAY you'll get to go - that would be an unbelievable show.

Happy New Year!


You set us up Kevin :) I was just lucky enough to be the first to comment!

I wonder if I am invited to SJ's KeVegas... muah ha ha!


When we lived in So. Cal. for 30 years, we used to go to Vegas all the time. Heck, it bought us a king sized bed AND mattress, a Bose surround sound stereo, and a few other trinkets.

But when the Indian casinos opened up in San Diego (we were within a 30-minute drive N, E, and S of us) we saved a LOT of money and went there instead.

I loved Circus-Circus because, well it's a damn circus inside!

I'm a blackjack player ... and most of the casinos in Vegas deal face up ... hate to play that way.

Where was I going with this? Oh ... here ...
I hope you get tickets for JS. I'll put your wish under my Buddha and hope for the best!


nancycle, yeah, it would be fun. And I'd blog the heck out of it!

kilax, I know I did. And I knew someone would take the bait on it, too.

java, can you add to that wish that they will be "inexpensive" tickets? Thanks!


Ooh, I hope Jerry is there when you are, that would be awesome! I've been to Vegas three times already and it was never to gamble. The first time I went, I spent $50 on the slots and that was it. I did it just for the experience. I went sightseeing and saw some shows, it was fun. And one time I stayed at Mandalay Bay and they have that wave pool, that was amazing. Otherwise, it's not the kind of place you vacation at for many days. I'd say 3-4 days tops. But a wedding there should be cool.


Eve, that's pretty much what Katie said about it... extended weekend stay, that's about it.


I was in the land of no-internet. There was an accident at the end of my road and they cut through the cable... and it hasn't worked since. Am now waiting for the engineer to come roud and re-connect me... For the time being I am accessing via mobile phone... which is as irritating as it sounds!


Yikes! I'd die.

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