No phone no phone... summons me with just one beep...

On a quick aside, just so none of you worry, despite our little game of Comment Pong (tm) yesterday regarding the new iPhone, Dave and I are cool. It was just a healthy debate on technology. We're back at a place in our relationship where he tolerates my existence, I still worship the ground he walks on, and Bad Monkey has stopped flinging poo in my general direction. Although this last bit may have more to do with the fact that Bad Monkey is all dried up after flinging handful after handful at the TV during Bushie's Presidential Address last night.


Ah! Why you little...

Oooh oooh oooh eeee eeee!!!

While I clean the excrement off my face, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about something that happened to me recently that both made me crack the heck up and feel exceptionally bad all at the same time. That's quite a feat actually.

So I was on the cell phone with a friend who was explaining something that happened to them (no gender qualifiers here) when I heard a beep in my headset that a call was coming through. I looked at my caller ID and saw it was Katie.

Since I'm still not entirely familiar with how my phone works, I decided to flip it open to see what on-screen options presented themselves. I'd never even used the call waiting feature on my Razr so I didn't know what to do. What I didn't realize is that, by flipping the phone open, I'd clicked over to Katie.

I apologized to Katie and said I'd call her back because I had Friend X on the other line. She said cool and I clicked the "flip" button.

When I got back to the original call, Friend X was still talking away completely oblivious to the fact that I had left the conversation. Sadder still, I was even able to pick up on what X was talking about even though I'd missed out on about 10-15 seconds of the conversation. I could even answer a question that came up just then as though I hadn't missed a beat.

I never told Friend X what happened. I would've felt too bad about it. But I was laughing hysterically as I called Katie back. When I described what happened, Katie started laughing, too. It was almost like that scene in How I Met Your Mother a few weeks back where Robin could just put the phone down during a conversation with her mother and the mom never realized she was gone. Of course, Robin's actions were intentional whereas mine were purely accidental, but with similar results.

Friend X, if you happen to read this and put two and two together to realize I'm talking about you, then allow this post to serve as an apology. I really do feel bad. Although you did give me great blog fodder.

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Too funny. Lets hope youre friend never finds out :P


I have a regular caller that I could easily ignore for minutes at a time without him noticing AT ALL. He knows who he is.


Why would anybody think it was anything BUT friendly debate?

Wow how boring this world would be if everybody thought the same way about everything. :-)


I have a friend that calls me once a month on my home phone and I usually do things like read blogs, text on my cell and find shows to record while talking to her. She really likes to drag out a story. Anyway, when she came to visit and saw me doing that to someone else, I was pretty much caught. She asked me if that is how I talked to her and since I have a hard time lying to friends, uhhhh...crap.

Meanwhile, I really am glad you and Dave aren't flinging mud and twinkies at each other! I like to leave you Apple people alone with regard to your toys since I am a PC ;).

ms. sizzle

i feel like i can TELL when someone isn't listening. but i think that's also called paranoia.

one time in high school my best friend didn't want to interrupt some saga story about some guy i was gaga over so as i went on and on and on she went to the bathroom and got a snack then came back and picked up the phone and i never knew. . .until years later when she confessed this to me. ah ha!


Heh heh. I have Vonnage internet phone for work, and my calls click out a lot some days. I'll call the person back and they have no idea I was even gone!
And I knew you and Dave were cool--but that probably comes from seeing you two communicate in person. Today's entry over at Blogography has totally geeked me out (though I refrained from making fun of Dave over the fact his MOM picked up his Wii! HA!). I have to go read some girly blogs for awhile, or shop at Ulta or something.


Suze, I hope not.

Rick, so you've admitted it to him? And he still doesn't mind?

Dave, a boring place indeed.

Hilly, okay, now I really hope I don't get called on it.

Sizzle, was Hilly talking to you?

Diane, when a phone clicks out, that's another matter altogether. That happens with Katie and me on our cells all the time. And the other will just keep talking. Heh.


Uhhh... I was at work when I found out about the Wii availability! My mom was the only person I COULD call to check! If I'd have waited, I wouldn't have gotten my Wii!


My general scenario is I call my friend, and get their voice mail, while I am leaving a message I see that they are calling. I always end up hanging up on them, and leaving a voice mail that goes like, "Hey, was just calling to, Oh shit, hang on its you, shit. {dead air for 30 seconds} F'n PHONE! {click}"


You know, I ramble often and I'm sure a number of my friends put the phone down when I'm talking. Kevin, I can see you thinking about other things even as you read my comment :) We're all guilty of not giving someone our full attention - at least your was on accident.


Ha - it's kind of hard to ignore The Sizz. She is very peppy and interactive...that beyotch ;)


Dave, but you so easily could've gotten a WiiWii! I'm so ashamed of you! ;-)

g-man, and here I thought I was the only one that happened to... and on a regular basis.

Elaine, what were you saying? ;-)

Hilly, I agree. That overly peppy woman! I hope she reads this.


I've been tempted to put down the phone on my mom but she does listen for the occasional "uh huh" on my side.


Two words... tape loops. Just record yourself saying stuff like "uh huh" and "you don't say" and play it back on a loop. Should work wonders.

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