Retorna me...

Hey all! Guess what decided to make a return visit yesterday, just before the blog-imposed deadline...

my bowl!

Yes, as Hilly said, it is the prodigal bowl! And, as Neil said, it's one ugly photo. And, as Bre said, it is really beat up. But I told you it was. And that's really why I like it so much! It's like a favorite pair of socks. And, considering the person who returned it clearly didn't wash it, it kinda smells like a favorite pair of socks as well. Ick. It's festering in our dishwasher now. Our dishwasher.

So celebrate!

And if this is my karmic payback for the crap that happened yesterday, well, I guess I can handle it.

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Ain't no runnin' from karma...

Jan 26
What did I do? What did I do? WHAT DID I DO???? I just don't get it. I do something nice and I get poopied on (hey, I'm still trying here). Apparently in much the same manner as Dave has...
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It was a very good year...

Jan 28
Wow, Dean Martin yesterday, Frank Sinatra today. Must be a Rat Pack kinda mood I'm in. You know how I said yesterday that maybe the return of my bowl was my karmic payback for my kitchen mishaps a few days...


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Congrats! I guess the old saying is true. If you love something leave it in the breakroom and have someone abscond with it. If it comes back it's really yours...


Seriously, white lights are shining and something close to an angel is singing ;).


Woo Hoo! Congrats.


frances, I think that saying was in my HR training manual.

Hilly, I can hear them harmonizing. It sounds beautiful!

g-man, I am quite happy and almost a bit reluctant to take it back to work.


Oh JOY! Oh BLISS! Oh....I hope the smell disappears!

I admit it. I am ever-so-slightly concerned about heating up food in that mean that finely crafted work of art.


nancycle, been using it for years and nothing's happened yet. Or, actually, it may explain a whole lot now that I think about it. ;-)

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