Someone to watch over me...

I've uncovered a funny thing... how my day turns out is determined by my watch of all things.

Since starting my new job, I've been pretty easygoing about things that happen. I don't stress out like I used to. I've been able to take things more in stride and simply shrug off problems that happen. I just do what needs to be done and that's it. It really makes professional life nice.

But one day, a couple weeks ago, the fit hit the shan, if you know what I mean. All kinds of stuff was being thrown at me and it was just generally not a good day. I just couldn't get things done the way I wanted to and there were not enough hours in the day.

This happened again yesterday. It started with me accidentally leaving a tie at home and not thinking much of it. Of course, when I got to work, I realized we had a pretty big deal event happening for which I needed to wear a tie. I had completely forgotten about this event as I never put it in my Palm Pilot. So, instead of looking like a shlub (sp?), I went out and bought one. The only tie I could find that I liked that went with the shirt I was wearing was the only brand of tie not on sale where I was shopping. And, of course, as a result of running to the store, I missed out on a meeting with someone that I also forgot to put in my Palm Pilot.

There were a few other little things that happened as well that I just don't want to bother listing. Suffice to say, they happened.

What do both blech days have in common?

I forgot my watch at home.

I always wear my watch. I'm naked without it. It's one of those items that just "brings it all together," per se. Kinda like The Dude's rug in The Big Lebowski. WIthout it, everything just goes to crap.

Lesson to be learned here? Don't forget your watch (or whatever item it is that helps keep you from falling apart at the seams)!

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I completely understand! If I leave the house without my scapular I have to turn around, go home and get it. The days I haven't gone back to get it have been horrible. Never again.


I'd blame your Palm Pilot. You should light it on fire then smash it with a baseball bat. Viola! No more forgetting to put meetings in your Palm Pilot!


I think we all have those little things that make us feel balanced. For me, it's my garnet ring.


Maybe you can glue it to your wrist?


Did you remember your watch today Kev?

Also, I think Dave might be on to something with placing the blame on the palm pilot...

ms. sizzle

i had one of those days last week. i showed up in a track jacket and vans and then discovered we had some meeting with donors. d'oh! so i opted out. usually casual attire isn't an issue at work but that day, it was. oh well!


I can totally relate. I feel naked when I go out without my watch. I used to wear my watch all the time (except when sleeping). Now I only put it on when I'm leaving the house, which sometimes causes me to forget. Then I flounder about uselessly until I return home and place it on my wrist.


Hopefully no one will come beat you up then pee on your watch. I had forgot mine this morning, fortunately I had to go home between dropping of girl #1 at the sitters, and girl #2 at preschool. Have a nice day.


frances, what's a scapular?

Dave2, I think my Palm Pilot is plotting against you right now. You've been warned.

Dagny, I was wondering what items others had.

Sandra, that would suck when the battery needs to be swapped.

Suze, don't talk smack about the Palm Pilot. It will do to you what it's currently doing to Dave. And, yes, I did remember it today.

Sizzle, don't you hate when that happens?

Karl, it's really sad that I've come to rely on it so much. And to know that my day is going to be crap when I look down and see it's not there...

g-man, at least you had that opportunity. My current commute makes it a less-than-ideal situation. Hope you have a good one, too.


Clearly, you should never leave home. Telecommuting is the answer.


Ooooo... I hate days like that! I've had them, everyone has. Is the new tie pretty though?


Ha ha! I agree with Rick. But trust me, even working from home can lead to crap days.
I don't know what my "Dumbo's feather" is. I used to be really anal about my watch, but since I've started working from home I've stopped wearing it. It is actually kind of freeing but...I'm late for social events quite a lot. :(


Ugh. I call those Alexander days. As in "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." I hate 'em. Sorry you had one. Hope today is better. And that you didn't get gum in your hair as you slept and you got the shoes you wanted and the teacher liked your picture best and you remembered your watch.


Nice job not using bad words Kevin! You're still going strong. Bad days are the worst but at least you can blame it on your watch and not the fact that you got a little careless. I really, really like the way you think!


I actually find my day goes better if something is left at home. Namely, my boss. My day is so much better and moves so much more smoothly when he is not in the office.


I gave up my watch when I had Nico. it's a good thing but now I judge the quality of the day on whether or not I get paged before I leave work. Today was one of those ... did not look up until 3 p.m. Hectic as hell...

Guess it's the little things eh?


Watches are too constricting. They make you commit to things and stuff.

Throw away the watch and just go with the flow :)


Whoops! I forget that 'scapular' not a common term. It's a holy Catholic medal that my mother gave me when I was 19 years old, right after a horrible nightmare.


Rick, can I get you in touch with my boss?

Alissa, quite pretty. I'm very happy with the choice I made and Katie seemed to be impressed as well.

diane, and yet I was the late one when we met up with Dave.

Erin, that's a mighty elaborate name. Dang.

Elaine, I'm still trying. Although I did post a bad one a week ago and nobody here noticed.

Allison, heh heh. Oh the things I could say.

Nat, it's always the little things. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not so much.

Tal, believe me, I would love to. But American society doesn't seem to allow that. I want a more Spanish way of life. Siesta!!!

frances, ah, now I understand the importance.


Holy shnootze!

Look what time it is!!!



Oh yeah, pick on the watchless one. ;-)

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