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Tenth Avenue freeze out...

Jan 20
I didn't realize it had been nearly two months since I'd posted photos. Then again, it's been that long since I've actually gone out and taken any new shots. That's so unlike me. I think these are from Wednesday when...
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Further on down the road...

Jan 22
Behind where my parents live, and where I spent most of my teenage years, is a tiny little connector street. It connects the incorporated part of our subdivision with the unincorporated part. It's maybe a hundred or so feet long...


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Da Bears. Da Best.


Ha JJ - I was about to say, "da Bears, da Bulls!" Before your image loaded, the colors totally had me guessing this is what your layout would be, woo-to-the-hoo!

I'm more into basketball than football but I always know when the Superbowl is because Shawn and I purposely planned our wedding one week after S.B and before Valentine's...Feb 7th.

Woah, sorry for rambling!


That's right, give the props to the Gator that got you there ;) (Oh...and Alex Brown...can't forget Alex Brown. I remember being there when he made Tee Martin his beotch in the Swamp).

Of course it's only halftime in the AFC championship, but now it looks like it will be a UF reunion in Miami!

Congrats again and we're looking forward to having you guys in Florida!


OK...called that one way too early...go kick Indy's butts in Miami!


How can you Bears fans live with yourselves tonight? Didn't you know that the future of the entire city of New Orleans rode on them making it to the Super Bowl? Woo-to-the-hoo? More like Boo-to-the-hoo.

Just kidding. Go Bears! (or Colts, I haven't decided yet)


Football's the one with the pointy ended ball and the the tight pants, right? ;-)

Congrats on Da Bears making it! I'm sure they'll kick whoever's butt they're playing.


Hmmmm... it feels very good in here... New design? :-)


java, DA BEARS!!

Hilly, ahhh, you are married to a true man! Congrats!

BA, Alex Brown makes lots of opponents his... well, you get it. And I pray we make Indy our next ones.

Brandon, well yeah, now N'awlins is just gonna sink back into the swamp. This was the only thing holding them aloft. I feel ashamed... NOT!

frances, yes, the pointy ball. I'm hoping for it, too.

RW, I figured you might like it. But here's a subtlety you might appreciate. The "kapgar" in the header banner is at 54 point font size.



Nice work Kevin. And yes, you should go for the United States of Kapgar.



Thanks. And, yeah, I thought that might be appropriate. USK, all the way!

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