We have all the time in the world...

I'm suffering from severe blogger block right now, so I think I'll give you some snippets if that's okay. I'll give you more than just TV ones, though. Hopefully, there will be a little something for everyone.

Bathroom Blog
My friend, Diane, has started up a new blog dedicated to the best and the worst of toilets that you've encountered in your life and travels. If you have some cool (or nasty) photos, send them her way.

The first bloggapotty comes to us via another friend, Kilax, showing some Euroingenuity. It's interesting. But, as I stated in my comment, far too pretty to ever want to poop on.

The Office
Okay, as per your suggestion, Katie and I have watched last week's episode of The Office again and, yes, it is much better than the first watch through. Still not as great as past episodes this year, but our disdain is much more minimal. Be happy.

I looked at our rental history on Netflix last night and discovered that we've rented a grand total of 13 movies in the last 90 days. That's pathetic. It's hardly worth it. But we simply don't have the time we once had.

Thankfully, we finally did get a chance to watch the three we had here this weekend. They included Ice Age: The Meltdown (not bad), Invincible (very cool), and On Her Majesty's Secret Service (niiiiiiiicccceeeee, one of the best Bond flicks ever).

Should our next batch come in the way we've queued it, we'll be watching Little Miss Sunshine, The Fantastic Four (in anticipation of the sequel this summer), and Entourage season 2 sometime this weekend. Good stuff. Maybe I can even get Katie hooked on Entourage. Hey, it could happen.

Football Playoffs
Well, the NFC playoffs turned out just as I predicted with the Seahawks over the Cowboys and Eagles over the Giants. The AFC didn't, however. I was really pulling for the Jets and Chiefs. But it didn't happen. Instead, the Patriots and Colts will move on to the next round. Sad.

Many Bears fans wanted to see the Giants beat the Eagles so the Bears would wind up facing the Giants in next week's game. But, being the Grossman-fearing Bears fan that I am, I'm afraid we'd be screwed regardless who we face. Both the Giants and the Seahawks will be out for revenge for losses to the Bears earlier in the season and I don't know if Grossman is up to task. Not that he ever was. We'll see.

I'm not sure if this is allowed or not by Typepad. Should one of their admins read this, please weigh in. But can I use my blog to sell something? Not like I'm going retail whore or anything. Just a one-time deal.

I'm asking because Katie and I realize that we have far too many CDs, DVDs, and books and not enough room to store them all. And, since resale shops give you jack anymore and e-Bay can be a hassle, we thought we may open up the list to all of you. Cheap prices, good quality, great sellers (if we do say so ourselves).

Would anybody be interested? We have yet to weed through our collection and pick out what will go, but it should be a fairly long list. Let me know.

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service (niiiiiiiicccceeeee, one of the best Bond flicks ever).

Yep, a surprisingly good Bond movie, isn't it? It was one of Ian Fleming's original books, so the story line is great and George Lazenby is entirely underrated as Bond, likely because he had the unfortunate experience of following up Sean Connery. Glad ya'll enjoyed!

I'd be interested in seeing the shopping list;)


I loved Little Miss Sunshine. One of the best films I've seen in a long time, so you'll have something to enjoy when it arrives :)

I have way too many DVDs/Videos/CDs too. So while I'm curious about the shopping list, I would probably refrain from purchasing. Unless there is potential for swapping...?


Thanks for the shout out, Kevin!

My friends and I do the swap meet thing about 2x a year. For the same reason--we just have too much *stuff* and E-Bay is a hassle. I tried to sell some stuff on Half.com and none of it moved. So yes, I would be interested in purchasing some DVD's, since one of my goals on 43 Things is to increase my DVD collection. :)


Still waking up, schmutz in the eyes. What was that last part? You have weed to sell?


I'm going to check out the pottyblog right after I leave here. In WPB there is an ice cream shop that has bathrooms with glass walls. When you go in and lock the door, the walls frost up for privacy. Pretty wild.

I haven't ever watched the Office. I need to rent it on DVD which is fine since I am running out of movies to rent on Blockbuster.com. I hear ya about the time constraints too. Especially in the summer. We wasted a lot of money on not renting movies.

I missed the big Eagles winning field goal last night. I used to be a fan, mainly because my friend, Jason Short played for them but they recently cut him so I'm thinking of breaking the loyalty to Philly.

I would be interested in maybe buying some of your wares. It's a good idea, if it's allowable.

ms. sizzle

Little Miss Sunshine was fabulous. You will love it.

I was AT that Seahawks game. Can you believe it? Yeah, I was working so it doesn't count against my non-sporty rep.


As far as I know you can do anything you want with your blog. You're paying for it, after all. I still haven't put up any ads like I've been meaning to, but I'll get to it eventually.


BA, but one of the best parts was after the fight on the beach where Lazenby looks at the camera and says, "the other guy never had to do that" or some such. I was dying laughing because it's so true. Connery (and Moore) never got in fights like that. To me, they were playboys with guns. Lazenby just kicked major butt.

Suze, swapping is a definite possibility depending on what you have.

diane, no problem on the shout out. Is the swap meet a formal affair or just an online thing?

Rick, and I just had to check your comment from my work computer, didn't I? Go fig.

Jacquie, what's WPB? That sounds pretty cool about the bathroom, though. And definitely check out The Office. Good stuff.

sizzle, you ARE a sports fan!! Heh.

Karl, that's right. We do pay and we are able to put up advertising so why the heck not? I'm gonna do it!


I'm pumped about pottyblog and surprised nobody thought of it before now. I'm also pumped you weren't a quitter and tried the Office episode again. You've got a real commitment to TV and I admire that ;)


Aw, I am feeling so loved over the potty blog. Tee hee hee.
Kapgar--the swap meets are usually in person. It's all girls, so that way we can try on each others' clothes and stuff, and then when we're all done and everyone has claimed their wares we take the leftovers to Salvation Army or the like. But I imagine you could just as easily do it online!


I'm pretty sure you can sell things or at least link to a site where you are selling them. Hell, it is your blog and you pay for it so why not?

Pottyblog sounds A+++. It reminds me of the most heinous brown covered bathroom I have ever seen; I actually threw up a little in my mouth!


Elaine, it's more like I have a commitment to The Office and am more than willing to give it another shot. Other shows I may not be so forgiving of. But The Office makes me laugh so much generally, that I'm willing to do it.

Diane, yeah, I'm not trying on any girly clothes. And any of my own clothes that I don't wear go straight to Katie. She loves wearing my garb. She tends to steal it.

Hilly, shame you don't have a picture of it. It would be ideal for the site.


I don't understand why they are making another Fantastic Four movie when the first one was so horrible. You'll see...


Do I get first choice on the DVDs/CDs since I theorteically live closest? muah ha ha!

When will we see your worst encountered potty on Diane's blog? :)

And Nicole is right about the first Fabulous Four. The only appealing thing is the sexy Jessica Alba!


nicole, yeah, my money's on it being bad, too. I never wanted to see it because it looked so bad. But I don't know a lot about FF and I want to see the sequel so I'm going to need some backstory on it.

kilax, only get first dibs if you're the first to comment and mark your claim. I gotta find the pictures of the potties first. And I'm sure that is about all that's good with that movie. But I need backstory before I see the second one which really does look pretty decent. Silver Surfer rocks. And did you just call Jessica Alba "sexy"? That's hot. ;-)


I really loved Little Miss Sunshine. Steve Carell was great because he played against type yet still somehow managed to be humorous.


So none of the mania that typifies him, eh? Hmmm... that can be good. That was why I liked Will Farrell so much in Stranger Than Fiction.

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