Y nuevo ano felicidad...

Would you like to hear a recipe for a great New Year's weekend? Here you go...

1. A showing of Wicked at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. This is our second time seeing this musical and it has not failed to impress us either time. It's fantastic. But, this time, we were able to introduce my brother and the FSiL to it. Both of them loved it also. If you ever have a chance, we highly recommend it.

2. An Ugly Betty marathon on ABC Family. The entire first half of the season replayed in order. How can you go wrong? That is such a fantastic show and one of our favorites of the season.

3. Watching the Bears v. Packers game despite the fact that the Bears did lose miserably. Notable comment from the game...

Me: "Do we have a quarterback we can rely on?!?!"

Katie: "May-nard! May-nard! May-nard!"

But I will say that the only way to watch football is to TiVo it and then tune in a bit later. You get to fast forward through all that insipid announcer commentary. God I hate sports announcers.

4. Tear apart a gingerbread house that miraculously survived the entire holiday season. Couldn't eat a bit of it as the gingerbread was stale out of the box, though.

5. Have some fantastic food like a homemade taco dip courtesy of Katie and a dessert of Edy's Vanilla Bean ice cream covered in rum-glazed bananas courtesy of me (using a recipe book we own, though) and chocolate sauce courtesy of Katie.

Yeah, good weekend. Check that... great weekend!

Hope your's was great as well.

Happy 2007 to all of you!

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I still want to see Wicked! Soon...

Happy New Year! :)


Only 3 months until I see Wicked again!! Then a month after that, I'm seeing Spamalot!!



Kosh and I caught Wicked in late Nov... that was me sniffing and trying to quietly cry and soak my tears into my sleeves, pretty much from the time Fiyero was dragged out into the corn fields and Elphaba was desperately trying to find a spell to protect him... the powerful emotion of that song,,, wow that really got to me!

I loved the book better than the musical though. Still need to reread LFB's original book[s]. I suppose that'll be on my 2007 to-read list :-)


Kilax, highly, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended!

Chase, Spamalot?!?! Sweet!

lynne, yeah, it made me well up a bit the first time I saw it. Thankfully, I knew what was coming for the second go round. We own both the Wicked and Son of a Witch books but have yet to read them. Hopefully soon.


Happy new year, bud. Sounds like you had a great time.


It truly was. And, despite everything I listed, it was quite an easy and simple one. I like those better than going out and partying hard. Not my bag. Happy New Year to you too.


Sounds lovely!!
Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you, too.


Happy 007 Kevin from down under!


It is a good year for Bond fans, isn't it? And Happy 007 to you from Up Over.


That does sound like a great New Year's weekend, except for the whole football thing. I saw WICKED on Broadway and loved it. And UGLY BETTY is a great show. I've seen every episode, but I too got sucked in by that ABC Family marathon. Happy New Year to you and Katie :-)


Eve, I love the fact that I was more than willing to sit there and watch a marathon of a show that I'd already seen all the episodes of. That's the sign of a great show.

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