Yeah rock me all night...

If told ahead of time that this post would fall in my "Toys 2007" category, you might assume that I'd be all over Apple's recent iPhone announcement, wouldn't you? Not a bad guess, but you'd be wrong. The thing, while cool, has far too many issues in my mind to make it a worthwhile investment.

But, yes, this post is about cool stuff, just not the iPhone. Now on to the real meat and potatoes.

Good things come to those who wait. And I waited.

I've been searching for a while for a good piece of software that would allow me to take ripped DVD content and decompress it so I could burn copies of DVDs for myself. My purpose here, of course, is to make legal back-up copies of my own DVD collection.

Plus, I've also been wanting to find a way to take shows that Katie and I have saved on our TiVo and get them on our computer to both burn DVDs that we can watch on our DVD player as well as pare them down to work on our iPods. The best way to do this would be TiVoToGo, which allows for transfers from a TiVo unit directly to a computer of your choosing. However, this little software gem is only available for Windows users. And you all know which way my operating system swings.

I've tried to uncover other ways to achieve both these goals of mine, but to no avail. Some of the software I've tried is either too complex or just doesn't work.

Now, however, comes my savior!

Roxio_logo Roxio Toast 8 Titanium!

Not only does it allow for DVD decompression and burning, but it also supports Blu-Ray discs. That's a good thing.

But the big news regarding the most recent version of Toast is that it has TiVoToGo for Mac built in!

This will be the first time in a long time I've willingly and readily dished out $80 for software. Soooo worth it!

(for the record, you'll pay $100 off the bat, but there's a $20 mail-in rebate)

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Roxio, you rock my world!!

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Yes but now Roxio will send you e-mails every 48 hours.
I go both ways (OS's) I have a G5 iMac next to my PC. Usually work on the Mac but have some software that I only have a windows version of (PhotoShop is the biggie). My dream system is a new G5 box with twin cinematic displays.


My purpose here, of course, is to make legal back-up copies of my own DVD collection.


*rubbing eyes from laughing*

Ok...I think I'm done laughing now...another way to save DVD's from a Tivo is to buy the Humax DVD-R Tivo unit. It is perhaps the most seamless way to put something you recorded from your Tivo onto a DVD. I use mine all the time, which frees up space on my Tivo for new stuff.

iPhone - wicked cool, but too expensive (and CINGULAR ONLY??? Jobs, what were you thinking???) You've got to admit, that thing is going to revolutionize the cell phone industry.


I'm all hot and bothered with all this geeky talk. You know it turns me on.

Ok, the iPhone wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. Maybe I wanted it to do more: like do a load of laundry, but the fact that they're only going with Cingular is a turn off for a lot of people.

TiVoToGo for Mac? Now, I hadn't heard that, but I'm swooning.


All this geek talk between you and Dave is making me want to go stare vacantly at some very expensive shoes.

ms. sizzle

sometimes, when you geek out, i feel like i am reading another language. ;)


"TiVoToGo for Mac built in!"

I am drooling.


g-man, I can deal with the e-mails. Geez, we just met and you're admitting you go both ways??? That's a little too much too fast. ;-)

BA, happy to make you laugh. And I'm not familiar with the Humax burner. But I may still go this way because I think I may be able to edit out commercials, which is a good thing.

Mocha, glad to give your day a "boost"? Admittedly the Cingular only stance is a turn off for many. But it's a necessity right now for Cingular. They dominated when they were the only ones who had the Razr, now everyone does. The Krzr and Slvr and all those were busts by comparison. And now everyone has the Razr so Cingular is hurting. Give it a year or two and the iPhone will be on other networks, too. I'm sure of it.

diane, talk of expensive shoes has a similar effect on me. Vacant stares.

sizzle, be one with the geek.

Eve, as well you should be. Too much fun for just one person to have.


My ex swears by Roxio to make all his "archival copies"...cough, he calls them.


Roxio has always made some mighty fine products. I have been trying to figure out how to get things off of my cable DVR onto DVD since my DVD recorder is not acting right these days.

Scott Adams

Ummmmm.......wanna split it????


frances, legitimate pursuits such as ours deserve only the best means of production, don't they?

Dagny, I wonder if it would work with third-party DVRs that are not TiVos.

Scott, I'm thinkin'.


Okay, so this may be a stupid question, but I'm not up on DVD copying software. Does this program also decode the store bought disks so that you can copy them? Or do you need other software for that?


I'm not that up on it all either. I've never ripped/burned a DVD in my life. Not for lack of trying, but because the software I tried was so cryptic, I couldn't understand it. So when you say "decode," do you mean "encryption"? What problems are you having?

Gary LaPointe

So have you actually purchased it and tried the TiVo-To-Go yet?


No, maybe this weekend. I hope.

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