You are my sunshine...

Hey, Katie and I finally saw Little Miss Sunshine yesterday. We decided to have a lazy morning and afternoon before going to a game night at our friends' house and we watched it during lunch. Holy cow! That was a fantastic film. While I'm glad I finally did see it, I only wish I saw it sooner so it could've been on my top movie list. And it would most certainly have been. Can I just say how refreshing it is to see how well done a movie can be without reliance on special effects? Just to see some really nice ensemble acting carrying a movie into a greatness. Why does that always seem to be the exception to the rule these days?

But that was not all we watched. Yesterday, we finally finished the remainder of our Thursday night viewings off TiVo. Somehow Ugly Betty managed to be even better this week than last (how a show so good can keep improving is beyond me), and all Grey's Anatomy needed to do was to just air a new show to be good, which they finally did for the first time since November 30. Why do they wait so long between episodes?

Do you remember how I complained about all the NBC shows last week? I said they were all very subpar by my standards (despite changing my tune about The Office). This week, they were all great right out of the starting gate. The Office aired what had to be one of my favorite episodes of the season. Seeing everyone paired off in sales teams was incredibly funny and then seeing Angela at the end of the episode. Yikes! She scares me. Typically, I don't care for her much, but now I can't wait to see what she does next. My Name is Earl with all its multiple personalitied intros and the different narrators... we couldn't stop laughing! And even Scrubs was great. Probably the best episode in two seasons.

For game night last night, though, it turned into more of a situation in which we watched as opposed to played a game. That watching, of course, being the New Orleans Saints beating the Philadelphia Eagles. Wow, what a great game and it came out the way I wanted. And today we have my beloved Bears facing off against the Seattle Seahawks. It should be interesting to watch.

Right after that game, though, I'll be heading to a friend's house. It's a guy I know from my gym, actually. We placed a food wager on the Bears vs Patriots game earlier in the season. Since he's from New England, he wagered on his Pats while I took the Monsters of the Midway. He won. But we opted, instead of just paying the food to each other, to cook out for some game later in the season. We chose the Patriots/Chargers game. It'll be a lot of fun.

And then the night is capped off with the first two-hour premiere episode of 24!!!!! Jack's back tonight, baby!!! Oh God we can't wait! Katie's practically drooling in anticipation. Hard to believe it was just a little more than a year ago that she couldn't care less about the show. Now she's so horribly trapped in the web that show has woven, she can't escape. Nor does she want to. 20 straight weeks of one of our favorite shows on television. No off weeks. Why can't all shows plan their programming schedule like this?

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To your question: Why do they wait so long between episodes?

I answer, simply: sweeps, and the lead-up to/follow-up from the same.


Tell Katie I'll be drooling along with her. I CANNOT WAIT for tonight!! I am so frickin excited I might poop my pants. We're having a 24 pizza party with ... well, ourselves because you don't really have people over on a Sunday night. Since we can't tolerate commercials, the plan is to watch the E! THS on 24 we DVR'd yesterday just after 7 pm so that when we start watching 24 we can skip the commercials and hopefully avoid catching up to the real time airing. Oh man .... will this day go any faster? That's the first (and last) time I've ever said that in regards to a Sunday.

I still think Scrubs sucks this season, but The Office was really funny (I watched it twice before deleting), particularly when Jim slapped Dwight. I love the dynamic between those two!


I spent all of last week trying to finish last season of 24 so that I could start watching tonight; is there anything better than the sound of that clock count-down???

I was thrilled with Little Miss Sunshine, which is important since my other Netflix movies sucked ass (Lady in the Water, The Wickerman & You, Me and Dupree).


Wow. Down to a field goal in OT! Why do I have a feeling that the New Year's Resolution went down the tubes...

ms. sizzle

i really need to get on the 24 wagon. everyone i know is on it! the way katie is about 24 now is how i am about lost. couldn't care about it until this summer and now i am chomping at the bit for 2/7!


We were laughing our asses off with My Name Is Earl this week, that was so great. At first when Randy said "My name is Randy," I was like "huh?" Then Joy started doing her spiel and I was like "oh shit!" It was brilliant. The Ugly Betty with baby Chutney was classic, too.


How depressing is my life is that I've been waiting for 24 to begin for two weeks now!


Sandra, I know it's sweeps, but a month and a half? You lose viewers doing that. At least give them one during December to whet the appetite. That's just poor programming.

Nicole, we watched the E! story too. Plus we rewatched the finale episode from season 5. Ah it was nice!

Hilly, one better sound, the ringer of the phones in CTU. I love that sound. I want it as a ringtone on my cell.

BA, you might be shocked, but I didn't break it. Katie broke it enough for the both of us.

Sizzle, that's how I was about Lost until season 2 kinda killed me on it. But yes, jump aboard the 24 wagon. There's plenty of room. We welcome newbies!

Eve, Chutney was an old episode of Betty. That was before Christmas. How about "My name is... well, you should probably just call me Crabman."

Neil, we've been waiting for eight months. Your patheticism (word?) is nothing.


I want to watch this past week's episode of "Ugly Betty" over and over. But then I keep thinking about the upcoming episode with the bandaged woman.

Sunday I was thrilled to see that "Crossing Jordan" is back. I was highly upset when NBC first announced that the show would be cancelled. I was enraged since they had ended the last season with Jordan on the lam, suspected of murdering her boyfriend.


She murdered her boyfriend now? Geez. We kinda gave up on that a couple seasons ago when they tried to do the spinoff with the cop in the L.A. and it didn't work out. I can't believe it's still on. Actually, that was a potential post topic for the future. Maybe I'll hit it up now.

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