Just one year of love...
Don't you worry 'bout a thing...

But I'm running out of time...

How many of you take part in freelance work aside from what you normally do as part of your job?

If you do, I would like to ask if you have any personal policies in place regarding turnaround time for a project or just how you prioritize, period. If it's a good policy, can I steal it?

I do very little freelance work, in all honesty. Not much comes my way and, many times, I'm kinda happy about it.

But when it does come in, it's like a tsunami. It just floods in and seems to engulf my world. And, as would be expected, it happens at the most inopportune times. I can be sitting around for weeks with nothing to do just wishing for it. Then, when my personal and FT professional lives are inundated with things to do, *BLAMMO* the freelancing strikes.

I don't want to say no because that can be a death sentence for future projects. I opt out and the word gets around that I'm not willing and able and the well dries up entirely. So I take them, but I'll be darned if I've figured out a good time during which to get this stuff done.

Unfortunately, the personal pursuits always seem to suffer first. Time with Katie? Gone. Sleep time? Zippo. Gym time? Nuh-uh. Blogging opps? Nil.

This has been my life since Saturday. Some big updates to a site I manage came in and I've been trying to take care of them. It's not easy. Katie's been in bed and asleep well before me lately. I haven't been to the gym since Saturday. My blogging feels rehashed (c'mon... a recap of my Friday stats and an April retrospective? Not exactly teeming with originality... sorry).

I just want this project done and I want future ones to come in when I say so!

And to quote the great Wayne Campbell, "Sheeyah, right. And monkeys might fly outta my butt."