Mama, you been on my mind...
No more, no more...

And party every day...

I find it odd that I know two people who share a birthday. For some of you, that may not seem like so big a deal, but to me, it just is. Plus, they're both really cool people. And this birthday puts one of them at 34 years old and the other at 33.

You all know the first. She is the wonderful Miss Sizzle. If you don't know her and absolutely love her, clearly your head is on backwards or it's shoved in a very dark, tight, smelly place. When you figure out what's wrong and remedy the situation, go over to her site and wish her a happy birthday. She's very deserving of your well wishes. Plus, she's been plugging her birthday lovefest, so join in the shenanigans.

The other is someone you don't know except maybe for one post I put up some time ago that you may or may not have read.

His name is Mike and he is one of my best friends. Ever.

The only problem is that I cannot really say "happy birthday" to him. At least not in a physical sense.

Mike died back in 1993 while I was a freshman at Iowa State University. I believe it was some kind of cancer that killed him.  A guy that liked everyone. A guy that everyone liked.

I haven't been able to speak with him in nearly 14 years. The last time I really saw him was on a road trip he and I took to Cedar Rapids, IA, to visit some of his family and check out a record store he loved.

So, today, I'm spending my lunch break hanging out with him in the only way I can think how. By his grave, chilling out, sharing a KISS mix with him via my iPod.

God, he'd love iPods.

Happy birthday, Sizzle and Mike.


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Kevin- you are the sweetest. I adore you! Can you be my blogbrother? I'd like that very much.

I'm honored to share my birthday with Mike. He sounds like a wonderful person and I am sure he will be happy to have you visit and play him some KISS.



Didn't Mike "visit" you a time or two after he passed away? That's a sign of a true bond.

Happy Birthday, Mike! May your celebration be out of this world. (Off to Sizz's now)


I loved that story about your friend (I just read it). Happy birthday to Mike and I will head over to Sizzle's in a bit to tell her happy birthday too.


sizzle, blogsiblings it shall be! Think we should make buttons for our sidebars? ;-)

SJ, that would be the one.

tori, thanks. Appreciate the comment.


I can't think of a more appropriate way to share your birthday!

Beautiful post, and Happy Birthday!

scott Adams

Two days in a row with absolutely perfect posts. You could not have said the things you wanted to say better. Happy birthday to both Mike and Sizzle.


Touching Kev. Celebrate well.


Happy birthday wishes to both Sizz and Mike. Since I'm new to your blog, I followed the link and wow, couldn't stop crying. I don't do death well, but for some reason I felt comforted...I have those same "radio" moments with my late husband, it really makes you realize how they never really leave us. Great post Kevin, I'm sure Mike is smiling and rockin' out right along side you.


Bre, and somebody left roses for him. I think it might've been his mom.

Scott, wow, coming from you, I feel the love. Now gimme a hug, big guy!

g-man, I did.

Foo, he was. It was a good time.


A worthy way to spend a lunch hour indeed. Well done.


So ths is just like every other post, until you get halfway through.

The I start crying uncontrollably and deem K. Apgar the most amazing, sentimental man ever.

I really need to stop drinking.


...and editing my posts before I post them.


Dustin, thank you. It was fun.

TSM, why thank you. And, seriously, if drinking makes you enjoy my writing more, don't let sobriety get in the way.

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