And I've got to get that message home...
Pistons poppin', ain't no stoppin' now...

I, I feel so alive...

I think I suddenly understand the appeal of fight clubs.

I don't remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of how being battered and bruised and seeing those marks and feeling that pain coursing through your body every time contact is made with it, you feel alive. Some strange appeal to it. Some might argue that it's sick. Me? Not so much.

No, I did not get in a fight over the weekend. In fact, I haven't been in a fight since junior high save for the occasional wrestling match with a friend.

But I did injure myself pretty badly while playing disc golf with my dad and brother. Yes, it sounds a bit wussy, admittedly. How can my wiping out while tossing a disc compare to people who fight for fun? It can't. But it's the resulting injuries and that subsequent feeling of "life" flowing through you every time a new wave of pain engulfs your body that is the comparison point.

I am Jack's cold sweat.

I misstepped as I tee'd off on a hole. I lost my balance and jammed my foot in the four-by-four plank at the front of the tee box and did a header. I then rolled into a pile of loose rock and dead branches and wound up on my head. My body balanced in a ball in the air for nearly a second before I completed the tuck and roll.

I tore up my right knee. I've also got minor scrapes on both elbows and my right forearm. There was also that headache that wouldn't quit. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep the rest of the day. Mild concussion? Perhaps. But I'm still alive today, so it's all good.

I am Jack's smirking revenge.

But it was the pain that I still feel this morning in my leg that has me intrigued. It's not like the pain you feel when you cut yourself or you land on your knee after a fall. This is a searing pain that I only feel when it's touched. There's nothing otherwise. But the smallest thing can set it off. As I slept last night, I rolled on it several times and I woke up ready to scream. I took a shower this morning and was attempting to wash it out and I just couldn't take the water hitting it either directly or indirectly. Heck, the fan in our bedroom blew on it and that set me off.

And the pain felt good. I feel like I'll actually miss it when it heals.

I am Jack's raging bile duct.

How sick am I?

If you care to see it, you can click over to Flickr. I don't recommend doing this while eating. Some of you might not appreciate it. I'm sure many of you have seen worse, but some of you still aren't fans of this sort of thing. Hey, just be happy I'm not posting the picture here thus forcing you to look at it.