You're such trash...
We'll stand by you...

Make me SCREAM...

First of all, it's snowing. It's April 11, and it's snowing. I swear to God! I'm looking at it as I type. I think we've got a good half inch at least. And it's the wet stuff. The kind that's great for a snowball fight.

Oooohhh... snowball fight!


I think my future sister-in-law (FSiL) nearly had a coronary yesterday.

She and Katie went in to have their dresses resized the week before last (yes, Katie's dress does need to be sized down... good news!). At the end of this session, they both had to sign up for one last fitting about two weeks prior to the wedding in June.

However, Katie and I discovered the other day that she will not be able to make the scheduled date due to a prior commitment. So, yesterday, during her lunch, she called to reschedule her final fitting. During this call, the imbeciles at David's Bridal told her that they had no record of the bride having come in for a fitting at all. Katie insisted that, yes, she did come in for a fitting at the same time and with the same associate that worked with Katie and, well, they had record of that one so why not both?

Katie decided it might be a good idea to call the FSiL to inform her of the snafu.

Now, I wasn't actually privy to this phone conversation, but I swear I heard what sounded like the detonation of a small nuclear device coming from the general vicinity of Sugar Grove, IL.

I pray I'm wrong, otherwise I suspect I'll keel over dead any second now from oxygen-suffocating nuclear fallout.

Maybe this snow we're having is actually a nuclear winter. The things that make you go "hmmm."