Throw it up...
I can see all obstacles in my way...

And we got nothing to be guilty of...

Oh I feel guilty. So flippin' guilty.

There is a woman I know (no, don't go there) who is in awe of me because she thinks I've lost a ton of weight over the last couple months (I told you not to go there). She swears that I've lost upwards of 25 pounds. And she is constantly complimenting the "new svelte me."

Flattered? Sure I am. Who wouldn't be? It truly feels good to be complimented.

But I've had one of those weeks where I just don't feel like I deserve the praise.

Katie and I got some Chinese food on Monday night. We had a craving that we just couldn't get rid of. And, although we didn't really get the worst stuff on the menu, nothing on a Chinese menu is particularly fantastic on a diet. Oh yeah, the leftovers lasted for a few days.

Yesterday, I forgot to take my lunch in to work. I had reconciled myself to going to Subway and picking up what amounts to a seven-point sandwich. Not bad. And I like Subway, so it's good. However, I mentioned to a coworker that I forgot my lunch and he told me he didn't bring one either. So I said, "you wanna go grab something?" He said yes. Then he recommended Portillo's. Oh sweet Portillo's. Again, I didn't have the worst thing on the menu, I had a grilled chicken sandwich. But I also had fries with it. Cheese fries at that. And a big mutha of a root beer.

Clearly I'm not feeling like I deserve this woman's praise. Add salt to the open wound with her saying that I've become her inspiration to go on a diet of her own.

Oh God.

I need to get back on the wagon.

TUA (Totally Unrelated Aside):
Katie and I have discovered some pretty cool new products that we both like and felt like we should share. After all, one of my favorite things about this whole blogging phenomenon is the ability to share ideas and recommendations with all of you.

First up is my Crystal Light To Go Immunity - Pomegranate Cherry. These are the little mix ins that you put in a bottle if you're sick of just plain old water. Crystal Light is a bit hit or miss with me. Some people will argue it's a little sweet for their taste, but I absolutely love this one and recommend it to those who have a sweet tooth. I wish I could link you up somewhere to find it, but the Crystal Light site is not connecting and Amazon doesn't carry this one yet (not in To Go form, anyway).

Crestvanilla Katie, on the other hand, has discovered a new toothpaste she loves. It is the Crest Whitening Expressions Refreshing Vanilla Mint. In her own words, "it's like brushing with a Tic-Tac." And, after using it for the first time this morning, I have to agree. Plus, how many toothpaste boxes have a scratch n' sniff patch on them so you can tell what they smell like? That, alone, earns Crest some props.

Ah the hunt for cool, new products in the great American marketplace. There's nothing quite like it, is there?