Pistons poppin', ain't no stoppin' now...

Yeah, kid, I see you there. Lookin' all cool in your shades. Gunnin' the engine of your shiny new 'Vette. It's so new it still has TEMP plates.

You look over your shoulder and see me in my truck in the lane next to you, set back a few feet.

You gun it again. I'm not taking the bait. Why should I? You're in a 'Vette, I'm in a Ranger. You'll wipe the street with me. You know it. I know it. Why bother?

Now I see and hear you gradually notching up the volume on the Treo that's hardwired to your stereo. If I won't take you up on one challenge, you think I will on the second?

Yeah, you're right. This time I'm biting.

My iPod and I are matching you decibel for decibel, kiddo. And I will win.

I see you looking back at me. You know what's going on. Even you realize that the nouveau crap schlock rock du jour leaking out your meager sound system pales in comparison to the king. My stereo's pumping out Sabbath's "Iron Man." You have chosen... poorly.

You take off from the line as the light turns green. You may think this is your chance to claim victory by showing vehicular dominance. But all I see is someone running away.

I own you.

Bow to the king.

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I'm totally giving you the metal sign right now.


LOL :) You know, the more I hear poppy junk coming from those cars, the more they look like happymeal toys to me.


I was just imagining the Howard Cosell guys from Better Off Dead.


LOL. I like to keep Metallica in the car for those occasions.


Ha, Sandra and I are thining alike. That's EXACTLY the scene I imagined.


LOL you sooo kicked his ass! I had no idea people still were driving 'Vettes btw!


Ha ha ha! Okay, the vision of sweet, even-tempered, IT white boy Kevin CRANKING Iron Man just killed me. Wonderful.

Mike Jaltuch

You were bored today weren't you :) funny stuff...


holygirl, \m/\m/

kyra, that's a nice way to look at them. Except, I think Happy Meals are probably made with more reliable materials.

sandra, so you tell me... Which is better, speaking no English at all, or speaking Howard Cosell?

Dagny, good choice. Old or new?

Karl, then I will give you the same reply I gave her... so you tell me... Which is better, speaking no English at all, or speaking Howard Cosell?

Hilly, neither did I to be honest.

diane, me love the Ozzy.

Mike, not bored at all. ;-)


that's so hawt kevin.


LOL- You da man fuzzy!!! I was recently turned on to "Remedy" by Seether.




Next time blast a little "Search and Destroy" on them. That one's always good for cranking up.


sizzle, it was sizzlin'!

g-man, how'd I become "Fuzzy"?

suze, happy to make you laugh.

Erin, that is definitely a good one. I also dig on "The Shortest Straw."


I adore it! I would prefer if you switched to country, but I suppose I can allow you an indescretion or two! :-p


Bre, does it help that I have Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood on my iPod? I wasn't going to use them to blast away some punk kid in a 'Vette, but I do have them. Can you forgive me?

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