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For the last week or two, up until the end of this past week, Katie and I have been using our iPods to play catch up on the TV series Friday Night Lights. It had been a race of sorts to see who could get through them first. But, at the same time, we'd both been walking on eggshells trying to contain our excitement for fear that we might accidentally reveal a plot point to each other that one of us had not actually yet viewed.

Well, the viewing frenzy has come to a close and we both absolutely love the show. Our favorite drama of the year, by far.

And, now that it was over, I could also finally catch up on a couple weeks worth of podcasts and music that I had collected from iTunes and the local library, respectively. I had a metric ton of music. It was actually a bit scary to look at all the albums that had built up in my personal music library.

So I made it simple and took all the new albums and threw them in a playlist I called "New Stuff" and started playing it in the background while at work. I think I made it through nine albums worth before the end of my workday yesterday.

I know that I have mentioned many times in the past that I love the library because of all the music I have at my fingertips. But have I mentioned how I love that, by having obtained this music from the library, I feel far less guilty about also having the "delete" key right at my fingertip?

It was a busy button yesterday. Poor guy needs a vacation.

Only two of the albums I listened to are still "on the island," per se. Paul Westerberg's Mono and Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah! (one of the best albums I've heard in a long time, just as a side note). Got another five to weed through today. Should be interesting.


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I originally wrote the Scissor Sisters off as a novelty act but you're right, 'Ta-Dah!' is surprisingly good. A solid disc throughout.

I haven't actually heard the Paul Westerberg, but you and I seem to have common musical tastes. Now I need to update my library list...


Scissor Sisters are the best thing I've discovered in quite a while.


the library rules!


HG, Paul Westerberg was the lead singer of The Replacements. So, if you ever liked them, check him out. He was also on the Singles soundtrack ("Dyslexic Heart"... great song). However, if you check his new album, it's a two-disc set. I loved the Mono disc but hated Stereo. Just a note.

Karl, aren't they awesome? I put a hold on their original. Hopefully it will be in soon.

Sizzle, so does the delete button, though.


Mono is fantastic. Paul remains the best concert I've ever seen.
The funny thing is if a person is only familiar with "Dyslexic Heart", he or she will think Paul is a real upbeat poppy kind of guy. Yeah, right.
"How Can You Like Him?" remains my heart-wrenching favorite.


I'm also obsessed with Friday Night Lights. Who knew some Texas boys running around a football field could be so enticing?


diane, what's your opinion of Stereo? I didn't like it so much. Yeah, Dyslexic Heart can be a misnomer, but it's a great way to make people realize who he is. So many people know that song. But I'll still take old Replacements stuff any day of the week.

Elaine, I know that the show is centered around football, but it's nice that so little of this show is really football, per se. They do a great job of focusing on the lives of the people in the town. The games themselves almost become a backstory. Can't wait for the season finale tomorrow night.


So are you going to post a list of all these records? And please provide a link while you're at it. If its not too much trouble.


When something is "off the island" does it stay in your itunes library or do you completely delete it? My ipod is only 4G, so I have to take stuff everytime I put anything new on and I often switch stuff out, storing everything in itunes. I have entire playlists I've constructed that have not been on my ipod in months but which I save for a rainy day (or the 80G I really really want.)


Your dedication to the library makes me giggle (because really? the library?) but I'm glad you're having some fun with music!!


I've had more friends recommend Friday Night Lights, but I am so fanatically bored by the show that I can't make it through an episode... let alone a complete season.

Now, "How I Met Your Mother" on the other hand, was completely and totally brilliant, and I can't believe that you didn't review it on SnackieTV! The way that they went back to the beginning of the season and completely changed what we thought we knew in a totally unexpected way had me cheering... CHEERING... at the television. Barney rules. :-P


Your taste in television never fails to please me. I love FNL...while my husband, a lifelong jock, does not. Go figure. I think for me it has a LOT to do with my having grown up with a coach, spending tons of time with coaches during my formative years, and soaking up the environment. Kyle Chandler has got it NAILED. From the accent to the mannerisms to facial expressions and's just true "coachspeak." I love it. And I am proclaiming right now that that guy that plays Riggs? This role is to that actor as the role of Jordan Catalano was to Jared Leto. Mark my words. Good actor, that kid (who is probably 30 years old).

Now, on to important stuff: HAVE YOU SEEN NINJA WARRIOR? You can even get the episodes off of G4's website, if you don't get the channel. I am TOTALLY sucked in to this phenomenon of Japanese television. It ROCKS. Trust me.

Eileen Dover


Paul Westerberg remains the one concert I saw where, either he was in bad form, or the acoustics were off, and it was just... awful.

I do love him as a recorded artist, but can't ever see him live again.

That being said, I had to laugh at the vision of two people racing through episodes on their video iPods.

What, you can't even sit together and watch it?


August, a link to what? The Amazon listing? Too much work. Sorry. I'm lazy. And that's only if I can figure out what they all were. Here's what I can remember... Paul Westerberg Stereo, NoFX Wolves in Wolves' Clothing, Citizen Cope Every Waking Moment, Tenacious D Pick of Destiny, Subdudes Behind the Levee, and Jimmy Chamberlin Complex Life Begins Again. I can't remember the last one, though. Sorry.

Erin, completely delete it. Despite having a 30GB iPod, I still can't keep all my music on it. So even just in my library, it's still safe. When it's off, it's either pretty bad or I'm just downright sick of it.

Bre, more like "having fun with the delete key." ;-)

Dave, really? Wow. We just can't stop watching it and are feeling like we are in massive withdrawal at the moment. We want more. Of course, NBC just ordered six more scripts, so that's a good sign for a second season pickup. As for HIMYM, yeah, it was a good episode. We cheered as well. The only reason I didn't post about Monday shows was that we have yet to finish them all and I actually fell asleep through a couple (Two and a Half Men and King of Queens). I suppose I could just post about those I saw, though, right?

Belinda, wow. Your hubby doesn't like it? I find more women that love this unlikeliest of shows. Just a testament to how good it is if women can like it. But not good that some men don't. Weird. Ninja Warrior? I will have to check that out. I also need to watch Snakes on a Plane again because the guy who plays Riggins (Taylor Kitsch who just turned 26 this past Monday) was in it as a guy named Kyle and I want to figure out who that is. The surfer in the beginning, perhaps?

Eileen, actually, we did watch one or two in each other's presence. Really sad, to be honest. A husband and wife sitting in their living rooms each plugged into their own iPods (we don't watch on the computer because our "desk chairs" are uncomfortable; the iPod was the only way to do it). But, for the most part, we were just watching in spare moments that we could find. Lunch breaks at work, spare time at home, during workouts, etc. Yep, sad. But we had to watch. Great show!

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