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Fox fur on my back, bow tie 'round my neck...

Just a few quickies...

Chicago got Joakim Noah! Chicago got Joakim Noah! Yeah, buddy. You bring that bad ass bow tie and 'fro to the United Center, okay?


I must ask, though, what is it with Chicago pro sports teams and athletes from the University of Florida? I think half the Chicago Bears squad are former Gators.

Hey look! It's Katie and me as Simpsons characters! Okay, I was being a bit overly optimistic about my physique. It's not quite that. But it will be sometime soon if I can get off my butt and in a gym. And I hate that the only goatee has no smile. I'm one grim lookin' mofo. Katie is hot, though. See? I told you I'd post a picture of her new hairstyle, didn't I?


Make your own at the Simpsons movie site and click on "Create Your Simpsons Avatar" at the top. Thanks for the tip, Dave!

Lyrical Challenge:
Okay, let's do this thing!

I was thinking of shaking things up a bit with some new twists, but the creativity is still lacking and I'm due at work soon. So let's do this just like last time, okay?

What I want to do is have all of you suggest lyrics for me for a post. I will pick out a few of my favorite suggestions and blog using them as the driving theme. Whether the post actually winds up being what you expect it to be is something we'll all discover together. If I only get a few suggestions, I'll eventually post about them all. If I get a ton, I will hold a vote like last time to give you some more input.

A few caveats...

  1. These must be real songs and ones I either already know or I can find and listen to easily enough. So, in addition to the lyric, I will also need the band name and song title. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. KISS - Keep It Short and Sweet. I try to keep my post titles to a single line on my blog. Don't send me the entire chorus. Just pick a single line from the song.
  3. Be creative; but don't frighten me, please.
  4. No DiVinyl's "I Touch Myself." 'Nuff said.

The posting schedule remains to be determined based on participation.

I will give you through the weekend to come up with ideas. Sound good?