They cannot see me naked...
Fox fur on my back, bow tie 'round my neck...

I like American music...

Sorry about the delay on today's post.

What? You didn't even notice? Ah well. Such is life, right?

I dunno. I almost gave up on posting today simply because I couldn't think of a single thing to talk about.

August, who put up a brilliant guest post over on her "Karlipoo's" site for the Summer of Love, thought maybe I should talk about the whole Ann Coulter vs. Elizabeth Edwards thing that's been going on. No. I've wasted enough of my blog on that hate-mongering, bumbling, waste of human flesh (Ann, that is, and what little "human flesh" there actually is).

Then I thought about finally using an old idea I had considered a couple days ago regarding the demoralization of our society. Meh, boring. It's all been done before.

So what am I left with? A bunch of cursing and praising, that's what!

  • Cursing my writer's block.
  • Praising myself for making English muffin pizzas for breakfast this morning (with muenster and pepperoni). Yum!
  • Cursing Jill Jichetti for making me suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to download some Violent Femmes from iTunes.
  • Praising Katie's hairdresser, Amy, for giving her a great bob cut and light reddish hair with blonde highlights. Hot! (pictures coming soon, I promise). I've taken to either saying "Hola Roja" ("Hello Red") in her presence or just calling her "my Rojita" ("my little red"). I don't know if that last one could ever be considered proper Spanish, but it's good enough in my book.

Other than that... I got nuthin'!

I'm thinking I might do another lyrical challenge just to spice things up a bit. Would you all be willing to play again?


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Oh damn and I was coming here to try and wheedle my brain into action - I've got less than nothing today... I think I'll have a little nap and hope the dream fairies plant some seeds!


I'll come play! Your music tastes are similar but also very different from mine so it's a good guessing game for me!


PS I see you are listening to "Foiled". What songs do you like?


I say download the Violent Femmes. Now I'm going to have to play the CD.


The Femmes are playing Ventura next month. Time for you and Katie to visit LA? Come on, Femmes and free day at Disneyland (I'll totally take y'all.) Perfect!

PS-- lyrical challenge sounds like fun.


Hey... I noticed you posted late! Just imagine my disappointment when I logged on at work, first thing in the morning (as always), to find out what your words of wisdom du jour would be, to find NOTHING. Geez. Better late than never, I guess. ;)


Bec, me wheedle your brain? Now I know you're in trouble.

Hilly, I might try a new spin on it this time. We shall see. As for Blue October, I like Into the Ocean, What if We Could, Hate Me, Drilled a Wire. There aren't any I don't like, though.

Dagny, I wasn't contemplating downloading the Femmes. I actually did. I was cursing her after the fact.

Erin, that does sound like fun. But, as always, it's money. Stupid money.

Amie, me? Words of wisdom? You lead a very sheltered life, don't you? ;-)


to make it proper spanish i think it'd have to be "mi rojita" but you're so close you could pass. can't wait to see pics. i almost didn't post today either. must be something in the air.


The fact that you took the time to remark on Katie's new do is totally worth even stopping by today. :)
I had blog funk too. Not a typical entry at all for me today, but it got lots of discussion, so there you go.


sizzle, actually I do use the "mi" before it, I just didn't type it that way. I was afraid to not post for fear I would start down that slippery slope of posting less and less. I've already given up weekends.

diane, the blogosphere is fickle like that, isn't it? You put up something you think is totally worthless and it takes off. Weird.


Of course we'd be willing to play, silly boy. I have been saving a slew of one liners just for you... hahaha


That scares me.

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