They cannot see me naked...
Fox fur on my back, bow tie 'round my neck...

I like American music...

Sorry about the delay on today's post.

What? You didn't even notice? Ah well. Such is life, right?

I dunno. I almost gave up on posting today simply because I couldn't think of a single thing to talk about.

August, who put up a brilliant guest post over on her "Karlipoo's" site for the Summer of Love, thought maybe I should talk about the whole Ann Coulter vs. Elizabeth Edwards thing that's been going on. No. I've wasted enough of my blog on that hate-mongering, bumbling, waste of human flesh (Ann, that is, and what little "human flesh" there actually is).

Then I thought about finally using an old idea I had considered a couple days ago regarding the demoralization of our society. Meh, boring. It's all been done before.

So what am I left with? A bunch of cursing and praising, that's what!

  • Cursing my writer's block.
  • Praising myself for making English muffin pizzas for breakfast this morning (with muenster and pepperoni). Yum!
  • Cursing Jill Jichetti for making me suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to download some Violent Femmes from iTunes.
  • Praising Katie's hairdresser, Amy, for giving her a great bob cut and light reddish hair with blonde highlights. Hot! (pictures coming soon, I promise). I've taken to either saying "Hola Roja" ("Hello Red") in her presence or just calling her "my Rojita" ("my little red"). I don't know if that last one could ever be considered proper Spanish, but it's good enough in my book.

Other than that... I got nuthin'!

I'm thinking I might do another lyrical challenge just to spice things up a bit. Would you all be willing to play again?