The Internal Battle (or: on women and sex)

First of all, hi! I'm rather pumped to be guest-blogging for the fabulous Kevin while him and Katie live it up in Vegas. I should point out that I kind of suck for not writing this until almost 3 p.m. ET on my assigned guest-blogging day, but I have a really good reason; I was on a date last night which...well, went long.

Anyway. Without revealing details of said date, I'd like to ask the girls in the blogosphere for a bit of back-up here. I'm guessing that at some point, most -- if not all -- of you, have been having some PG fun with a guy and gotten to the point where the Motion Picture Association could either include a scene and make it an R movie, or delete said scene and keep it PG or PG-13 (side note: am I taking the movie metaphor too far? I may be). And in your head, I'm guessing that the thought dialogue during such a situation would go something like this --

"Let's go! This ROCKS! Yay!"

"We can't do that; it's not time yet, and it could make everything weird."

"I want to do it! Go! Go! Go!!"

"What if he turns all weird after this happens. Will he respect us?"


"I don't think it's a good idea. We shouldn't."

"But we want to!"

And so on.

I refer to this scenario as The Internal Battle and honestly can't remember a time where I've chosen to...make a movie R-rated...where I haven't gone through said battle. So my question to you is, how do you balance a healthy libido with the self-doubt which accompanies choosing to embrace said libido? Or is that even possible?

And Kevin, are you impressed that more than one person who's guest-blogged has made this vaguely sexual?

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Is it sad that I can't even remember the last time I had to have an internal battle?!


It's a challenge but for me it comes down to figuring out if it's worth waiting for at all. If I think that this will only be something that I want in the next 15 minutes, I probably won't ... up the ratings so to speak. If it seems like something I might enjoy for the next 15 months... well that's a horse of a different color!

But, to be perfectly fair, I must admit that sometimes I've just wanted to be a little R rated and not looked deep into the future. Sometimes a mindless action flick is just the ticket.


I just give it up then see where the chips fall ;).

I'm sorta kidding. I think it all depends on how long I have known the person, what I want and how I perceive them to be. I've been lucky enough to always make the jump from just friends to more so of course it is an easier decision to get funkay earlier than I would normally.

Theoretically, a new guy will respect you more if you hold off anyway!


oh i know that battle. being drunk helps curb that battle. i jest. men do tend to respect you if you hold out.


That's a hard call. I agree with some of the others here. If you see this as something that can last then the R rating is much more tempting. Course, there's nothing wrong with a lot of snogging and getting heated up, even if the R rating doesn't happen that night.


Finally! A sex-related topic where being married is an advantage!!!! Woo hoo!


I'm a guy, I don't have that problem, sorry. :)


The question that must be asked is whether the movie was watchable. If yes, tame yourself. If no, give your fellow moviegoers something worthwhile to watch.

Oh wait, you weren't actually in a theater, were you? The metaphors screwed with my head a bit. Sorry.

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