Welcome back...

What the holy heck happened here while I was gone?

My stats are through the roof, subscribers to the site are way up, and all my guest bloggers get a ton more comments than I get? On my own site??? Is this a sign that it's time for me to give it up and just let you all take over? Wow.

But I suppose this is what I get for letting the peanut gallery run rampant here on kapgar... they all bring their own nuts along with them. Hmmm.

I must take a second to thank all my guest bloggers. While I have not yet had a chance to read all the guest posts, what I have read has rocked! You are all awesome and very near and dear to my hearts. If I had a cool Friendship Circle rating system like Dave does (I'd link if I could find it on his site), you'd all be Circle 1. But I am curious how Dave's post yesterday wound up attributed to Snackie. Did I miss something?

So how was Vegas? Quite nice! Thanks for asking. We really did have a blast to be perfectly honest with you. Much moreso than I ever thought possible or ever wanted to have considering I was not looking forward to going. The ironic thing about it all is now that we've gone, I don't think we're welcome back. Katie and I violated two cardinal rules of vacationing in the city of Lost Wages.

  1. We came back with more cash than we left with.
  2. Despite being in the city of sin and buffets, we lost weight. This has never happened to us on a vacation ever before in our lives. We're shocked.

How much money and how much lost weight? For money, not a lot, but enough to make us smile. And I dunno the number of pounds exactly but I forgot to put a belt on my shorts one day and they were literally dragging down to my hips and Katie was hiking up her bridesmaid dress the entire night of the wedding. As much of an inconvenience as that may be, they are more than welcome and we hope they decide to extend their stay with other outfits we own.

Vegas itself was quite nice. But a week there is far too long. We were dying to come home by Friday of last week. However, I have compiled a list of things I learned about vacationing in Las Vegas in an extended post should you be so interested.

  • First-class travel? Not worth the money really. Yeah, you get free food and drink and the seats are bigger. But, in our plane at least, the section of the plane is old, the seats are really not that much more comfortable, you're still stuck with the crappy ceiling mounted television to watch the same canned programming.
  • However, the warm, wet towels in first class? So not an urban myth! Although we only were given them on the flight out and not the return leg.  
  • Flying over the southwest United States really reminds you how beautiful this Earth truly is. Some of the most stunning visuals to which I've ever had the privilege of witnessing. The essay I wrote about it in-flight is forthcoming.
  • WiFI in O'Hare Airport sucks. My Palm Pilot could not connect to it because their login and disclaimer screens were incompatible.
  • WiFi in the Centurion Tower of Caesar's Palace is non existent. So I had no access to the Web the entire week save for one time I snuck on for a couple minutes in the wedding planner's office. Oddly enough, I really didn't miss not having a connection.
  • After a week away from the Web and work, I am scared to see how many posts I have waiting in Google Reader and how many e-mails await me in both my personal and work accounts. Gah!
  • No matter how many times we reconsidered what we packed and how many times we pulled extra crap out of our bags, we still overpacked by a long shot.
  • You do not need a rental car in Vegas.
  • The pools at Caesar's are awesome and, apparently, fifty million other people agree with me as finding chaise lounges near any of the five pools is an exercise in futility.
  • Dry heat is fan-friggin-tastic! I hate heat because I despise sweating and anything above 85 degrees in Chicagoland usually makes me sweat because of our constantly high humidity levels. Temperatures averaged about 103 in Vegas and I never sweat once because it was dry heat! I loved, loved, loved it! Oh, and it was great on my allergies too! I don't quite understand why it is that dry heat never made me sweat, but I will not complain about it at all!
  • I really am capable of tanning without burning!
  • There are some people in this world that make me ashamed of being both male and human. That story will be coming soon. Remind me if I forget.
  • Do not forget chargers for electronic equipment. This is the first trip we had everything we need and we are quite thankful. I had to recharge my digicam three times during the week.
  • As much as I love my video iPod, Dave is right, you don't really ever need much more than a Shuffle or a Nano when traveling. I brought my first gen Shuffle and Katie brought the second gen Shuffle we just bought her and they were perfect for everything.
  • Speaking of Nanos, there is no better surprise in the world than discovering that your grandmother (I've called her "Nano" as long as I've been alive), who was not supposed to be able to make the trip out for the wedding due to travel option limitations, decided to spend two and a half days on a bus from Florida, just because.
  • But it would've been better to have made this discovery and welcome her while sober. How many of you can say your grandmother has seen you drunk?
  • And this is only because Rocco, Limo Driver Extraordinaire, rocks! I do have his contact information if you'd like it.
  • Orbitz's cell phone flight notification system is great! If only they could get their e-mail system to work as well. Apparently our flight information (time and flight numbers) were changed back in February and they never once notified us via e-mail like they promise to. We only found out because my dad called in a day or two before we left Chicago. But I received four automated calls from Orbitz for the return flight yesterday.
  • Messes and home improvement projects you leave at home are still there when you get back. Damn!
  • No matter how much a hotel room costs and how many stars it may receive from travel guides, their beds and pillows will never compare to what you have in your own bedroom.
  • Dorothy was right... there's no place like home.
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Part of that mess awaiting you upon arrival at home might have been made by some of us guest posters. We had a ball while you were gone.

Dave had to step away from Internet land for a personal thing so he had Hilly post his post for him.


Sounds like a good trip! Now I want to go visit my good friend who lives in Vegas. I am with you on the dry heat. My favorite place I have ever lived was Arizona.


What? There aren't any little gnomes who clean up the messes while you're gone? Hmmm. I'm going to have to rethink that vacation.


Yes, I followed Sizzle all the way over here... but then decided to stay! Welcome home... :)


glad to have you back, brother!


You DO sweat. It's just that Vegas is so damn dry, the sweat dries as it's created, making it do what sweat is supposed to do: Cool you. I too love love LOVE it!!!

My sister has the same deal with her allergies. She always feels SOOO much better in Vegas. Apparently, neon has a low pollen count.

The over-crowded pool is a fact of life in Vegas. Because it's so damn hot! Every hotel's pool area is crowded. What really pisses me off is that so few hotels have pools that are open 24 hours, or even past 10 pm. Why? Because they want you in their nice air-conditioned casinos, not lolling in the pool at midnight. And that's a HUGE reason why I prefer my sister's condo there to a hotel.

And the hotel bed statement? Is only true if you have a great bed at home. Personally, I have never yet found one that compares to the beds at Sam's Town. Seriously to lay down and die for.

God, I can't WAIT to go to Vegas in August!!!!!


Welcome home!! Glad you had a good trip, and I can't wait to hear some of the tidbits above fleshed out a bit more. Nothing like a good vacation to reinvigorate the ol' blog! :)


I am so glad you are back! It was awesome to be a freak in your zoo but your posts are so missed!

I always sweat in Vegas, especially in the summer...but you are right that it is much different than any other kind of sweating! Caesar's, as you know, is my favorite hotel in Vegas but only if I can stay in the Augustus Tower! The last time I was there, the pools were crowded so we just stalked people until they left ;).

I think it is great that you lost weight, gained money and had an overall great time....and yea, a week killed me too.


I SO want to hear the story behind this one: There are some people in this world that make me ashamed of being both male and human. That story will be coming soon. Remind me if I forget.

Welcome back!!


New to your blog as I followed the guest bloggers here. Nice recap of vegas, sounds like a great time. I'm going again next month but not just for fun. I look forward to the heat for some odd reason. I also hate the way you can never get a seat by the pool unless you get up super early and I never get up super early in vegas.


Hey, we missed you! I must admit though, I thoroughly enjoyed the guest bloggers.


Yay, glad everything worked out...gained money and lost weight, sweet! You were missed, but your crazy friends kept your blog goin' strong!


Ha ha-- that's awesome. Yeah, I, uh, just didn't feel right commenting until you got back.


Good to have you back, Kevin!


How many of you can say your grandmother has seen you drunk?

I can. I think my grandma was the first person to get me drunk. Yeah, my family's pretty fun.

Glad you had fun in Vegas, but you're right about the three days is enough. I can't stand more than that and I'm usually good with just two. I'm supposed to go in August, we'll see how that goes. Glad to see you're back!

steppingover thejunk

I love dry heat. It can be 90 and dry and I am fine. 90 and humid, I practically wilt and die. Never been to Vegas...it kind of scares me...I don't want to see any prostitutes...or lose money.

I WOULD though, like to see the Cirque Du Soleil show there and sit by a pool for days on end reading trashy novels.

Mama Maven

Welcome home. Nice post. I'm glad you had fun, and I am looking forward to the detailed bits later on. I hate coming home only to remember that the projects are still there in the exact state I left them in.


I guess I should check who was logged in last before I post accidentally as my lovely wife Mama Maven. :)


Your vacation sounds like just what I want! I like First class for international flights - it's much swankier and you get more perks!

Welcome back , we missed ya around here!


My Granny (never Gramdma or Grandmother or even Gran) was the first person to get me drunk at an age so yound i can't remmeber it. "It's okay, just let the baby have a little sip or this incredly potent red liquid. She'll like it."

And, oh, did I!

Welsome back, sorely missed.


Karl, were you guys partying without me? Again?

tori, I gotta hit up Arizona some time soon.

Dagny, I thought I had paid those gnomes sufficiently ahead of time. Apparently not.

sue, thanks for sticking around!

sizzle, glad to be back, sister.

SJ, past 10? None of them made it past 8. Caesar's was only open to 6 for the time being.

diane, here's hoping for the reinvigoration.

Hilly, I think a stalking from you and your man would scare me off too! :-P

Sandra, it's forthcoming. Promise.

Patty, getting up early in Vegas is painful. Welcome aboard!

Elaine, did you enjoy them... sniffle... more than me? I KNEW IT!!!

Foo, even stronger than I carry it. Scares me.

Greg, I accept your exclusivity with open arms!

claire, thanks!

Erin, your grandma was the first? Sweet!

sotj, which Cirque show? They had five. Literally.

Mama/g-man, darn. I was hoping I scored yet another new reader. I was also hoping that they would disappear. The projects, that is.

Bre, how expensive are those flights?

Bec, too cool! I hate to ask what it was she soused you with.


Welcome back! I can't imagine a whole week in Vegas, the most I've done is four days. By the end my eyes were so red and dry from the smoke that I could barely open them.


I know the feeling. Visine and Benadryl became our friends.


Welcome back sweety. I'm glad you had a faboolus time.


twas faboolus indeed.


I have to go to Vegas for work next month. Never been. Never wanted to go. Please tell me something good about the place so I won't dread it for the next five weeks.


I dreaded it, too. But it was much more fun than I ever expected. Honestly. If you want some fun, head to the Paris and hit a piano bar called Napoleon's any night but Monday for Dueling Pianos (http://www.myspace.com/parispianos). They are hilarious and will make it all worthwhile.

Oh, and tell them I sent you. If you tell them that they sang a variation of Lemonheads "It's a Shame About Ray" for my brother who was getting married, the bald guy will know exactly who I am.

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