Fuel is pumping engines...
If you want me, I'll be in the bar...

The world is a vampire, set to dra-ee-aa-ee-ain...

I truly hate when this happens.

I had what I thought were two great ideas for posts in my head yesterday. I worked them through and began to flesh them out a bit before my softball game. They were prepped to the point where all I had to do was type them out.

But did I?

Nope. I was sitting in my truck and didn't have a computer or a connection.

So I thought I'd grab my Moleskine and write them out. I had the notebook nearby, but, get this, no pen. My truck regularly has three or four pens floating around in it. This time, though, the time when I actually need them? Nada!

And, now, they go bye-bye.

That would've been two posts in the can and ready to go.

Then I thought maybe I'd resort to the aforementioned Moleskine and see what stories I've written in it that I could share. But, as mentioned before, it's all the way out in my truck and, well, I'm not. And I'm just too lazy to grab it right now even though my garage door is not that far away. By the time, I finally considered this as a viable option, it was already about ten minutes before I need to leave for work. If I were to spend the time flipping through it to find a story and then retype it, I'd wind up late.

So basically you're getting bupkis today. How sad is that? You come over here hoping for some story in which I embarrass myself immensely, like so many of my stories have done lately, and I greet you with an admission of defeat.

I'm sorry. Truly. So in light of this, it's probably a good thing that the results of the Lyrical Challenge voting are in so I now have ideas.

The winning lyric, and first one I plan to post about, is:

  • Bec with "If you want me I'll be in the bar" from Joni Mitchell's "A Case Of You"

That'll be an easy one. Got plenty of bar stories to choose from. Mostly the kind in which you don't enjoy waking up the next morning.

Tied in second place, we have:

  • Odie with "I have no fear of falling, but I hate hitting the ground" from The Badlees' "Fear of Falling"
  • metalmom's "There's bloodstains on my ax and I don't know where I've been" from Megadeth's "Sweating Bullets"

I have no idea what I'm doing on that last one but the first won't be so bad.

And tied in third, we have:

  • SJ's "I hear something there in the shadow down the hall..." from Concrete Blonde's "Bloodletting"
  • Erin's "I don't do love, I don't do women named Hannah, I don't do red head girls from Lou'siana" from the Old 97s' "Coahuila."

You might find this odd, but that Lou'siana lyric won't really be all that tough considering I dated a N'awlins girl just before I met Katie. And, while I know what SJ is looking for with her lyric, I don't feel like rehashing an old story, so I'll have to come up with something new.

As for a posting schedule, I know I promised you one, but that may not happen. With how uninspired I tend to feel on any given day, I may wind up doing one of these a week or as many as all five, just 'cause. Having people suggest a theme on which I can blog is going to be a saving grace especially considering how empty my brain was this morning (no comments from the Peanut Gallery, 'tay?). I will guarantee that Bec's lyric will be posted on next week. Probably Monday or Tuesday.

If your lyric wasn't selected, fear not. It is likely I may use it in the near future anyway. There were some really great suggestions, and one comment I particularly liked from The Exception was that I blog on all of them. Maybe I will. But you'll have to wait and see.

Yeah, somehow I'm not sure that typing all this out really took less time than it would have for me to grab my Moleskine and just steal something from it.


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I hate when inspiration hits at a time when there's nothing I can do about it! You just hook me in every day with your titles.


some days are just like that. i hate when i don't have a pen!

kevin, you could write about breakfast and i'd still read it. it's friday- don't be so hard on yourself. ;)


What I was *hoping* for with my suggestion was an UPDATE on the ghost story. No more manifestation or midnight visitations? SIGH.

I tend to get great inspirations either while I'm driving or in bed, and I too usually lose them before getting to the keyboard. I even tried keeping a notepad by my bed, but I never wanted to wake up enough to use it.

The air is full of Pulitzer-caliber blogposts that have escaped capture...


I actually love reading that things like this happen to people other than me! I think it is cool that you typed it all out. Can't wait to read the upcoming posts!


I'm glad I'm not alone. I don't know how many times I'll lay in bed and in a half-awake state will put together the perfect post, but either don't have the pen, paper or computer handy to get it down... SURE that I will remember it because it was of COURSE witty and well-written. *cough* Well, shit. I'm just glad someone who is such a popular blogger as yourself can do these kinds of things too. Gives hope to us "little people"...


metalmom, sometimes the titles are the toughest part.

sizzle, be careful what you wish for, I may just live blog my breakfast sometime. Heh.

SJ, I must admit that's the first time I've ever heard Pulitzer used in reference to blogging. That would be an interesting twist on that prize, wouldn't it?

tori, I really can't wait to write them either. A couple, should they turn out as I'm envisioning them in my head, will be cool... I hope.

sue, oh I'm just a little person, too. I'm waiting for someone like Dave or Wil Wheaton to admit to it and then I'll feel good. ;-)


At least you had paper nearby. Usually when I am struck with inspiration like that I have neither pen nor paper.


A lot of good the paper did. I suppose I could've bled on it.


I used to always carry a sketch pad with me...now I am like you, pens galore when I don't need them...searching high and low when I do...and I'm a girl with a purse, no excuses!


That happens to me an awful lot - luckily I usually have eyeliner, lipliner, or some sort of makeup product that I can use as a pen! :)


I am having a small cheer to celebrate winning but I think the only reason this lyric won is because there has got to be an embarrassing story at the end of it...

Just think this is the greatest thing I've achieved ll week - how tragic is that?!


Foo, definitely no excuses. ;-)

Bre, I think you all would worry even more about me if my story finished with, "so I pulled out my handy eyeliner and wrote away!" Don't you think?

Bec, we take our victories when they come regardless of size or importance. You go, girl!

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