I have no fear of falling, but I hate hitting the ground...
I got 99 problems...

Between a rock and a hard place...

Some snippets for you today...

Typepad Outage
Yes, Typepad, the host of this and many other blogs, had a service hiccup yesterday and the system went down. Not sure how long it lasted or how many were affected, but we're back! All of us! We never left you, we swear! We're here waiting for you! Off the top of my head, this would include me, Karl, Hilly, and Nat. Not sure who else.

Lindsay Lohan
Okay, I've had enough. Less than two weeks out of rehab, after agreeing to wear a BAC anklet, you still get busted, yet again, for DUI and cocaine possession. Sorry, don't expect any sympathy from me. You need to disappear for about 5-10 years and then try a comeback. Just leave. Please. And get away from your mom. She's not helping matters at all.

No. Neither Katie nor I have even started Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yet. We haven't had time. So you won't be seeing a review from me anytime soon. Sorry.

And, is it just me, or is there actually someone else out there that's not really in the mood to read this book just yet? I'm so turned off by all the hype right now that I need a little distance. But I know if I do, I stand a much greater chance of accidentally ruining the ending via Web browsing. So I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. Wait to read it until I'm in the mood and will enjoy it or read it now so the ending can't be ruined? Gah!!!

But I am about to turn on a friend to the wonder that is Christopher Moore's Lamb and Joshua Braff's The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green. I'm loaning her my copies. I've been hyping up these books to her so much that I hope she's not let down or she'll likely never listen to my opinion ever again. And that would be a travesty!

Robot Chicken
I have become an addict of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. Yes, some of the sketches can be stupid every once in a while, but the good ones more than make up for it. Rainbow Brite? Enter the Fat One? The Star Wars special? Great stuff! God bless TiVo!

A coworker turned me on to the music of Andrew Bird recently. So I picked up Armchair Apocrypha and, damn, if it isn't a great album! Then my coworker has the gall to tell me that it's not even his best album (in her opinion). What are you trying to do to me!?!? I'm attempting to trim my iTunes library!

If this little garden fortification doesn't stop those damn bunnies, I don't know if anything will short of a well-placed landmine. Yeah, I've got the Fort Knox of gardens going on right now.

Fort Knox


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LL - it makes me sad more than anything else. She is careening out of control and no one is willing to step up and tell her to cut it the hell out. I worry for these young starlet folks because they are surrounded by yes men and sycophants... It's a sad life to not have any real friends or a parent who is willing to parent.

Harry - I didn't think I'd be in the mood for it, but I got dragged along to a release party and started reading while I waited for others. Incredibly good. I adored it.

bunnies can't you just pee in the garden? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought the scent of predators scared them away?


I finally read 'Lamb' last month. Loved it. Am in the middle - closer to the end, really - of 'Deathly Hallows'. My main reason for reading it now is that I didn't want the ending to be spoiled for me.

Haven't we already had the rabbit discussion?


Maybe Lindsay thought she was just getting some extra publicity for her new movie. Nah. She is just in desperate need of a lot of help.

I finished the new HP book on Saturday but I won't ruin the ending for you.

I saw Seth Green on some show discussing "Robot Chicken," specifically the Star Wars special. I had a feeling that you would be a fan of the show and am surprised that you haven't mentioned it sooner.


Shoot. I jsut posted my comment at the end of the wrong entry. Kind of day it's been.


That is very weird about Typepad, because LiveJournal was out last night too. It's a conspiracy!
I love Robot Chicken, and I am soooo happy that all the sketches are available online, so I do not even have to miss my cable for that. God bless you, Seth Green.


Bre didn't close her bold tag, nyah nyah nyah nyah ;).

Um anyway....when I actually had TIME to sit and read blogs yesterday, half of them were out! I was so frustrated!


I love Andrew Bird. I'm going to have to pick up the new one, along with the new Tegan & Sara. So much music, so little time!

I am in the 3% of the universe that hasn't read or seen any Harry Potter. I know. For shame!


As A Seth Green Fan, I stay up late for Robot Chicken. I find myself clucking the theme song in the shower!

LL is desprately trying to get publicity and I think she shot herself in the foot with this one. Public opinion has skewed away from these girls and now its just another way for news outlets to gather 'news' with out using their own brains to find true "News"


I was affected by the TP outage, thanks for noticing :o) Could care less about Lindsey, and I'm totally stoked to read HP - Dan is obsessed with Robot Chicken. We have season's 1 and 2. Wonder Showzen is another favorite of his. My brain bleeds when I watch both...I hold back laughter acting like it's really not funny...don't want him telling me, I told you so. Hah!


Bre, I tried a reformulated fox urine and it works to some degree. But you have to keep spraying it and it just washes off each time it rains and the odds of me remembering to go out there is slim to none. So fencing it is.

Odie, we have had the discussion. This is the escalation of the war.

Dagny, I actually just became a fan of it as a result of the Star Wars special. I'd heard of it but never bothered to tune in. Now I'm hooked.

Nat, 'tis a weird day indeed.

diane, it's an anti-blogging conspiracy!

Hilly, fixed. HA!

sizzle, his new one is great. I forgive you for Harry because it's you. And that's the only reason.

metalmom, just DVR it and then you can sleep and enjoy it!

Foo, sorry. I think that means I forgot RadioactiveTori as well, eh? Robot Chicken is on DVD???


You're just getting into Robot Chicken now? Geez, Kevin... and yeah, it's on dvd and online. There's even commentary for all the Star Wars sketches online.


Okay, so I'm a bit slow out of the starting gate...


I, too, fortified the garden as the "liquid fence" (that is guarenteed) has to be resprayed over and over and over and I actually HAVE a life thankyouverymuch. The rest of the flowers I let the bunny have. So be it.


sue, the Liquid Fence works great, but smells like death.


I know I'm a couple days late and several dollars short on this one, but I just got around to reading and saw the notation: "Moore/Braff" and thought it was news about a possible Mandy Moore/Zach Braff relationship rekindling. Two things that are weird about that, I was momentarily excited at the prospect and those two are my first thoughts when I see Moore/Braff. I gotta stop going to perezhilton.com so much.


I never even made that association. That is far too funny.

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