It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you...
Fuel is pumping engines...

Will I be on the streets tomorrow...

How about some random snippets today?

Stupid Blonde Reporter:
Amy Jacobson of NBC 5 news in Chicago has negotiated a release from her contract. She's pretty well known around these parts and now even moreso. Why? Because the idiot was caught on tape in a bikini and towel at the house of Craig Stebic, the husband of missing mom Lisa Stebic, a story that Jacobson has been reporting on since the beginning.

Her excuse? She was on her way to a health club and received a call from the sister of the missing woman and turned immediately back around to head to the husband's house, bikini and all.

Now explain to us all why he (one of the PD's top suspects, by the way) was in a swimsuit, as well, and you were eating food at his place with his kids around, huh?

People claimed she was getting some nice exclusives. Now we know why.

And NBC has already pulled her from their Web site. Nice.

Update: Found out the kids were hers, not Craig's. So she had her own kids along with her while doing some "investigative reporting."

Smarter Blonde Reporter:
Ivanka Trump on The View? Wow, that might've even given me enough reason to watch that cacklefest. Sadly, 'tis not meant to be.

Davecago, Take 2:
So, some of you may have heard of this obscure guy named David Simmer II. Perhaps you've seen the name Blogography around the Intarwebs? Well, maybe one or two of you anyway. He's coming to town in August and is trying to pull together a mass meeting of fellow D-list bloggers (I KID!) for a night of pizza and brew in the Loop. Anybody interested?

Graverunners Union:
I was driving home when I noticed some kids practicing baseball. No big deal, right? Wrong. Their practice field was right beside a graveyard.

Catch that last part?

Right ... Beside ... A ... Graveyard

That's when I came up with the coolest idea for coaching motivation ever!!!! The coach needs to show up with two bat bags. When speaking to the team, the coach motions to the first bag, full of bats, and says, "if you don't learn to use these," he then turns to the second bag, full of shovels, and says, "you'll learn to use these."

Think it might work?

Parental Guidance:
I'm so ashamed. Stupid freakin' New Year's Resolution!!!!

Online Dating

Hilly, I think I need you to guest blog again and up my rating. Think you can pull off an NC17 for me in a single post, hon?

Dilbert Porn:
I got this from my desk calendar a couple weeks ago (it's a few years old, otherwise, based on date of original publication). Simply put... best. Dilbert. ever.


And a happy Hump Day to you, too!


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Mass meeting? Heck, I'd still be happy if it was just you and Katie who showed up!

But, as it turns out, there are some really amazing bloggers RSVP-ing, so it promises to be a great meet-up again this year!


Item 1 - Unbelievable. Truly.
Happy Hump Day to YOU, too~~~


I too have a PG rating. Makes me think that I need to go back and re-edit some posts. Such a disappointment.

And that first item? Unreal. What a skank!


I used the word 'dead' once and I got an 'R' rating- really! But maybe the use of the word 'fuck' had something to do with it too!


i so wish i was going to be in chicago for that. there are a lot of chicago bloggers i want to meet!


Dave, I'm still not sure if Katie will be there. I hope so, but we shall see. Who all has RSVP'd?

sue, sick, isn't it?

Dagny, we need to up our cursage, don't we?

metalmom, I used "dead" as well and it still on got me a PG rating. "Kill" was in there, too. I guess those saved me from G-rated hell.

sizzle, c'mon out!


Boy, can I ever!!!! Just let me know the date and time and I will maybe even get you an "R" rating ;).


No no. It must be NC17. R is shooting too low! ;-)


I am trying to figure out this whole Amy Jacobson story... I can't decide if she is a dumb b*tch or if it is all being miss-represented.

And Steven and I RSVP'd for Davecago! WOO-HOO!


I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your random postings. This was my only aumsement for the day at work. Sigh...


Am I correct that it looks like CBS broke the Amy Jacobson story? If so that's really funny.
I e-mailed Dave directly, but I am definitely in for Davecago. Can't wait to see some new faces! (and enjoy the company of some other females this time too--ha ha)


kilax, you conned Steven into coming?? Sweet! Now I've gotta bring Katie.

Elaine, they are fun to compile... when there's enough good stuff to put in one of those posts, that is.

Diane, it was confirmed that CBS broke the story. And you'll also notice that everybody reported on her firing last night... save for NBC.

L.A. Daddy


I was rated "R" - except it was for "violent" words, not all the foul sailor-type language...

Maybe I need Hilly, too. Hilly!


I guess our world is just too desensitized to cursing. DAMMITALLTOHELL!!! ;-)


We used to play IN the graveyard.


I pray you don't fall forward on anything large and rocklike. But that might explain a few things about you...

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