If you want me, I'll be in the bar...
The time that I thought would last...

Don't need nothin' but a good time...

Change of pants? Check.

Clean T-shirt? Yep.

Boots? Uh-huh.

Camera? You betcha.

Pre- and post-show medication for the headbanging? Damn skippy. (I'm not as young as I used to be)

Willingness to just let loose and rock out live to one of my favorite bands of the 80s and early 90s tonight for the first time in 17 years? HELLS YEAH!

The Kapgar Summer Concert Series continues tonight with Poison and special guests Ratt and some other band at World Music... er, First Midwest Amphitheatre tonight. I seriously have not seen these guys live since 1990 when they were on the Flesh & Blood tour and Warrant opened for them. It was a great show by a band I worshipped and now I get to see them again.

Oh, and just like the Def Leppard show, it's free.

By the way, Def Leppard rocked. As did Foreigner and Styx. God I love Styx. Great friggin' band. And, they still rocked even playing second fiddle to Leppard. Got some pictures of the fun over on Flickr.

Totally Unrelated Aside (TUA):
I hate when this happens. Last night, Katie and I were reading in bed and I started falling asleep. So I put my book away, took off my glasses, shut off my light, and fell asleep. A while later, Katie decided to put down her book and try for some z's. As soon as she was done getting ready, I woke up. And I couldn't fall back asleep.

Completely unfair.


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Ratt? They are still playing music? Good god. Thought they'd all have haircuts and real jobs by now. Anyway...

And Styx... fronted by Gowan. (He had a few hits up here in the 80s. Aaaaaaaah... how I loved A Criminal Mind...)

For Free too. Tres cool.

mike j

hey Kev I will be there tonight too! I see them everytime they come and they still put on a great show. Still high energy and not quite losing steam yet. You will have fun hehe.


I saw Ratt in a bar last year and it was some high quality good times! Hope you enjoy your concerting!


At least our taste in music is different. If we liked the same music too, I would seriously wonder if you were my long lost twin seperated at birth.


My guess is that Katie slaps you across the face before retiring to be sure you know who's boss.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure she feels bad that it wakes you up!


Enjoy the concert!

I usually stay up a tad bit later than Hubs and read (in bed). He says he can't fall asleep unless I'm there... comforting to him somehow. If I go to sleep early he hates it.


you are one bad ass rawker!

whenever i start to feel like i am falling asleep while reading, the moment i turn off the light i feel awake again. bugger!!


Nat, real jobs??? The hell you say!

mikej, cool! Still got my phone number?

Bre, good. I'm looking forward to it.

August, I like the same music you do. I just happen to like a lot beyond just that. So we could still be twins.

Dave, I doubt she feels bad. ;-)

sue, it is comforting. No doubt about it.

sizzle, I hate how that happens.


*whining* I wanna have nothing but a good time!!Just rub salt in the aounds.:( Have a totally spectacular time. And USE THE CAMERA!!! And take pity... post a pic or two!


I need to get them processed, but I will share. Promise!

Mike J

Yes please share the photos please please my friend :) I told ya they still have a lot of energy out there!!! Ratt looked old and tired and Poison ran around like they did 15 yrs ago! Fun stuff/Good Times.


I will. It all depends on who is going to process the film for me at a decent price. I feel like I'm being tied over the rails in front of a train by some of these places I've asked who want to charge me anywhere from $6-10 per roll! A year ago, I was being charged a mere $2 per roll. I thought prices were supposed to go down as time went on, not up.


FILM?!?! What happened to your digital camera?

Def Leppard, mmmmm ...


My digicam doesn't have the zoom capabilities that my SLR does. Nothing quite like a 70-300 mm lens.

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