Will I be on the streets tomorrow...
The world is a vampire, set to dra-ee-aa-ee-ain...

Fuel is pumping engines...

More snippets...

Bend Over:
My chase yesterday morning to find that one last gas station in the suburbs that is charging south of $3.20 per gallon in light of a major recent spike made me recall this conversation I had with Katie on Tuesday. Sadly, all such related conversations tend to end this same way.

Katie: Damn! I wish I filled up my gas tank this morning!

Me: Why? Really good price? Like $3.05?

Katie: $3.00 on the money.

Me: Really? That's awesome!

Katie: Yeah, well now it's $3.29.


Yeah, it's true. One of my favorite stations spiked from $3.05 on Tuesday morning to $3.45 on Wednesday morning. This is just sick and wrong.

Can you tell I'm also trying to bump my site's rating a little bit? Don't hate me. I put my seventh of a gallon worth of change in the swear jar.

Slurpee80_2 80 Years:
Happy birthday to the 7-Eleven chain that turned 80 years old yesterday. How did they celebrate? By giving away 7.11 ounce Slurpees (well, "Squishees" now since they are still in the midst of The Simpsons' marketing juggernaut) on 7/11.

Yes, I got my freebie when I went in to pick up my fantasy football guide (you starting another blogger league, Brandon?) I never quite realized just how small 7.11 ounces was until I saw the cup. For your own reference, I've provided a picture of the cup next to a standard-sized wine cork.

Just a bit small. But still free. And I got The Simpsons' Blue Vanilla special flavor and, just like old times, I got a brain freeze. Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven!

A big thank you to my girl, Hilly, who, a week ago, provided me with a copy of the wav file containing the CTU office phone ringtone from the show 24. Although I couldn't figure out how at first, I finally managed to transfer it to my phone and set it up as my ringtone. Woo hoo! It's the coolest damn thing in the world!

If you'd like the CTU ringer as your own ringtone, send an e-mail to your cellphone (you'll have to figure that out on your own) and put the following code (between the brackets) in the body of the e-mail... [http://kapgar.typepad.com/CTU.mp3].

It should work. No guarantees, though. It worked on AT&T/Cingular for me, though, and when we uploaded Low Stars' "Calling All Friends" to Katie's phone.

If you haven't voted yet, please go back to the Lyrical Challenge page and pick your top two lyrics to serve as a theme for my blogging in the future. Voting will close tomorrow.


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Hmmm. Maybe I should get to work on my rating tomorrow. I just checked though. You apparently still have a PG rating. It may take several posts.

Also I had heard yesterday about the free slurpees but I was too lazy to head down the street to the nearest 7-Eleven.


Yeah, my Hubs called it months ago when fuel got above $2 and we were all shocked. He said someday it would be above $3 and we'd all be thrilled to see it back to $2. Nuts, I tell ya.


I was just wondering if Brandon was doing another league this year.

I also want to try that ringtone. I use Alltel. Thanks. I'll let you know later if it works.


yesterday i saw gas for under $3.00. i am totally going to fill up on the way into work.

7.11 is like a dixie cup! but yeah, it was free so no complaining. ;)


It's still in the 2.90s here, but that's actually up an awful lot from the 2.50s a few weeks ago.

Freaking president.


We're gonna start a ringtone revolution! Those bastards at AT&T can't mess with me!

Uhmmm, and have I told you how jealous I am that you have a Kwik-E-mart?


Ha! Right before bed last night, I looked at my phone and realized it was 7/11. And immediately I thought, aw nuts, I bet 7-11 was giving out free Slurpees today and I missed it! 7oz or not, free is free! :-)


I love me the slushee! (what theslurpee/squishee is imaginatively called here!) I want one but it's too cold to go outside... and it's raining. This I have an ice pop in the fridge! bad substitute I know but needs must!


Dagny, too lazy for FREE?? For shame!

Sue, my dad and I have been saying that for a year or two now. It's sad that we have to, though.

August, I hope he is. I want in!

sizzle, be happy you don't have to worry about special reformulated gas jacking your prices through the roof. Stupid Blago (our Governor Blagojevich).

Bre, I'd kill for 2.90s.

Hilly, heck yeah! And I loaded The Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait" to my phone this morning. I love that it worked! Thanks again!

diane, damn right free is free!

Bec, you must go for the real thing!


That blue vanilla squishee is the best! I hope they keep it after the movie promos go away. Momentarily re-entering NannyMode: And I hope you put another seventh of a gallon worth of change for that 'damn' down at the end, there. Thought we wouldn't notice, eh? Exiting NannyMode, hopefully this time for good. :)


This doesn't relate to your post, but I had a weird dream about you and Katie last night! (Actually, it was this morning right before I woke up).

We were meeting at an amusement park, and after I parked my car you two walked towards the entrance even though I needed to get my purse/wallet/etc. Then someone came up and got into my car and drove it away! Weird...


Erin, you're too good. Fine, another 1/7th is going in the till.

kilax, I'm honored! You're the first virtual stranger to admit to having had a dream about me. Sick girl. BTW that was the hood I paid to steal your car. We're splitting the profits. You did dream up something nice like an MG or a Bentley, right?


Sorry to disappoint you Kevin - it was my parent's old blue van, complete with paint peeling off. The hood could use it for their drug runs, at least.


I put some change in the swear jar today! I work for Bud.TV, have you seen the Swear Jar video on the site yet? So funny!


What?! There are still folks buying gas for under $3? It's been so long since I've seen gas for under $3 that it all seems like a dream.


I'm absolutely doing the fantasy football thing this year. It's funny that you should mention it because I was just thinking that I needed to get it setup. Look for more this weekend.


kilax, big bummer. You're supposed to dream up something nice for us to steal!

StLax, I can't say I have. I'll go check that out sometime soon.

Dagny, I managed it once in the last few months. $2.98 to be exact. However, four months ago, it was in the low $2 range. I miss those days. But don't you take public transit nearly everywhere? If I could, I'd do that too.

Brandon, sweet! I know August is back in.


That is a very small Slurpee. It would only make me want to buy a normal sized drink. Which, I expect, is exactly the point.


Exactly the point. Made me want one. But I never wound up making the actual purchase which I'm sure defeats the purpose. ;-)

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