I am aiming to be somebody...
They say, 'why are you dressed like it's halloween?'...

Here we go...

Me: Hey hon. C'mon, let's go. Time to head to the gym.

Katie: Okay, just let me finish reading this chapter.

Me: How many pages do you have left?

Katie: About 12. Just give me five to 10 minutes.

Me: I'll go for 10 just to be safe.

I head downstairs to catch up on my Google Reader subscriptions. I really start to get on a tear and realize that I have read through more than 100 articles/posts and that more than 45 minutes have passed.

What the???

I head upstairs and Katie is fast asleep with her book open in front of her.

I lay down beside her and gently shake her awake. Her eyes flicker open and dart around the room trying to take it all in and figure out what's going on.

Me: 10 minutes, eh?

I detect a bulb of recognition slowly come alight as she begins to recall pieces of our earlier conversation.

Me [in a jokingly scolding voice]: And what do you have to say for yourself?

She looks at me, gives me one of her guilty grins complete with wide eyes, and opens her arms for a hug.

I love her apologies.

Sorry for the early morning sap.


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Thanks for the sap-I needed sugar for my coffee!

Oh yeah, I forgot--AWWW!


Of course, today is the day that I chose to have the extra sweet juice before reading your post. Now I feel like I'm going to go into a coma. Let me finish watching the second episode of "My Boys" from last night. I think that might balance things out.


Oh great... and me without my insulin!


Sap at any time is good. :)


He! But it's so cute


metalmom, I'm just heaping in the sugar, ain't I?

Dagny, did it help?

Dave, happy to help your diabetic shock.

sue, cool.

Bre, that was meant in a good way, right?


It's always great to live vicariously through your loving relationship!


Awwwww. *sniffle* So cute. :) (p.s., was she reading Harry Potter or what?)


Hilly, so I'm the Sam to your Cliffy and Norm?

diane, she was reading book five. Well, re-reading it, I should say. She's going back over it for the sake of the movie which we have yet to see. Then she's rereading book six and then she'll get around to seven. I'm reading seven now. Only about 110 pages in.


i'm with hilly.

i want to be you guys when i grow up.


Should we publish a manual? ;-)

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