The time that I thought would last...
No one's gonna stop...

Look out, here comes the Spider-Pig...

This conversation happened yesterday.

Me: So I was playing with an anagram generator online today...

Katie: Oh no. What did you find out?

Me: It told me that a possible anagram for "Katie Apgar" is "A Karate Pig."

Katie: But I wanna be a spider pig!

Me: Sorry, you're a karate pig.

Katie: Fine. And you?

Me: "Vagina Perk." (see #14 for proof)

Katie: . . .

Me: Hello?

Katie: Really. Is that what it said?

Me: Yep!

Katie: And you believe that?

Me: It says it so it must be true. The Web never lies.

Katie: Yeah, you just keep believing that.

Me: Love you, too.

I think I'm going to stick with the "they said it, so it must be true" ideal. Any complaints?

I'll warn you now, that anagram generator is addictively fun.


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"Spider Pig! Spider Pig! Doin' whatever a Spider Pig does!"


That is totally awesome!!! haha. I'm so going there right now!


please don't me visit that site. i have enough addictions as it is.


Scott, how did these pig hoofprints get on my ceiling?

August, let me know what you find out.

sizzle, but it's sooooooo fun!


Mine all sucked. I'm so jealous of Katie's...hers rocks...wait, maybe my maiden name is better, brb :o)


I plugged in my real name and let me just say that the word "pimp" was involved. LOL


I'm "A nice eerie helm." Hm.


Kevin, I've been playing with that site for 45 minutes now and I'm still not bored with it. I guess I'm easily entertained but this is damn fun!


Mine all sucked too...but now I am singing the "Spider Pig" song, thanks!


Foo, and the results?

Dagny, niiiiceeee!

Amie, interesting.

Elaine, you start looking up the names of everyone you know, don't you?

Hilly, happy to help.


One more 'E' and I'd be "A Darkness Pie". Ratz.

L.A. Daddy

The best I got was, "Actor Thy Milk"



OMG!! Used my own name and let's just say 'thrust in' was involved!!


I'm a Darn Parks Snob. True dat!


diane, so close...

L.A.Daddy, or "Milk Thy Actor" which I would say means your true Hollywood calling is as the next Ari Gold.

metalmom, sweet!

Brandon, or flip it for Mad.


"Accent Beer Bent" - what happens to your voice after copious amounts of alcohol.


Come again?

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